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Proceedings of the Conference on Office Automation Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the Second ACM-SIGOA Conference on Office Information Systems
Editors:Clarence A. Ellis
Location:Toronto, Canada
Dates:1984-Jun-25 to 1984-Jun-27
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-140-7; ACM Order Number 611840; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OIS84
  1. Office Software Technology
  2. Organizational Factors
  3. Communication and Technology
  4. Implementation Strategies
  5. Organizational Factors
  6. Document Retrieval and Processing
  7. Office Forms and Databases
  8. Document Modeling and Management
  9. Human Factors
  10. Implementation Strategies
  11. Organizational Factors
  12. Document Retrieval and Processing

Office Software Technology

VITRAIL: A Window Manager for an Office Information System BIBA 1-12
  Alain Wegmann
Object Management System Concepts BIBA 13-19
  Stanley B. Zdonik
An Architecture for Object Management in OIS BIBA 20
  Matts Ahlsen; Anders Bjornerstedt; Stefan Britts; Christer Hulten; Lars Soderlund

Organizational Factors

38 Offices: Analyzing Needs in Individual Offices BIBAK 21
  Raymond R. Panko
Task Support in an Office System BIB 22-24
  W. Bruce Croft; Lawrence S. Lefkowitz
Modeling the Office Structure: A First Step Towards the Office Expert System BIBA 25-32
  Luigia Aiello; Daniele Nardi; Maurizio Panti

Communication and Technology

Managing Transient Internetwork Links in the Xerox Internet BIB 33-35
  Siranush Radicati
High-Speed Image Scaling for Integrated Document Management BIBA 36-45
  Kuniaki Tabata; Tetsuo Machida; Haruo Takeda; Hiroaki Kambayashi
Software for Interactive On-Line Conferences BIBA 46-58
  Sunil K. Sarin; Irene Greif

Implementation Strategies

Determining Computer Support Requirements: Implications for Design BIBA 59-79
  Sidney E. Harris; Harvey J. Brightman
Distributed Software Personnel -- When, How, and Why? BIB 80-87
  Roger Webster

Organizational Factors

Office Automation: Organizational Learning and Technological Change BIBA 88-95
  Mary Sumner
An Office Study: Its Implications on the Understanding of Organizations BIBA 96-103
  Gerald R. Barber

Document Retrieval and Processing

OTTER -- An Information Retrieval System for Office Automation BIBA 104-112
  Giovanni Maria Sacco
Towards an In-House Integrated Publishing Service BIB 113-122
  W. J. Kease

Office Forms and Databases

Office Form Definition and Processing Using a Relational Data Model BIBA 123-131
  Bogdan Czejdo; David W. Embley
Form Document Management System SPECDOQ -- Its Architecture and Implementation -- BIBA 132-142
  Hiroyuki Kitagawa; Makiko Gotoh; Sohei Misaki; Motoei Azuma
Towards an Integrated Environment for Accessing External Databases BIBA 143-151
  Dennis Heimbigner

Document Modeling and Management

An Object-Oriented Office Document Architecture Model for Processing and Interchange of Documents BIBA 152-160
  W. Horak; G. Kronert
The Structure of Abstract Document Objects BIBA 161-169
  Gary D. Kimura; Alan C. Shaw
Officeaid: An Integrated Document Management System BIBA 170-180
  Alison Lee; Carson C. Woo; Frederick H. Lochovsky

Human Factors

An Approach to Assessment of Text Handling Systems BIB 181-187
  R. H. Irving
Mnemonic Strategies in Word Processing Systems BIBA 188-198
  Avshalom Aderet; Paul J. Hoffman
Some Observations on Field Trials as a Means for Assessing the Impact of New Technology Systems BIB 199-202
  Michael Gurstein; Fernande Faulkner

Implementation Strategies

A Daemon-Based Programming System for Office Procedures BIBA 203-211
  Giovanni Cortese; Franco Sirovich

Organizational Factors

Cooperation in the Office -- Office Communication Systems as a Management Tool BIBA 212-218
  Ralf Reichwald

Document Retrieval and Processing

A Conceptual Approach to Document Retrieval BIBA 219-226
  E. Barbi; F. Calvo; C. Perale; F. Sirovich; F. Turini