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Conference on Organizational Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Organizational Computing Systems
Editors:Simon Kaplan
Location:Milpitas, California
Dates:1993-Nov-01 to 1993-Nov-04
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-627-1; ACM Order Number 611930; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OCS93
  1. Tutorials
  2. Keynote Address
  3. Panel
  4. Group Ranking
  5. Facilitating Group Communication
  6. Underlying Technologies
  7. Case Studies
  8. Act-Based Collaboration Tools
  9. Business Process Reengineering
  10. Posters
  11. Supporting Software Development Organizations
  12. Actor-Based Organizational Modeling
  13. Groupware Architectures


Object-Oriented Analysis of Organizational Activities BIBA --
  Yair Wand; Carson C. Woo
Computer-Supported Meeting Environments BIBA --
  Marilyn Mantei; Lisa Neal
Supporting Cooperative Processes with Workflow Management Technology BIBA --
  Thomas Schael

Keynote Address

Marvelous Support for Semi-Structured Group Activities BIBA --
  Gail Kaiser


Workflow Technology: Successes, Perils and Promises BIB --
  Clarence (Skip) Ellis; Raul Medina-Mora; Sunil Sarin; Thomas Schael; Baldev Singh

Group Ranking

Comparing Rankings of Heterogeneous Agents BIBAKPDF 1-12
  Norbert Kuhn
Multi-User Interfaces for Group Ranking: User-Centered Analysis BIBAKPDF 13-20
  Wai-Lan Luk; V. Srinivasan Rao

Facilitating Group Communication

A Tour Through Tapestry BIBAKPDF 21-30
  Douglas B. Terry
Making Contact: Getting the Group Communicating with Groupware BIBAKPDF 31-41
  Andy Cockburn; Saul Greenberg
Information and Context: Lessons from the Study of Two Shared Information Systems BIBAKPDF 42-51
  Paul Dourish; Victoria Bellotti; Wendy Mackay; Chao-Ying Ma

Underlying Technologies

Supporting Collaboration with Loose Relationship BIBAKPDF 52-58
  Shin-ya Sato; Tatsuro Murakami
A PilotCard-Based Shared Hypermedia System Supporting Shared and Private Databases BIBAKPDF 59-68
  Satoshi Ichimura; Takeshi Kamita; Yutaka Matushita
Development of Multiple Media Documents BIBAKPDF 69-77
  S. J. Morris; A. C. W. Finkelstein

Case Studies

Critical Success Factors in the Implementation of Information Centre in Hong Kong's Banking Industry BIBAKPDF 78-89
  Willie Yip; Chi Wing To; Louis C. K. Ma
Towards Integrated Support of Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication in Cooperative Work: An Empirical Study of Real Group Communication BIBAKPDF 90-97
  Yasuhisa Sakamoto; Eiji Kuwana
Information Artisans: Patterns of Result Sharing by Information Searchers BIBAKPDF 98-107
  Vicki L. O'Day; Robin Jeffries

Act-Based Collaboration Tools

Supporting Dynamic Interdependencies among Collaborative Activities BIBAKPDF 108-118
  Douglas P. Bogia; William J. Tolone; Simon M. Kaplan; Eric de la Tribouille
Design and Implementation of CB Lite BIBAKPDF 119-129
  Dan Kogan

Business Process Reengineering

Visual Support for Reengineering Work Processes BIBAKPDF 130-141
  Keith D. Swenson
Workflow Management Systems for Financial Services BIBAKPDF 142-153
  Thomas Schael; Buni Zeller
Reengineering a Business Process with an Innovative Workflow Management System: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 154-165
  A. Agostini; G. De Michelis; M. A. Grasso; S. Patriarca


An Interface for Navigating Clustered Document Sets Returned by Queries BIBAKPDF 166-171
  Robert B. Allen; Pascal Obry; Michael Littman
MOCCA: An Environment for CSCW Applications BIBAKPDF 172-177
  Steve Benford; John Mariani; Leandro Navarro; Wolfgang Prinz; Tom Rodden
Supporting the Dynamics of Knowledge Sharing within Organizations BIBAKPDF 178-183
  Monica Divitini; Giuseppe Omodei Sale; Alberto Pozzoli; Carla Simone
Data Object Creation and Display Techniques for the Huge Database of Subscriber Cable Networks BIBAKPDF 184-189
  Yasuyuki Kato; Yasuo Kataoka; Yoshihiro Nakamura; Yutaka Mitsunaga
OMNI: A Model for Focused Collaborative Work Through Issue Management BIBAKPDF 190-195
  Beth Lange; James B. Treleaven; Anatole Gershman
Goal-Based Process Analysis: A Method for Systematic Process Redesign BIBAKPDF 196-201
  Jintae Lee
Enactment Theory as a Paradigm for Enabling Flexible Workflows BIBAKPDF 202-209
  Dirk E. Mahling
A Blackboard-Based Architecture for Filtering New Software Features BIBAKPDF 210-215
  Masashi Uyama

Supporting Software Development Organizations

ORDIT: A New Methodology to Assist in the Process of Eliciting and Modelling Organisational Requirements BIBAKPDF 216-227
  A. J. C. Blyth; J. Chudge; J. E. Dobson; M. R. Strens
Supporting Long Term Collaboration in Software Maintenance BIBAKPDF 228-238
  Robert Lougher; Tom Rodden
Combining Local Negotiation and Global Planning in Cooperative Software Development Projects BIBAKPDF 239-249
  Kazuo Okamura

Actor-Based Organizational Modeling

Methods for Organizational Development BIBAKPDF 250-257
  Peter de Jong
An Actor Dependency Model of Organizational Work -- With Application to Business Process Reengineering BIBAKPDF 258-268
  Eric S. K. Yu; John Mylopoulos

Groupware Architectures

ASCW: An Assistant for Cooperative Work BIBAKPDF 269-278
  Thomas Kreifelts; Wolfgang Prinz
Building Flexible Groupware Through Open Protocols BIBAKPDF 279-288
  Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg
Access as a Means of Configuring Cooperative Interfaces BIBAKPDF 289-298
  Gareth Smith; Tom Rodden