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Proceedings of the Conference on Office Automation Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the SIGOA Conference on Office Information Systems
Editors:J. O. Limb
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dates:1982-Jun-21 to 1982-Jun-23
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-075-3; ACM Order Number 611820; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OIS82
  1. Office Systems
  2. Models
  3. User Interface
  4. Panel
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. User Needs
  7. Voice and Text Processing
  8. Panel
  9. Forms
  10. Communications
  11. Panel

Office Systems

Traits: An Approach to Multiple-Inheritance Subclassing BIBA 1-9
  Gael Curry; Larry Baer; Daniel Lipkie; Bruce Lee
The Design of Star's Records Processing BIBA 10
  Robert Purvy; Jerry Farrell; Paul Klose
Office Information Systems Research and Development Projects in Europe BIBA 11
  Najah Naffah


Dialogue and Process Design for Interactive Information Systems using Taxis BIBA 12-20
  John Barron
Office Information Models and the Representation of 'Office Objects' BIBA 21-26
  Simon J. Gibbs
An OIS Model for Internal Control Evaluation BIBAK 27-28
  Andrew D., Jr. Bailey; James Gerlach; R. Preston McAfee; Andrew B. Whinston

User Interface

How Do People Really Use Text Editors? BIBA 29-40
  John Whiteside; Norman Archer; Dennis Wixon; Michael Good
Virtual Editing: II. The User Interface BIBA 41-46
  H. A. Wilder; N. F. Maxemchuk
How Do People Organized Their Desks? Implications for the Design of Office Information Systems BIBA 47-49
  Thomas W. Malone


Evaluation of Offices BIBA 50-51
  William Harless

Artificial Intelligence

Extending the Power of Programming by Examples BIBA 52-66
  Giuseppe Attardi; Maria Simi
An Actor-Based Programming System BIBA 67-78
  Roy J. Byrd; Stephen E. Smith; S. Peter de Jong
Supporting Organizational Problem Solving with a Workstation BIBA 79-81
  Gerald Barber

User Needs

Toward a New Framework for Office Support BIBA 82-92
  Raymond R. Panko; Ralph H., Jr. Sprague
Implementing Office Automation: Principles and an Electronic Mail Example BIBA 93-100
  Jeffrey H. Tucker
A Case Study of Office Workstation Use BIBA 101-107
  Christine V. Bullen; John L. Bennett; Eric D. Carlson

Voice and Text Processing

Integrating Diverse Knowledge Sources in Text Recognition BIBAK 108-109
  Sargur N. Srihari; Jonathan J. Hull; Ramesh Choudhari
Message Files BIBA 110-112
  D. Tsichritzis; S. Christodoulakis
A Voice Response System for an Office Information System BIBA 113-121
  Dik Lun Lee


Views of Office Data BIB 122
  S. P. de Jong; Richard E. Fikes; Carl Hewitt; Vania Joloboss; Lance A. Miller


SEDL -- A Language for Specifying Integrity Constraints on Office Forms BIBA 123-130
  James C. Ferrans
OFFICETALK-D: An Experimental Office Information System BIBAK 131-140
  Clarence A. Ellis; Marc Bernal
A Modelling Tool for Office Information Systems BIBA 141-152
  J. Lebensold; T. Radhakrishnan; W. M. Jaworski


Development of a CBMS Message Transfer Protocol BIB 153-159
  Gerald F. Mulvenna


How Much Bandwidth is Enough? BIB 160
  Karle Kummele