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Proceedings of the Conference on Office Automation Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the Conference on Office Information Systems
Editors:Robert B. Allen
Location:Palo Alto, California
Dates:1988-Mar-23 to 1988-Mar-25
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-261-6; ACM Order Number 611880;; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OIS88 IEEE Order number 848
  1. Collaborative Work
  2. Task Modeling, Planning, and Coordination
  3. Organizational Impact
  4. Social Research: Methods and Principles
  5. Hypertext and Information Retrieval
  6. Multimedia
  7. Object-Oriented and Distributed Databases
  8. Object-Oriented, Organizational, and Market Systems

Collaborative Work

The Rapport Multimedia Conferencing System BIBA 1-8
  S. R. Ahuja; J. Robert Ensor; David N. Horn
Collaborative Modeling and Negotiation BIBA 9-21
  Dhanesh K. Samarasan
How Can Groups Communicate When They Use Different Languages? Translating between Partially Shared Type Hierarchies BIBA 22-29
  Jintae Lee; Thomas W. Malone
Quilt: A Collaborative Tool for Cooperative Writing BIBA 30-37
  Robert S. Fish; Robert E. Kraut; Mary D. P. Leland

Task Modeling, Planning, and Coordination

Problems in Modelling Tasks and Task Views BIBA 38-45
  Murray S. Mazer
OTM: Specifying Office Tasks BIBA 46-54
  F. H. Lochovsky; J. S. Hogg; S. P. Weiser; A. O. Mendelzon
Using a Planner to Support Office Work BIBA 55-62
  W. B. Croft; L. S. Lefkowitz
Customizing Cooperative Office Procedures by Planning BIBAK 63-77
  Rainer Lutze
AMS: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Tasks Representation, Organization and Coordination BIBA 78-87
  Michel Tueni; Jianzhong Li; Pascal Fares

Organizational Impact

Computers' Impact on Productivity and Work Life BIBA 88-95
  Susan Dumais; Robert Kraut; Susan Koch
The Impact of Electronic Mail on Managerial and Organizational Communications BIBA 96-109
  Mary Sumner
The Influence of Training on Use of End-User Software BIBAK 110-117
  Lorne Olfman; Robert P. Bostrom
Disaligning Macro, Meso and Micro Due Process: A Case Study of Office Automation in Quebec Colleges BIBA 118-125
  Francois Blanchard; Alberto Cambrosio

Social Research: Methods and Principles

Cost Benefit Analysis of Information Systems: A Survey of Methodologies BIBA 126-133
  Peter G. Sassone
Collection and Analysis of Data from Communication System Networks BIBA 134-141
  Ronald E. Rice
Playing the Language-Games of Design and Use on Skill and Participation BIBAK 142-157
  Pelle Ehn
Social Choice Theory and Distributed Decision Making BIBA 158-168
  Arnold B. Urken

Hypertext and Information Retrieval

Document Query Processing Strategies: Cost Evaluation and Heuristics BIBA 169-181
  E. Bertino; S. Gibbs; F. Rabitti
Automatic Generation of Hypertext Knowledge Bases BIBA 182-188
  Udo Hahn; Ulrich Reimer
Knowledge Based Document Classification Supporting Integrated Document Handling BIBA 189-196
  Helmut Eirund; Klaus Kreplin
Shared Books: Collaborative Publication Management for an Office Information System BIBA 197-204
  Brian T. Lewis; Jeffrey D. Hodges
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Hierarchical Display of Hypertext Structure BIBAK 205-212
  Steven Feiner


Employing Voice Back Channels to Facilitate Audio Document Retrieval BIBA 213-218
  Chris Schmandt
Browsing within Time-Driven Multimedia Documents BIBA 219-227
  Stavros Christodoulakis; Stephen Graham
Interactive Retrieval of Office Documents BIBA 228-235
  W. B. Croft; R. Krovetz
An Experimental Multi-Media Bridging System BIBA 236-242
  E. J. Addeo; A. B. Dayao; A. D. Gelman; V. F. Massa

Object-Oriented and Distributed Databases

An Application Oriented Approach to View Updates BIBA 243-249
  Johannes Klein; Andreas Reuter
Aggregation and Generalization Hierarchies in Office Automation BIBA 250-264
  M. Bever; D. Ruland
Object Flavor Evolution in an Object-Oriented Database System BIBA 265-275
  Qing Li; Dennis McLeod
Supporting OIS Design through Semantic Queries BIBA 276-283
  B. Pernici

Object-Oriented, Organizational, and Market Systems

An Object Oriented System Implementing KNOs BIBA 284-290
  Eduardo Casais
A Commitment-Based Communication Model for Distributed Office Environments BIBA 291-298
  Charles C. Koo; Gio Wiederhold
Market Automation: Self-Regulation in a Distributed Environment BIBA 299-308
  Ross M. Miller
The Ubik Configurator BIBA 309-315
  Peter de Jong