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NIME 2012: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2012-05-21

Fullname:NIME 2012: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:G. Essl; B. Gillespie; M. Gurevich; S. O'Modhrain
Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dates:2012-May-21 to 2012-May-23
Standard No:hcibib: NIME12
Links:Conference Program | Online Proceedings
  1. Paper Session I (Actuation and Visualization)
  2. Paper Session II (Augmented Instruments I)
  3. Paper Session III (Gesture)
  4. Paper Session IV (Tabletop/Multitouch/Laptop)
  5. Paper Session V (Machine Learning)
  6. Paper Session VI (Mobile)
  7. Paper Session VII (Augmented Instruments II)
  8. Paper Session VIII (Hardware Platforms & Toolkits)
  9. Paper Session IX (Augmented Instruments III)
  10. Posters
  11. Poster+Demo
  12. Demo
  13. Posters+Demo
  14. Posters
  15. Posters+Demos
  16. Posters
  17. Demo
  18. Poster+Demo
  19. Posters+Demos

Paper Session I (Actuation and Visualization)

Pencil Fields: An Expressive Low-Tech Performance Interface for Analog Synthesis BIBAKPDF 275
  Palle Dahlstedt
Left and right-hand guitar playing techniques detection BIBAKPDF 213
  Loïc Reboursière; Otso Lähdeoja; Thomas Drugman; Stéphane Dupont; Cécile Picard-Limpens; Nicolas Riche
Temporal Control In the EyeHarp Gaze-Controlled Musical Interface BIBAKPDF 215
  Zacharias Vamvakousis; Rafael Ramirez
Investigation of Gesture Controlled Articulatory Vocal Synthesizer using a Bio-Mechanical Mapping Layer BIBAKPDF 291
  Johnty Wang; Nicolas d'Alessandro; Sidney Fels; Robert Pritchard

Paper Session II (Augmented Instruments I)

Further Developments in the Electromagnetically Sustained Rhodes Piano BIBAKPDF 284
  Greg Shear; Matthew Wright
Augmenting human-human interaction in mobile group improvisation BIBAKPDF 108
  Roberto Pugliese; Koray Tahiroglu; Callum Goddard; James Nesfield
The EMvibe: An Electromagnetically Actuated Vibraphone BIBAKPDF 101
  N. Cameron Britt; Jeff Snyder; Andrew McPherson

Paper Session III (Gesture)

Musical Interaction with Hand Posture and Orientation: A Toolbox of Gestural Control Mechanisms BIBAKPDF 272
  Thomas Mitchell; Sebastian Madgwick
Digito: A Fine-Grain Gesturally Controlled Virtual Musical Instrument BIBAKPDF 248
  Nicholas Gillian; Joseph A. Paradiso
Voicon: An Interactive Gestural Microphone For Vocal Performance BIBAKPDF 199
  Yongki Park; Hoon Heo; Kyogu Lee

Paper Session IV (Tabletop/Multitouch/Laptop)

Towards fast multi-point force and hit detection in tabletops using mechanically intercoupled force sensing resistors BIBAKPDF 257
  Mathieu Bosi; Sergi Jordà
TouchKeys: Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensing on a Physical Keyboard BIBAKPDF 195
  Andrew McPherson
Wicked Problems and Design Considerations in Composing for Laptop Orchestra BIBAKPDF 259
  Luke Dahl
Collaborative composition and socially constituted instruments: Ensemble laptop performance through the lens of ethnography BIBAKPDF 136
  Graham Booth; Michael Gurevich

Paper Session V (Machine Learning)

Unsupervised Play: Machine Learning Toolkit for Max BIBAKPDF 68
  Benjamin D. Smith; Guy E. Garnett
Exploring Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Percussive Collaboration BIBAKPDF 241
  Nate Derbinsky; Georg Essl
Liveness and Flow in Notation Use BIBAKPDF 217
  Chris Nash; Alan Blackwell
Movement to emotions to music: using whole body emotional expression as an interaction for electronic music generation BIBAKPDF 180
  Alexis Clay; Nadine Couture; Myriam Desainte-Catherine; Pierre-Henri Vulliard; Joseph Larralde; Elodie Decarsin

Paper Session VI (Mobile)

Comparing Motion Data from an iPod Touch to a High-End Optical Infrared Marker-Based Motion Capture System BIBAPDF 198
  Kristian Nymoen; Arve Voldsund; Alexander Refsum Jensenius; Ståle A. Skogstad; Jim Torresen
massMobile -- an Audience Participation Framework BIBAKPDF 128
  Nathan Weitzner; Jason Freeman; Stephen Garrett; Yan-Ling Chen
AuRal: A Mobile Interactive System for Geo-Locative Audio Synthesis BIBAKPDF 301
  Jesse Allison; Christian Dell

Paper Session VII (Augmented Instruments II)

Extracting Human Expression For Interactive Composition with the Augmented Violin BIBAKPDF 279
  Mari Kimura; Nicolas Rasamimanana; Frédéric Bevilacqua; Norbert Schnell; Bruno Zamborlin; Emmanuel Fléty
A Quantitative Comparison of Position Trackers for the Development of a Touch-less Musical Interface BIBAKPDF 155
  Gabriel Vigliensoni; Marcelo M. Wanderley
SABRe: The Augmented Bass Clarinet BIBAKPDF 193
  Sébastien Schiesser; Jan C. Schacher
Direct and surrogate sensing for the Gyil African xylophone BIBAKPDF 222
  Shawn Trail; Tiago Fernandes Tavares; Dan Godlovitch; George Tzanetakis

Paper Session VIII (Hardware Platforms & Toolkits)

Musical Interaction Design with the CUI32Stem: Wireless Options and the GROVE system for prototyping new interfaces BIBAKPDF 194
  Dan Overholt
The JD-1: an Implementation of a Hybrid Keyboard/Sequencer Controller for Analog Synthesizers BIBAKPDF 187
  Jeff Snyder; Andrew McPherson
Music for Sleeping & Waking Minds BIBAKPDF 229
  Gascia Ouzounian; R. Benjamin Knapp; Eric Lyon; Luke DuBois

Paper Session IX (Augmented Instruments III)

Techniques and Circuits for Electromagnetic Instrument Actuation BIBAKPDF 117
  Andrew McPherson
OMaxist Dialectics: Capturing, Visualizing and Expanding Improvisations BIBAKPDF 87
  Benjamin Levy; Georges Bloch; Gerard Assayag
An Electronic Bagpipe Chanter for Automatic Recognition of Highland Piping Ornamentation BIBAKPDF 200
  Duncan Menzies; Andrew McPherson


Towards Speeding Audio EQ Interface Building with Transfer Learning BIBAKPDF 74
  Bryan Pardo; David Little; Darren Gergle
Better Drumming Through Calibration: Techniques for Pre-Performance Robotic Percussion Optimization BIBAKPDF 100
  Jim Murphy; Ajay Kapur; Dale Carnegie
An Interface for Emotional Expression in Audio-Visuals BIBAKPDF 60
  Kamer Ali Yuksel; Sinan Buyukbas; Elif Ayiter
Play-A-Grill: Music To Your Teeth BIBAKPDF 48
  Aisen Caro Chacin
Interactive Mobile Music Performance with Digital Compass BIBAKPDF 170
  Bongjun Kim; Woon Seung Yeo
Multiple Pianolas in Antheil's Ballet mécanique BIBAKPDF 25
  Paul Lehrman
A Component-Based Approach for Modeling Plucked-Guitar Excitation Signals BIBAKPDF 63
  Raymond Migneco; Youngmoo Kim
Graphic Score Grammars for End-Users BIBAKPDF 77
  Alistair G. Stead; Alan F. Blackwell; Samual Aaron
Mapping to musical actions in the FILTER system BIBAKPDF 235
  Doug Van Nort; Jonas Braasch; Pauline Oliveros
Musician Assistance and Score Distribution (MASD) BIBAKPDF 237
  Nathan Magnus; David Gerhard
A Design Approach to Engage with Audience with Wearable Musical Instruments: Sound Gloves BIBAKPDF 197
  Chi-Hsia Lai; Koray Tahiroglu
A New Keyboard-Based, Sensor-Augmented Instrument For Live Performance BIBAKPDF 211
  Red Wierenga
Virtual Pottery: An Interactive Audio-Visual Installation BIBAKPDF 216
  Yoon Chung Han; Byeong-jun Han
A Survey and Thematic Analysis Approach as Input to the Design of Mobile Music GUIs BIBAKPDF 240
  Atau Tanaka; Adam Parkinson; Zack Settel; Koray Tahiroglu
Ecological considerations for participatory design of DMIs BIBAKPDF 253
  A. Cavan Fyans; Adnan Marquez-Borbon; Paul Stapleton; Michael Gurevich
Sensor Based Measurements of Musicians' Synchronization Issues BIBAKPDF 256
  Tobias Grosshauser; Victor Candia; Horst Hildebrand; Gerhard Tröster
Gest-O: Performer gestures used to expand the sounds of the saxophone BIBAKPDF 262
  Jonh Melo; Daniel Gómez; Miguel Vargas
The Human Skin as an Interface for Musical Expression BIBAKPDF 177
  Alexander Müller; Jochen Fuchs
Making Sound Synthesis Accessible for Children BIBAKPDF 181
  Christoph Trappe
Developing the Dance Jockey System for Musical Interaction with the Xsens MVN Suit BIBAPDF 182
  Ståle A. Skogstad; Kristian Nymoen; Yago de Quay; Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Introducing CrossMapper: Another Tool for Mapping Musical Control Parameters BIBAKPDF 189
  Liam O'Sullivan; Dermot Furlong; Frank Boland


Music for Flesh II: informing interactive music performance with the viscerality of the body system BIBAKPDF 133
  Marco Donnarumma


Simpletones: A System of Collaborative Physical Controllers for Novices BIBAKPDF 258
  Francisco Zamorano


  Tomas Henriques
DrumTop: Playing with Everyday Objects BIBAKPDF 70
  Akito van Troyer
The 'Interactive Music Awareness Program' (IMAP) for Cochlear Implant Users BIBAKPDF 109
  Benjamin R. Oliver; Rachel M. van Besouw; David R. Nicholls
The Sound Space as Musical Instrument: Playing Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis BIBAKPDF 120
  Diemo Schwarz
SenSynth: a Mobile Application for Dynamic Sensor to Sound Mapping BIBAKPDF 149
  Ryan McGee; Daniel Ashbrook; Sean White
The electrumpet, additions and revisions BIBAKPDF 271
  Hans Leeuw
Borderlands -- An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis BIBAKPDF 152
  Chris Carlson; Ge Wang
A Voice Interface for Sound Generators: adaptive and automatic mapping of gestures to sound BIBAKPDF 57
  Stefano Fasciani; Lonce Wyse
The Dual-Analog Gamepad as a Practical Platform for Live Electronics Instrument and Interface Design BIBAKPDF 73
  Christopher Ariza
MuDI -- Multimedia Digital Instrument for Composing and Performing Digital Music for Films in Real-time BIBAKPDF 64
  Pedro Patrício
The body as mediator of music in the Emotion Light BIBAKPDF 167
  Adinda Rosa van 't Klooster
Studying Aesthetics in a Musical Interface Design Process Through 'Aesthetic Experience Prism' BIBAKPDF 226
  Matti Luhtala; Ilkka Niemeläinen; Johan Plomp; Markku Turunen; Julius Tuomisto
Sinkapater -- An Untethered Beat Sequencer BIBAKPDF 308
  Jiffer Harriman
LoopJam: turning the dance floor into a collaborative instrumental map BIBAKPDF 260
  Christian Frisson; Stéphane Dupont; Julien Leroy; Alexis Moinet; Thierry Ravet; Xavier Siebert; Thierry Dutoit
PocoPoco: A Kinetic Musical Interface With Electro-Magnetic Levitation Units BIBAKPDF 232
  Yuya Kikukawa; Takaharu Kanai; Tatsuhiko Suzuki; Toshiki Yoshiike; Tetsuaki Baba; Kumiko Kushiyama
Augmented Piano Performance using a Depth Camera BIBAKPDF 203
  Qi Yang; Georg Essl
TC-11: A Programmable Multi-Touch Synthesizer for the iPad BIBAKPDF 230
  Kevin Schlei
The Planetarium as a Musical Instrument BIBAKPDF 47
  Dale Parson; Phillip Reed
SoundStrand: a Tangible Interface for Composing Music with Limited Degrees of Freedom BIBAKPDF 125
  Eyal Shahar
The Music Ball Project: Concept, Design, Development, Performance BIBAKPDF 161
  Alexander Refsum Jensenius; Arve Voldsund
Many-Person Instruments for Computer Music Performance BIBAKPDF 171
  Michael Rotondo; Nick Kruge; Ge Wang
Kritaanjli: A Robotic Harmonium for Performance, Pedogogy and Research BIBAKPDF 99
  Ajay Kapur; Jim Murphy; Dale Carnegie


Bubble Drum-agog-ing: Polyrhythm Games & Other Inter Activities BIBAKPDF 8
  Jay Alan Jackson
The 'Interface' in Site-Specific Sound Installation BIBAKPDF 175
  Kirsty Beilharz; Aengus Martin
Non-invasive sensing and gesture control for pitched percussion hyper-instruments using the Kinect BIBAPDF 297
  Shawn Trail; Michael Dean; Gabrielle Odowichuk; Tiago Fernandes Tavares; Peter Driessen; W. Andrew Schloss; George Tzanetakis
Real-time Modification of Music with Dancer's Respiration Pattern BIBAKPDF 309
  Jeong-seob Lee; Woon Seung Yeo
Performing experimental music by physical simulation BIBAKPDF 30
  Julien Castet
Wireless Interactive Sensor Platform for Real-Time Audio-Visual Experience BIBAKPDF 98
  Jia-Liang Lu; Da-Lei Fang; Yi Qin; Jiu-Qiang Tang
The Gesturally Extended Piano BIBAKPDF 102
  William Brent
Electric Slide Organistrum BIBAKPDF 114
  Martin Piñeyro
NIME Education at the HKU, Emphasizing performance BIBAKPDF 247
  Hans Leeuw; Jorrit Tamminga


First Life -- Imagining the Chemical Origins of Life BIB -
  Steve Everett
Granular Learning Objects for Instrument Design and Collaborative Performance in K-12 Education BIBAKPDF 315
  Ivica Bukvic; Liesl Baum; Bennett Layman; Kendall Woodard
Kinetic Light Drums / Community Beacons BIB -
  Matthew McCormack; Jenn Figg
DIRTI -- Dirty Tangible Interfaces BIBAKPDF 212
  Matthieu Savary; Diemo Schwarz; Denis Pellerin
Tweet Harp: Laser Harp Generating Voice and Text of Real-time Tweets in Twitter BIBAKPDF 66
  Ayaka Endo; Takuma Moriyama; Yasuo Kuhara
MAGE -- A Platform for Tangible Speech Synthesis BIBAKPDF 164
  Maria Astrinaki; Nicolas d'Alessandro; Thierry Dutoit
A Digital Mobile Choir: Joining Two Interfaces towards Composing and Performing Collaborative Mobile Music BIBAKPDF 310
  Nicolas d'Alessandro; Aura Pon; Johnty Wang; David Eagle; Ehud Sharlin; Sidney Fels


Real-Time Music Notation, Collaborative Improvisation, and Laptop Ensembles BIBAKPDF 62
  Sang Won Lee; Jason Freeman; Andrew Collela
Drum Stroke Computing: Multimodal Signal Processing for Drum Stroke Identification and Performance Metrics BIBAKPDF 82
  Jordan Hochenbaum; Ajay Kapur
A Comparative User Study of Two Methods of Control on a Multi-Touch Surface for Musical Expression BIBAKPDF 94
  Blake Johnston; Owen Vallis; Ajay Kapur
Tok!: A Collaborative Acoustic Instrument using Mobile Phones BIBAKPDF 61
  Sang Won Lee; Ajay Srinivasamurthy; Gregoire Tronel; Weibin Shen; Jason Freeman
A Reactive Environment for Dynamic Volume Control BIBAPDF 88
  Dalia El-Shimy; Thomas Hermann; Jeremy Cooperstock
Palm-area sensitivity to vibrotactile stimuli above 1 kHz BIBAKPDF 105
  Lonce Wyse; Suranga Nanayakkara; Paul Seekings; Sim Heng Ong; Elizabeth Taylor
WLAN trilateration for musical echolocation in the installation 'The Network Is A Blind Space' BIBAKPDF 142
  Stelios Manousakis
Strategies for Engagement in Computer-Mediated Musical Performance BIBAKPDF 162
  James Nesfield
EnActor: A Blueprint for a Whole Body Interaction Design Software Platform BIBAKPDF 169
  Vangelis Lympouridis
Considering Audience's View Towards an Evaluation Methodology for Digital Musical Instruments BIBAKPDF 174
  Jerônimo Barbosa; Filipe Calegario; Verônica Teichrieb; Geber Ramalho; Patrick McGlynn
Development and Evaluation of a ZigFlea-based Wireless Transceiver Board for CUI32 BIBAKPDF 205
  Jim Torresen; Øyvind N. Hauback; Dan Overholt; Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Perfect Take: Experience design and new interfaces for musical expression BIBAKPDF 208
  Nicolas Makelberge; Álvaro Barbosa; André Perrotta; Luís Sarmento Ferreira
A Customizable Sensate Surface for Music Control BIBAKPDF 201
  Nan-Wei Gong; Nan Zhao; Joseph Paradiso
LOLbot: Machine Musicianship in Laptop Ensembles BIBAKPDF 119
  Sidharth Subramanian; Jason Freeman; Scott McCoid
Kugelschwung -- a Pendulum-based Musical Instrument BIBAKPDF 131
  Jamie Henson; Benjamin Collins; Alexander Giles; Kathryn Webb; Matthew Livingston; Thomas Mortensson
A Dimension Space for Evaluating Collaborative Musical Performance Systems BIBAKPDF 150
  Ian Hattwick; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Using a seeing/blindfolded paradigm to study audience experiences of live-electronic performances with voice BIBAKPDF 168
  Andreas Bergsland; Tone Åse
Exploring audio and tactile qualities of instrumentality with bowed string simulations BIBAKPDF 243
  Olivier Tache; Stephen Sinclair; Jean-Loup Florens; Marcelo Wanderley
Optoelectronic Acquisition and Control Board for Musical Applications BIBAKPDF 228
  Avrum Hollinger; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Bowing a vibration-enhanced force feedback device BIBAKPDF 37
  Marcello Giordano; Stephen Sinclair; Marcelo M. Wanderley
DIY Hybrid Analog/Digital Modular Synthesis BIBAKPDF 9
  Greg Surges
Patchwork: Multi-User Network Control of a Massive Modular Synthesizer BIBAKPDF 293
  Brian Mayton; Gershon Dublon; Nicholas Joliat; Joseph A. Paradiso


The Emotion in Motion Experiment: Using an Interactive Installation as a Means for Understanding Emotional Response to Music BIBAKPDF 254
  Javier Jaimovich; Miguel Ortiz; Niall Coghlan; R. Benjamin Knapp


Recontextualizing the Multi-touch Surface BIBAKPDF 132
  Patrick McGlynn; Victor Lazzarini; Gordon Delap; Xiaoyu Chen


TedStick: A Tangible Electrophonic Drumstick BIBAKPDF 96
  Cory Levinson
Approaches to Interaction in a Digital Music Ensemble BIBAKPDF 153
  Ian Hattwick; Kojiro Umezaki
Two Shared Rapid Turn Taking Sound Interfaces for Novices BIBAKPDF 123
  Anne-Marie Hansen; Hans Jørgen Andersen; Pirkko Raudaskoski
Mobile Controls On-The-Fly: An Abstraction for Distributed NIMEs BIBAKPDF 303
  Charles Roberts; Graham Wakefield; Matt Wright
Musician Maker: Play expressive music without practice BIBAKPDF 36
  John Buschert
FutureGrab: A wearable subtractive synthesizer using hand gesture BIBAKPDF 209
  Yoonchang Han; Jinsoo Na; Kyogu Lee
Designing for Cumulative Interactivity: The _derivations System BIBAKPDF 292
  Benjamin Carey
Crossole: A Gestural Interface for Composition, Improvisation and Performance using Kinect BIBAKPDF 185
  Sertan Sentürk; Sang Won Lee; Avinash Sastry; Anosh Daruwalla; Gil Weinberg
From the Eyes to the Ears BIB -
  Zacharias Vamvakousis
Designing Mappings for Musical Interfaces Using Preset Interpolation BIBAKPDF 159
  Martin Marier
Concept Tahoe: Microphone Midi Control BIBAKPDF 202
  Dan Moses Schlessinger
The Deckle Project: A Sketch of Three Sensors BIBAKPDF 214
  Hongchan Choi; John Granzow; Joel Sadler
Instant Instrument Anywhere: A Self-Contained Capacitive Synthesizer BIBAKPDF 223
  David Gerhard; Brett Park
Node and Message Management with the JunctionBox Interaction Toolkit BIBAKPDF 299
  Lawrence Fyfe; Adam Tindale; Sheelagh Carpendale
Empathetic Interactive Music Video Experience BIBAKPDF 179
  Myunghee Lee; Youngsun Kim; Gerard Kim
The Fingerphone: a Case Study of Sustainable Instrument Redesign BIBAKPDF 264
  Adrian Freed