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Proceedings of OZCHI'02, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'02, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:Design for the whole person - integrating physical, cognitive and social aspects
Editors:Frank Vetere; Lorraine Johnston; Ros Kushinsky
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Dates:2002-Nov-25 to 2002-Nov-27
Standard No:ISBN: 0-85590-789-5; hcibib: OZCHI01
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  1. Keynotes
  2. Mobiles & wearables
  3. Hitting targets
  4. In the hospital theatre
  5. Affect
  6. Software tools
  7. Scenarios and ethnography
  8. Design -- getting it right
  9. Complex Systems
  10. Accessibility & older users
  11. Posture
  12. Thinking & learning
  13. Accessibility & audio
  14. Posters


Making sense of failure BIBAKHTMLPDF 1
  Chris Johnson
Ergonomics and the design of consumer products: moving beyond retroactive fixes BIBAKHTMLPDF 2
  Bill Green
Human Factors of the fourth kind BIBA 3
  Michael Patkin

Mobiles & wearables

Ergonomics of wearability as a design driver: A case study of user-centered design process of designing mobile phones and accessories for active use BIBAKHTMLPDF 4
  Harri Wikberg; Turkka Keinonen
Formative ergonomic and usability evaluation of wearables: A case study BIBAKHTMLPDF 5
  Leong Hwee Teo; Kok Tiong Soo
Location based services (LBS) and the effect it can have on WAP BIBAKHTMLPDF 6
  Shane Fernando; Ghassan Al-Qaimari

Hitting targets

Enhancing operator performance of remote container landing: An assessment of a 3D stereoscopic control & display system BIBAKHTMLPDF 7
  Kee Yong Lim; Roy S. M. Quek
Triangular targets can afford conflicting cues during cursor placement BIBAKHTMLPDF 8
  J. Phillips; J. Meehan; R. Stevenson; T. Triggs
Learning and transfer in an applied visual spatial task BIBAKHTMLPDF 9
  Shayne Loft; Andrew Neal; Michael Humphreys

In the hospital theatre

Analysis and Visualisation of Complex Behavioural Data: A case study of disturbance management in anaesthesia BIBAKHTMLPDF 10
  Kathleen Keogh; E. A. Sonenberg
The role of auditory attention and auditory perception in the design of real-time sonification of anaesthesia variables BIBAKHTMLPDF 11
  Janet Anderson; Penelope Sanderson; Michael Norris
Multimodal displays for anaesthesia sonification: timesharing, workload, and expertise BIBAKHTMLPDF 12
  Jennifer Crawford; Marcus Watson; Oliver Burmeister; Penelope Sanderson


High Appeal vs.high Usability: Implications for user satisfaction BIBAKHTMLPDF 13
  Gitte Lindgaard; Cathy Dudek
Designing for software quality BIBAKHTMLPDF 14
  Todd Bentley; Lorraine Johnston; Karola von Baggo
Consumer products: buy at first sight? BIBAKHTMLPDF 15
  Helen Beazley

Software tools

Split window view and modification director: Innovative awareness mechanisms in real-time collaborative writing BIBAKHTMLPDF 16
  Minh Hong Tran; Gitesh Raikundalia; Yun Yang
Tamot: Towards a flexible task modeling tool BIBAHTMLPDF 17
  Shijian Lu; Cécile Paris; Keith Vander Linden

Scenarios and ethnography

Managing Innovation in contextual scenario-based design BIBAdesign, contextual scenarios, innovationdesign, contextual scenarios, innovation 18
  Steve Howard; Jennie Carroll; John Murphy; Jane Peck
Towards an activity scenario-based methodology for usability testing of websites BIBAKHTMLPDF 19
  Lejla Vrazalic; Peter Hyland
Each sold separately: Ethnography as a tool for integrating online and off line use of educational toys BIBAKHTMLPDF 20
  Jared Braiterman; Patrick Larvie
Design of future television BIBAKHTMLPDF 21
  Leena Eronen

Design -- getting it right

Achieving benchmark product design in the waterfront industry, using a systematic risk assessment approach BIBAKHTMLPDF 22
  Anthony Novosad; Graham Griffiths
Ergonomic book return system at Mt Gravatt Campus Library of Griffith University BIBAKHTMLPDF 23
  Ken Horrigan; Sandra Schofield
Interpretation of selected past Australian anthropometric datasets BIBAKHTMLPDF 24
  Michael Michaliades; Owen Evans

Complex Systems

Analysing ambulance dispatcher decision making: Trialing emergent themes analysis BIBAKHTMLPDF 25
  William Wong; Ann Blandford
Ethical issues in the use of embedded social protocols to resolve technical problems BIBAKHTMLPDF 26
  Toni Robertson

Accessibility & older users

Designing usable applications for older users: An example BIBAKHTMLPDF 27
  Dan Hawthorn
Impacts of presentation media on older users' performance in hypertext perusal as a function of text topology BIBAKHTMLPDF 28
  Dyi-Yih Lin
Investigations of older adults' interface design requirements BIBAKHTMLPDF 29
  Mar Zajicek; Wesley Morrissey
Accessing users' with disabilities conceptual constructions of the online medium: A case for discursive research BIBAKHTMLPDF 30
  Natilene Bowker; Keith Tuffin


Posture of school children using information technology BIBAKHTMLPDF 31
  Andrew Briggs; Alison Greig; Leon Straker
Muscle activity of school children using information technology BIBAKHTMLPDF 32
  Alison Greig; Andrew Briggs; Leon Straker
Forearm support for intensive keyboard users: A field study BIBAKHTMLPDF 33
  Catherine Cook; Robin Burgess Limerick

Thinking & learning

What do learning curves tell us about learnability? BIBAKHTMLPDF 34
  Antti Pirhonen
Metaphors of human thinking in HCI: Habit, stream of thought, awareness, utterance, and knowing BIBAKHTMLPDF 35
  Erik Frokjaer; Kasper Hornbaek
Developing mental models and new work practices: An evaluation of the state-of-the-art commercial speech recognition system BIBAKHTMLPDF 36
  Penny Collings; Michael Wagner; David Walker

Accessibility & audio

Universal Usability: Accessibility considerations for aural renditions of tables in web sites BIBAKHTMLPDF 37
  Terence De Giere; Oliver Burmeister
Designing an audible caller ID adjunct: A user-centred approach BIBAKHTMLPDF 38
  Marc Fusco


Modifying work to cater for people with colour vision deficiencies BIBAKHTMLPDF 39
  Jennifer Long
Night Vision Goggle Symbology for Maritime Helicopter Operations BIBKHTMLPDF 40
  Peter Blanchonette; Craig Mathews; Philip Hughes; Andrew Robbie; Bradley MacPherson; Royal Australian Navy
Useability in the design of a Lice Detection Device BIBAHTMLPDF 41
  Peter Schumacher; Tim Upsdell; Peter James
Designing Software for the Severely/Profoundly Intellectually Handicapped Teenager and Adult BIBAKHTMLPDF 42
  Sally Jo Cunningham
Psychology-based Agent Architecture for Whole-of-user Interface to the Web BIBAKHTMLPDF 43
  Steve Goschnick; Leon Sterling
Optimisation of Command and Control Console Layout with Human Factors Engineering BIBAKHTMLPDF 44
  K. C. Yong; C. K. Chng; K. T. Soo