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Proceedings of the Conference on Office Automation Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the Third ACM-SIGOIS Conference on Office Information Systems
Editors:Carl Hewitt; Stanley Zdonik
Location:Providence, Rhode Island
Dates:1986-Oct-06 to 1986-Oct-08
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-210-1; ACM Order Number 611860; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OIS86
  1. Models of the Distributed Office
  2. Organizational Analysis: Due Process
  3. Interfaces: Database
  4. Interfaces
  5. Organizational Analysis: Organizational Ecology
  6. Advanced Computational Models
  7. Interfaces: Database

Models of the Distributed Office

Supporting Distributed Office Problem Solving in Organizations BIBAK 1
  Carson C. Woo; Frederick H. Lochovsky
Envoys in Electronic Mail Systems BIBA 2-10
  Eric Gold
The Organizational Consequences of Inter-Organization Computer Networks BIBAK 11-20
  Deborah Estrin

Organizational Analysis: Due Process

On the Malleability of People and Computers: Why the PC is Not a Projectile BIB 21-32
  John Law; John Whittaker
The Costs of Personal Computing in a Complex Organization: A Comparative Study BIBA 33-42
  Sonia Nayle; Walt Scacchi
Mappings between Office Work and Office Technology BIBA 43-51
  William C. Sasso; Sung K. Kim

Interfaces: Database

A Visual Interface for a Database with Version Management BIBAK 52
  Jay W. Davison; Stanley B. Zdonik


Adaptive Interface Design: A Symmetric Model and a Knowledge-Based Implementation BIBAK 53-60
  Sherman W. Tyler; Siegfried Treu
Automating Review of Forms for International Trade Transactions: A Natural Language Processing Approach BIBAK 61-69
  Vasant Dhar; Padmanabhan Ranganathan

Organizational Analysis: Organizational Ecology

Analyzing Due Process in the Workplace BIB 70-78
  Elihu M. Gerson; Susan Leigh Star
The Integration of Computing and Routine Work BIBAK 79
  Les Gasser
Offices are Open Systems BIBA 80
  Carl Hewitt

Advanced Computational Models

Decision Support for Coordinated Multi-Agent Planning BIBAK 81-91
  Thomas L. Dean
Language Constructs for Programming by Example BIBA 92-103
  Robert V. Rubin
Providing Intelligent Assistance in Distributed Office Environments BIBA 104-112
  Sergei Nirenburg; Victor Lesser

Interfaces: Database

Graphical Database Browsing BIBAK 113-121
  Michael Caplinger