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Conference on Organizational Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the Conference on Organizational Computing Systems
Editors:Peter de Jong
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:1991-Nov-06 to 1991-May-08
Standard No:ISBN: 0-89791-456-2; ACM Order Number 611910; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: OCS91
  1. Organizational Support Systems
  2. Groups within Organizations
  3. Organizational Interfaces
  4. Posters
  5. Objects
  6. Collaboration
  7. Coordination
  8. Panels
  9. Invited Speaker

Organizational Support Systems

Language and Distributed System Support for Complex Organizational Services BIBAKPDF 1-15
  Alexander Schill; Ashok Malhotra
Direct End-User Access to Remote Information BIBAPDF 16-28
  Steven C. Laufmann; Richard L. Blumenthal; Laural M. Thompson; Beth Bowen
OASIS: A Programming Environment for Implementing Distributed Organizational Support Systems BIBAPDF 29-42
  Clarence Martens; Frederick H. Lochovsky

Groups within Organizations

Hierarchical Conferencing Architectures for Inter-Group Multimedia Collaboration BIBAPDF 43-54
  Harrick M. Vin; P. Venkat Rangan; Srinivas Ramanathan
A Formal Study of Distributed Meeting Scheduling: Preliminary Results BIBAPDF 55-68
  Sandip Sen; Edmund H. Durfee
Supporting Collaborative Processes with ConversationBuilder BIBAPDF 69-79
  Simon M. Kaplan; Alan M. Carroll; Kenneth J. MacGregor

Organizational Interfaces

Organizational Modeling and Problem Solving Using an Object-Oriented Knowledge Representation Server and Visual Language BIBAPDF 80-94
  Brian R. Gaines
Form and Room: Metaphors for Groupware BIBAPDF 95-105
  Heikki Hammainen; Chris Condon
The Influence of Video in Desktop Computer Interactions BIBAPDF 106-116
  Ronald H. Nowaczyk; Terri L. Thomas; Darryall O. White


Group Relations Psychology and Computer Supported Work, Some New Directions for Research and Development BIBAPDF 117-122
  William L. Anderson
A Goal Oriented Office Form System BIBAPDF 123-128
  Heyun Liu; Ian Dranffan; Frank Poole
GMAL: A Reflective Language for Distributed AI BIBAPDF 129-134
  Salima Hassas
Dynamic Objects BIBAKPDF 135-140
  Michel Augeraud; Bjorn N. Freeman-Benson
An Approach to Formalizing Organizational Open Systems Concepts BIBAPDF 141-146
  Yair Wand; Carson C. Woo
A Minimalist Approach to the Development of a Word Processor Supporting Group Writing Activities BIBAPDF 147-152
  Nicholas Malcolm; Brian R. Gaines
Extending Electronic Mail with Conceptual Modeling to Provide Group Decision Support BIBAPDF 153-158
  M. L. G. Shaw; Brian R. Gaines
Classification and Retrieval of Documents Using Office Organization Knowledge BIBAPDF 159-164
  A. Celentano; M. G. Fugini; S. Pozzi
Distributed Brokerage Offices through Information Technology BIBAPDF 165-170
  Maxine L. Rockoff; Rich Malone


The Representation of Policies as System Objects BIBAKPDF 171-184
  Jonathan D. Moffett; Morris S. Sloman
Linguistic Supports for Development of Distributed Organizational Information Systems in Object-Oriented Concurrent Computation Frameworks BIBAPDF 185-198
  Ken Wakita; Aki Yonezawa
Method Precomputation in Object-Oriented Databases BIBAKPDF 199-212
  Elisa Bertino


A Process Model and System for Supporting Collaborative Work BIBAPDF 213-224
  Sunil K. Sarin; Kenneth R. Abbott; Dennis R. McCarthy
A Conceptual Modelling Approach to Authoring-in-the-Large for Hypertext Documents BIBAPDF 225-239
  Rick Sobiesiak; John Mylopoulos
MACE: A Fine Grained Concurrent Editor BIBAPDF 240-254
  R. E. Newman-Wolfe; Harsha K. Pelimuhandiram


Multi-Level Specification and Protocol Design for Distributed Multimedia Communication BIBAPDF 255-268
  Taieb F. Znati; Yi Deng; Brian Field; Shi-Kuo Chang
What Can Computer Programs Do to Facilitate Negotiation Processes? BIBAPDF 269-284
  Abhijit Chaudhury; H. Raghav Rao; Sukumar Rathnam


Locator Technology in Distributed Systems: The Active Badge BIBAPDF 285-287
  Ken Pier; William Newman; David Redell; Chris Schmandt; Marvin Theimer; Roy Want
Wireless Applications and Portable Computing BIBAPDF 288
  Richard S. Wolff; Geoff Baehr; B. Gopinath; Colin Harrison; Peter Hortensius

Invited Speaker

Future Directions in User-Computer Interface Software BIBAPDF 289-297
  James D. Foley