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Proceedings of the Conference on Office Automation Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the Conference on Office Information Systems
Editors:Frederick H. Lochovsky; Robert B. Allen
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Dates:1990-Apr-25 to 1990-Apr-27
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-358-2; ACM Order Number 611900; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OIS90
  1. Distributed OISs
  2. Filtering, Querying, and Navigating
  3. Panel
  4. Organizational Implications
  5. Coordination Technology
  6. Posters
  7. Communication Tools
  8. Panel
  9. Organizational Data Models
  10. Computer Mediated Work Environments
  11. Information Access

Distributed OISs

Structure and Action in Distributed Organizations BIBA 1-10
  Peter de Jong
A Logically Distributed Approach for Structuring Office Systems BIBA 11-20
  Panayiotis K. Chrysanthis; David Stemple; Krithi Ramamritham
A Computational Model for Organizations of Cooperating Intelligent Agents BIBA 21-30
  Alan H. Bond

Filtering, Querying, and Navigating

Answer Garden: A Tool for Growing Organizational Memory BIBA 31-39
  Mark S. Ackerman; Thomas W. Malone
Using Latent Semantic Indexing for Information Filtering BIBA 40-47
  Peter W. Foltz
HyperMail: Treating Electronic Mail as Literature BIBA 48-54
  Richard K. Belew; John Rentzepis


Video Workplaces BIB 55
  Robert W. Root

Organizational Implications

Computerization and the Quality of Working Life: The Role of Control BIBA 56-68
  Robert E. Kraut; Susan Dumais
The Work Group Manager's Role in Developing Computing Infrastructure BIBA 69-78
  Tom Jewett; Rob Kling
Inter-Organization Computer Networks: Indications of Shifts in Interdependence BIBA 79-88
  Paul Hart; Deborah Estrin

Coordination Technology

SACT: A Tool for Automating Semi-Structured Organizational Communication BIBA 89-98
  Carson C. Woo
A Conversation Model for Resolving Conflicts among Distributed Office Activities BIBA 99-108
  Frank von Martial
Support of Cooperative Work by Electronic Circulation Folders BIBA 109-117
  B. Karbe; N. Ramsperger; P. Weiss


An Approach to Integrated Office Document Processing & Management BIBA 118-122
  Nelson M. Mattos; Bernhard Mitschang; Andreas Dengel; Rainer Bleisinger
An Interface for the Acquisition and Display of Office Procedures BIBA 123-130
  Dirk E. Mahling; W. Bruce Croft
A Set-to-Set Linking Strategy for Hypertext Systems BIBA 131-135
  Yoshinori Hara; Yutaka Kasahara
Coordinating Distributed Action via Agent Voting BIBA 136-141
  Arnold B. Urken
Design and Implementation of a Shared Workspace by Integrating Individual Workspaces BIBA 142-146
  Masaaki Ohkubo; Hiroshi Ishii
Implication of the Guaranteed, Reliable, Secure Broadcast Technology to Office Information Systems BIBA 147-151
  L. C. N. Tseung; K. C. Yu
LAN Based Real Time Audio-Data Systems BIBA 152-157
  L. F. G. Soares; S. L. Martins; T. L. P. Bastos; N. R. Ribeiro; R. C. S. Cordeiro
PENDS: An Approach to Modeling and Retrieving 'Pending' Information BIBA 158-162
  Ramesh Subramanian
Shared Hardware: A Novel Technology for Computer Support of Face to Face Meetings BIBA 163-168
  David Halonen; Marjorie Horton; Robert Kass; Paul Scott
Xsketch: A Multi-User Sketching Tool for X11 BIBA 169-173
  Jeffrey J. Lee

Communication Tools

Toward a Definition of Voice Documents BIBA 174-183
  Michael J. Muller; Jane E. Daniel
Commune: A Shared Drawing Surface BIBA 184-192
  Sara A. Bly; Scott L. Minneman


Evaluating Computer-Based Tools in Organizations BIBA 193
  Bruce Croft; Nicholas Belkin; Tora Bikson; Thomas Malone; Gary Marchionini

Organizational Data Models

A Micro-Organizational Model for Supporting Knowledge Migration BIBA 194-204
  Frederick H. Lochovsky; Carson C. Woo; Lawrence J. Williams
Objects with Roles BIBAK 205-215
  Barbara Pernici
An Object-Oriented Data Model for Distributed Office Applications BIBA 216-226
  E. Bertino; M. Negri; G. Pelagatti; L. Sbattella

Computer Mediated Work Environments

Sharing Views and Interactions with Single-User Applications BIBAK 227-237
  Saul Greenberg
A Comparison of Application Sharing Mechanisms in Real-Time Desktop Conferencing Systems BIBA 238-248
  S. R. Ahuja; J. R. Ensor; S. E. Lucco
Replicated Architectures for Shared Window Systems: A Critique BIBA 249-260
  J. Chris Lauwers; Thomas A. Joseph; Keith A. Lantz; Allyn L. Romanow

Information Access

Office Documents on a Database Kernel -- Filing, Retrieval, and Archiving -- BIBA 261-270
  P. Zabback; H.-B. Paul; U. Deppisch
SaTellite: A Visualization and Navigation Tool for Hypermedia BIBA 271-280
  Xavier Pintado; Dennis Tsichritzis
A Knowledge-Based Approach to the Design of Document-Based Retrieval Systems BIBA 281-290
  Hsinchun Chen; Vasant Dhar