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Proceedings of the First Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2000 Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Design vs. Design
Editors:Jan Gulliksen; Ann Lantz; Lars Oestreicher; Kerstin Severinson Eklundh
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Dates:2000-Oct-23 to 2000-Oct-25
Standard No:hcibib: NORDICHI2000
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Keynotes
  2. Session 1: Information Technology and Learning
  3. Session 2: Usability, Users and Visitors
  4. Session 3: Mobile devices
  5. Session 4: Ubiquitous Computing and Mobile Interaction
  6. Session 5: Field work
  7. Session 6: Exploring New Frontiers of Interaction (Short Papers)
  8. Session 7: Usability and User Centered Design (Short papers)
  9. Session 8: User Studies of Accessibility
  10. Session 9: Visualisation and Aesthetics
  11. Session 10: Information Management
  12. Session 11: Empathy, Learning and User Experiences (Short papers)
  13. Session 12: Input Techniques and Mobile Interaction (Short papers)
  14. Demonstrations
  15. Posters


Cooperative Design Perspectives on 20 years with "the Scandinavian IT Design Model" BIBA
  Susanne Bødker; Pelle Ehn; Dan Sjogren; Yngve Sundblad
CHI and Human Thinking BIBAK
  Peter Naur
If IT Can't be Used by All, We Won't Buy ITAccessibility as a criterion for supplier selection BIBAK
  Knut Nordbye; Clas Thoren
Cooperative Design and Personal Utopias: Opportunities and Challenges for Nordic CHI in a Networked World BIBA
  Jonathan Grudin

Session 1: Information Technology and Learning

From Action Research to Dialogue design - Mutual Learning as a Guiding Principle BIBAK
  Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld; Janni Nielsen; Oluf Danielsen
On-Line Reviewing with Change Representation Tools BIBAK
  Hee-Cheol (Ezra) Kim
The Design of Interactive Media for Learners in an Organisational Setting - The State of the Art BIBAK
  Cecilia Katzeff

Session 2: Usability, Users and Visitors

Visitor Oriented Design: Three Studies of Visitor Accommodation and a Call for Action BIBAK
  Anders Hedman
Usability Testing of Interactive Multimedia Services BIBAK
  Ebba Thora Hvannberg; Marta Kristin Larusdottir
Studying Users for Developing Usable and Useful Products BIBAK
  Sari Kujala; Martti Mantyla

Session 3: Mobile devices

Designing for Mobility: an Integration Approach to Support Mobile Technologies BIBAK
  Christina Nielsen; Astrid Sondergaard
DeskPanel - A Proximity-Based Information Panel for Locally Mobile Staff BIBAK
  Per Dahlberg; Johan Sanneblad

Session 4: Ubiquitous Computing and Mobile Interaction

mCAT - a Method for Co-ordination Across Technologies BIBAK
  Kari Hamnes; Silja Nyhus
The Effect of Mental Models Guiding Users' Action in Mobile Phone Answering Situations BIBAK
  Kati Hyyppa Sakari Tamminen; Ismo Hautala; Lauri Repokari
An Action Control but no Action: Users Dismiss Single-Handed Navigation on PDAs BIBAK
  Magnus Jacobsson; Mikael Goldstein; Mikael Anneroth; Jost Werdenhoff; Didier Chincholle

Session 5: Field work

Ethnographic Fieldwork under Industrial Constraints: Towards Design-in-Context BIBAK
  Werner Sperschneider; Kirsten Bagger
The Personal Bucket Organizer: Supporting Spatially Distributed Interaction on a Waste Water Plant BIBAK
  Tomas Sokoler; Thomas Binder; Jorn Nilsson; Nina Wetcke
Localisation, Orientation and Recognition of Alarms: A Comparison between Three Alarm Systems in Use BIBAK
  Marcus Sanchez Svensson; Hans Tap; Astrid Selling Sjoberg

Session 6: Exploring New Frontiers of Interaction (Short Papers)

View vs. Overview - Visualizing Hierarchical Data in Desktop Virtual Reality BIBA
  David K. Modjeska
Every Object Tells a Story: Physical Interfaces for Digital Storytelling BIBAK
  Lars Erik Holmquist; Magnus Helander; Steve Dixon
Contextual Virtual Reality Prototyping: Co-operative User-Centered Design Using Distributed Simulations BIBA
  Tony Manninen
Communities of Conflict or Conversation? Online Discources in a Web-Gallery BIBA
  Lars Svensson; Carsten Sorensen; Hanna Fagerlind; Tomas Lindroth
Genres and Design Considerations of iTV Cases BIBA
  Stefan Holmlid; Mattias Arvola; Fredrik Ampler
Coordination through Focused Media Spaces BIBA
  Maria Normark

Session 7: Usability and User Centered Design (Short papers)

What Makes a Virtual Community Work? BIBA
  Daniel Pargman
Expressing Trust BIBA
  Kristiina Karvonen; Ursula Holmstrom
Explaining Recommendation through User Groups BIBAK
  Jarmo Laaksolahti
A Study of Mental Workload in Mouse and Keyboard Input BIBAK
  Anker H. Jorgensen; Bente R. Jensen; Bjarne Laursen; Anne H. Garde
Individual and Pair Performance in Usability Tests BIBA
  Eija Suikola
Gaining Staff Commitment to User-Centered Design by Performing Usability Assessment - Key Lessons Learned BIBA
  Mikko Jamsa; Pekka Abrahamsson

Session 8: User Studies of Accessibility

User Study of Video Mediated Communication in the Domestic Environment with Intellectually Disabled Persons BIBAK
  Stefan Junestrand; Ulf Keijer; Goran Molin; Konrad Tollmar

Session 9: Visualisation and Aesthetics

What Does the User do: A tool for Visualising the Novice User's Interaction Relative to Optimum Path BIBAK
  Mikael Goldstein; Jost Werdenhoff; Thomas Backstrom
Visualizing Discussion History BIBAK
  Jarkko Leponiemi
Interaction styles: An Aesthetic Sense of Direction in Interface Design BIBAK
  Trond Are Oritsland; Jacob Buur

Session 10: Information Management

Give the Boss a Break from email: Managers and their Communication BIBAK
  Olle Balter
Information Seeking is Social BIBAK
  Kaisa Soininen; Eija Suikola
Back to Basics: Is a Better Understanding of the Internet a Precursor for Effective Use of the Web? BIBAK
  Louise Sheeran; M. Angela Sasse; Jon Rimmer; Ian Wakeman

Session 11: Empathy, Learning and User Experiences (Short papers)

Feeling Good - A Case Study of Empathic Design Methods BIBA
  Tuuli Mattelmaki; Katja Battarbee
Design for User Experience - Method Lessons from a Design Student Workshop BIBA
  Katja Battarbee; Tuuli Mattelmaki; Anu Makela
Informal Feedback in Distance Education BIBA
  Lars Svensson; Carsten Sorense
Dynamic Libraries as a Means for the Management of Information Browsing Networks BIBA
  Anne Hakansson; Lars Oestreicher
Designing Interactive Simulations that Integrate Physical and Computational Media BIBAK
  Marcelo Milrad
Scaffolds for Users of Interactive Learning Media BIBAK
  Cecilia Katzeff; Elin Lundborg

Session 12: Input Techniques and Mobile Interaction (Short papers)

6DOF Input Device Usability Test in a CAD Task BIBAK
  Martin Sundin; Josef Weiss; Gunilla Sundin
Evaluating a Usability Capability Assessment BIBA
  Netta Iivari; Timo Jokela
Low Cost Test of Menu Texts BIBA
  Georg Strom
The Effectiveness of Symbol and Color Coding in Mobile Phone Keys BIBAK
  Kati Hyyppa; Viljami Salmela; Lauri Repokari
Collaborative Use of Mobile Telephones: A Field Study of Swedish Teenagers BIBA
  Alexandra Weilenmann; Catrine Larsson
Channel- vs. Person-orientation on Mobile Communication Devices, Using Usability Testing to Design Future User Interfaces BIBAK
  Jens Bergqvist; Senja Edvardsson


BRAINBALL - Using Brain Activity for Cool Competition BIBA
  Sara Ilstedt Hjelm; Esbjorn Eriksson; Carolina Browall
Using Fisheye for Navigation on Small Displays BIBAK
  Patrik Backvall; Per Martensson; Pernilla Qvarfordt
PMA - Personal Multimedia Assistant - A Simulation of a Multimedia Mobile Phone BIBA
  Titti Kallio
Freefeed - Instead of Forms BIBA
  Youssef Ali; Lars Hallnas; Mats Jontell; Nader Nazari; Olof Torgersson
Interactive Layout Techniques for Conceptual Schema Editors BIBA
  Roope Raisamo; Tapio Niemi
Enhancing Visual Comparisons in Interactive Graphs BIBA
  Mika Kaki
Sound Effects in Search of Causes. Storytelling with Psst! - The Programmable SoundScape Toy BIBAK
  Ylva Gislen; Asa Harvard; Simon Lovind
Every Object Tells a Story: Physical Interfaces for Digital Storytelling BIBAK
  Lars Erik Holmquist; Magnus Helander; Steve Dixon


Multi-user Network Games for the Visually Impaired: Using Tactile and Auditory Interface to Graphical Screen BIBA
  Satoshi Ina
Navigation and Learning - A Cognitive Analysis of User Tasks in Electronic Information Spaces BIBA
  Peter Lonnqvist; Nils Dahlback
Roadguards Assisted by Mobile Technology BIBAK
  Mattias Esbjornsson
The WebAwareness Experience - Enhancing a Website with People BIBA
  Lars Svensson; Stefan Nilsson; Fredrik Bengtsson; Christian Johansson
Mapping out and constructing user needs - in developing online public services BIBAK
  Annelie Ekelin
Role Playing Games for Concept Design of Mobile Services - A Participatory Design Session to Envision with Users Future Mobile Services BIBAK
  Giulio Iacucci; Eerik Vesterinen
WAP User Interfaces BIBA
  Titti Kallio; Toni Komu
Mind Your Own Business - Searching for Support for Information and Interaction Overload BIBA
  Bo-Goran Bernheim; Lars Svensson
"Production First, Reflection Later" -- An Emerging Methodology for Research in Cross-Disciplinary Groups BIBAK
  Michael Barner Rasmussen