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NIME 2011: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2011-05-30

Fullname:NIME 2011: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:Alexander Refsum Jensenius; Anders Tveit; Rolf Inge Godøy; Dan Overholt
Location:Oslo, Norway
Dates:2011-May-30 to 2011-Jun-01
Publisher:University of Oslo and Norwegian Academy of Music
Standard No:ISSN: 2220-4792 (Print), 2220-4806 (Online), 2220-4814 (USB); ISBN: 978-82-991841-7-5 (Print), 978-82-991841-6-8 (Online); hcibib: NIME11
Links:Conference Program | Online Proceedings
The Overtone Fiddle: an Actuated Acoustic Instrument BIBAKPDF 4-7
  Dan Overholt
A Low-Cost, Low-Latency Multi-Touch Table with Haptic Feedback for Musical Applications BIBAKPDF 8-13
  Matthew Montag; Stefan Sullivan; Scott Dickey; Colby Leider
The Electromagnetically Sustained Rhodes Piano BIBAKPDF 14-17
  Greg Shear; Matthew Wright
Gamelan Elektrika: An Electronic Balinese Gamelan BIBAKPDF 18-23
  Laurel S. Pardue; Andrew Boch; Matt Boch; Christine Southworth; Alex Rigopulos
Sonicstrument: A Musical Interface with Stereotypical Acoustic Transducers BIBAKPDF 24-27
  Jeong-seob Lee; Woon Seung Yeo
Solar Sound Arts: Creating Instruments and Devices Powered by Photovoltaic Technologies BIBAKPDF 28-31
  Scott Smallwood
An Approach to Collaborative Music Composition BIBAKPDF 32-35
  Niklas Klügel; Marc René Frieß; Georg Groh; Florian Echtler
A Reference Architecture and Score Representation for Popular Music Human-Computer Music Performance Systems BIBAKPDF 36-39
  Nicolas E. Gold; Roger B. Dannenberg
V'OCT (Ritual): An Interactive Vocal Work for Bodycoder System and 8 Channel Spatialization BIBAKPDF 40-43
  Mark A. Bokowiec
First Person Shooters as Collaborative Multiprocess Instruments BIBAKPDF 44-47
  Florent Berthaut; Haruhiro Katayose; Hironori Wakama; Naoyuki Totani; Yuichi Sato
Studying Interdependencies in Music Performance: An Interactive Tool BIBAKPDF 48-51
  Tilo Hähnel; Axel Berndt
1city1001vibrations: Development of a Interactive Sound Installation with Robotic Instrument Performance BIBAKPDF 52-55
  Sinan Bökesoy; Patrick Adler
The Medium is the Message: Composing Instruments and Performing Mappings BIBAKPDF 56-59
  Tim Murray-Browne; Di Mainstone; Nick Bryan-Kinns; Mark D. Plumbley
Clothesline as a Metaphor for a Musical Interface BIBAKPDF 60-63
  Seunghun Kim; Luke K. Kim; Songhee Jeong; Woon Seung Yeo
EGGS in Action BIBAKPDF 64-67
  Pietro Polotti; Maurizio Goina
A Reverberation Instrument Based on Perceptual Mapping BIBAKPDF 68-71
  Berit Janssen
Vibrotactile Feedback-Assisted Performance BIBAKPDF 72-75
  Lauren Hayes
Improving User-Interface of Interactive EC for Composition-Aid by means of Shopping Basket Procedure BIBAKPDF 76-79
  Daichi Ando
BioRhythm: a Biologically-inspired Audio-Visual Installation BIBAKPDF 80-83
  Ryan Mcgee; Yuan-Yi Fan; Reza Ali
Vibration, Volts and Sonic Art: A Practice and Theory of Electromechanical Sound BIBAKPDF 84-87
  Jon Pigott
Automatic Rhythmic Performance in Max/MSP: the kin.rhythmicator BIBAKPDF 88-91
  George Sioros; Carlos Guedes
Towards a Voltage-Controlled Computer Control and Interaction Beyond an Embedded System BIBAKPDF 92-95
  André Gonçalves
Polyhymnia: An Automatic Piano Performance System with Statistical Modeling of Polyphonic Expression and Musical Symbol Interpretation BIBAKPDF 96-99
  Tae Hun Kim; Satoru Fukayama; Takuya Nishimoto; Shigeki Sagayama
Multitouch Interface for Audio Mixing BIBAKPDF 100-103
  Juan P. Carrascal; Sergi Jordà
Cognitive Architecture in Mobile Music Interactions BIBAKPDF 104-107
  Nate Derbinsky; Georg Essl
The Self-Supervising Machine BIBAKPDF 108-111
  Benjamin D. Smith; Guy E. Garnett
Beatscape, a Mixed Virtual-Physical Environment for Musical Ensembles BIBAKPDF 112-115
  Aaron Albin; Sertan Sentürk; Akito Van Troyer; Brian Blosser; Oliver Jan; Gil Weinberg
MoodifierLive: Interactive and Collaborative Expressive Music Performance on Mobile Devices BIBAKPDF 116-119
  Marco Fabiani; Gaël Dubus; Roberto Bresin
A Physically Based Sound Space for Procedural Agents BIBAKPDF 120-123
  Benjamin Schroeder; Marc Ainger; Richard Parent
Acquisition and Study of Blowing Pressure Profiles in Recorder Playing BIBAKPDF 124-127
  Francisco García; Leny Vinceslas; Josep Tubau; Esteban Maestre
Experiences from Video-Controlled Sound Installations BIBAKPDF 128-131
  Anders Friberg; Anna Källblad
ROOM #81 -- Agent-Based Instrument for Experiencing Architectural and Vocal Cues BIBAKPDF 132-135
  Nicolas d'Alessandro; Roberto Calderon; Stefanie Müller
Kinetic Particles Synthesizer Using Multi-Touch Screen Interface of Mobile Devices BIBAKPDF 136-137
  Yasuo Kuhara; Daiki Kobayashi
The Sound Flinger: A Haptic Spatializer BIBAKPDF 138-139
  Chris Carlson; Eli Marschner; Hunter Mccurry
Daft Datum -- An Interface for Producing Music Through Foot-based Interaction BIBAKPDF 140-141
  Ravi Kondapalli; Ben-Zhen Sung
Strike on Stage: a Percussion and Media Performance BIBAKPDF 142-143
  Charles Martin; Chi-Hsia Lai
Gestural Embodiment of Environmental Sounds: an Experimental Study BIBAKPDF 144-148
  Baptiste Caramiaux; Patrick Susini; Tommaso Bianco; Frédéric Bevilacqua; Olivier Houix; Norbert Schnell; Nicolas Misdariis
Listening to Your Brain: Implicit Interaction in Collaborative Music Performances BIBAKPDF 149-154
  Sebastián Mealla; Aleksander Väaljamäae; Mathieu Bosi; Sergi Jordà
Examining How Musicians Create Augmented Musical Instruments BIBAKPDF 155-160
  Dan Newton; Mark T. Marshall
Tahakum: A Multi-Purpose Audio Control Framework BIBAKPDF 161-166
  Zachary Seldess; Toshiro Yamada
A Framework for Coordination and Synchronization of Media BIBAKPDF 167-172
  Dawen Liang; Guangyu Xia; Roger B. Dannenberg
Satellite CCRMA: A Musical Interaction and Sound Synthesis Platform BIBAKPDF 173-178
  Edgar Berdahl; Wendy Ju
Two Turntables and a Mobile Phone BIBAKPDF 179-184
  Nicholas J. Bryan; Ge Wang
MadPad: A Crowdsourcing System for Audiovisual Sampling BIBAKPDF 185-190
  Nick Kruge; Ge Wang
The Visual in Mobile Music Performance BIBAKPDF 191-196
  Patrick O. Keefe; Georg Essl
Designing for the iPad: Magic Fiddle BIBAKPDF 197-202
  Ge Wang; Jieun Oh; Tom Lieber
MobileMuse: Integral Music Control Goes Mobile BIBAKPDF 203-206
  Benjamin Knapp; Brennon Bortz
Tangible Performance Management of Grid-based Laptop Orchestras BIBAKPDF 207-210
  Stephen D. Beck; Chris Branton; Sharath Maddineni
Audio Arduino -- an ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) Audio Driver for FTDI-based Arduinos BIBAKPDF 211-216
  Smilen Dimitrov; Stefania Serafin
Musical Control of a Pipe Based on Acoustic Resonance BIBAKPDF 217-219
  Seunghun Kim; Woon Seung Yeo
Play Fluency in Music Improvisation Games for Novices BIBAKPDF 220-223
  Anne-Marie S. Hansen; Hans J. Anderson; Pirkko Raudaskoski
The Bass Sleeve: A Real-time Multimedia Gestural Controller for Augmented Electric Bass Performance BIBAKPDF 224-227
  Izzi Ramkissoon
The KarmetiK NotomotoN: A New Breed of Musical Robot for Teaching and Performance BIBAKPDF 228-231
  Ajay Kapur; Michael Darling; Jim Murphy; Jordan Hochenbaum; Dimitri Diakopoulos; Trimpin Trimpin
The Manipuller: Strings Manipulation and Multi-Dimensional Force Sensing BIBAKPDF 232-235
  Adrián Barenca; Giuseppe Torre
Mapping Objects with the Surface Editor BIBAKPDF 236-239
  Alain Crevoisier; Cécile Picard-Limpens
Adding Z-Depth and Pressure Expressivity to Tangible Tabletop Surfaces BIBAKPDF 240-243
  Jordan Hochenbaum; Ajay Kapur
Hex Player -- A Virtual Musical Controller BIBAKPDF 244-247
  Andrew J. Milne; Anna Xambó; Robin Laney; David B. Sharp; Anthony Prechtl; Simon Holland
Rhythm Performance from a Spectral Point of View BIBAKPDF 248-251
  Carl H. Waadeland
Nuvolet: 3D Gesture-driven Collaborative Audio Mosaicing BIBAKPDF 252-255
  Josep M. Comajuncosas; Alex Barrachina; John O'Connell; Enric Guaus
Effective and Expressive Movements in a French-Canadian fiddler's Performance BIBAKPDF 256-259
  Erwin Schoonderwaldt; Alexander R. Jensenius
Flowspace -- A Hybrid Ecosystem BIBAKPDF 260-263
  Daniel Bisig; Jan C. Schacher; Martin Neukom
Implementing a Finite Difference-Based Real-time Sound Synthesizer using GPUs BIBAKPDF 264-267
  Marc Sosnick; William Hsu
An Artificial Intelligence Architecture for Musical Expressiveness that Learns by Imitation BIBAKPDF 268-271
  Axel Tidemann
TweetDreams: Making Music with the Audience and the World using Real-time Twitter Data BIBAKPDF 272-275
  Luke Dahl; Jorge Herrera; Carr Wilkerson
JunctionBox: A Toolkit for Creating Multi-touch Sound Control Interfaces BIBAKPDF 276-279
  Lawrence Fyfe; Adam Tindale; Sheelagh Carpendale
Beyond Evaluation: Linking Practice and Theory in New Musical Interface Design BIBAKPDF 280-283
  Andrew Johnston
Intuitive Real-Time Control of Spectral Model Synthesis BIBAKPDF 284-287
  Phillip Popp; Matthew Wright
BeatJockey: A New Tool for Enhancing DJ Skills BIBAKPDF 288-291
  Pablo Molina; Martín Haro; Sergi Jordà
Traces -- Body, Motion and Sound BIBAKPDF 292-295
  Jan C. Schacher; Angela Stoecklin
MoodMixer: EEG-based Collaborative Sonification BIBAKPDF 296-299
  Grace Leslie; Tim Mullen
OSC Implementation and Evaluation of the Xsens MVN Suit BIBAPDF 300-303
  Ståle A. Skogstad; Yago de Quay; Alexander R. Jensenius
The Effect of Visualizing Audio Targets in a Musical Listening and Performance Task BIBAKPDF 304-307
  Lonce Wyse; Norikazu Mitani; Suranga Nanayakkara
Composability for Musical Gesture Signal Processing using new OSC-based Object and Functional Programming Extensions to Max/MSP BIBAKPDF 308-311
  Adrian Freed; John MacCallum; Andrew Schmeder
SoundSaber -- A Motion Capture Instrument BIBAPDF 312-315
  Kristian Nymoen; Ståle A. Skogstad; Alexander R. Jensenius
A Modulation Matrix for Complex Parameter Sets BIBAKPDF 316-319
  Øyvind Brandtsegg; Sigurd Saue; Thom Johansen
Sound Low Fun BIBAKPDF 320-321
  Yu-Chung Tseng; Che-Wei Liu; Tzu-Heng Chi; Hui-Yu Wang
Autonomous New Media Artefacts (AutoNMA ) BIBAKPDF 322-323
  Edgar Berdahl; Chris Chafe
Creating Musical Expression using Kinect BIBAKPDF 324-325
  Min-Joon Yoo; Jin-Wook Beak; In-Kwon Lee
Making Grains Tangible: Microtouch for Microsound BIBAKPDF 326-328
  Staas de Jong
Sound Selection by Gestures BIBAKPDF 329-330
  Baptiste Caramiaux; Frédéric Bevilacqua; Norbert Schnell
An Open Source Interface based on Biological Neural Networks for Interactive Music Performance BIBAKPDF 331-336
  Hernán Kerlleñevich; Manuel C. Eguía; Pablo E. Riera
Recognition Of Multivariate Temporal Musical Gestures Using N-Dimensional Dynamic Time Warping BIBAKPDF 337-342
  Nicholas Gillian; Benjamin Knapp; Sile O'Modhrain
A Machine Learning Toolbox For Musician Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 343-348
  Nicholas Gillian; Benjamin Knapp; Sile O'Modhrain
Music and Technology in Death and the Powers BIBAKPDF 349-354
  Elena Jessop; Peter A. Torpey; Benjamin Bloomberg
Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Reality Performance BIBAKPDF 355-360
  Victor Zappi; Dario Mazzanti; Andrea Brogni; Darwin Caldwell
InkSplorer: Exploring Musical Ideas on Paper and Computer BIBAKPDF 361-366
  Jérémie Garcia; Theophanis Tsandilas; Carlos Agon; Wendy E. Mackay
Battle of the DJs: an HCI Perspective of Traditional, Virtual, Hybrid and Multitouch DJing BIBAKPDF 367-372
  Pedro Lopez; Alfredo Ferreira; J. A. Madeiras Pereira
Designing Digital Musical Interactions in Experimental Contexts BIBAKPDF 373-376
  Adnan Marquez-Borbon; Michael Gurevich; A. Cavan Fyans; Paul Stapleton
Crackle: A Dynamic Mobile Multitouch Topology for Exploratory Sound Interaction BIBAKPDF 377-380
  Jonathan Reus
A Principled Approach to Developing New Languages for Live Coding BIBAKPDF 381-386
  Samuel Aaron; Alan Blackwell; Richard Hoadley; Tim Regan
Integra Live: a New Graphical User Interface for Live Electronic Music BIBAKPDF 387-392
  Jamie Bullock; Daniel Beattie; Jerome Turner
Robust and Reliable Fabric, Piezoresistive Multitouch Sensing Surfaces for Musical Controllers BIBAKPDF 393-398
  Jung-Sim Roh; Yotam Mann; Adrian Freed; David Wessel
Examining the Effects of Embedded Vibrotactile Feedback on the Feel of a Digital Musical Instrument BIBAKPDF 399-404
  Mark T. Marshall; Marcelo M. Wanderley
HIDUINO: A firmware for building driverless USB-MIDI devices using the Arduino microcontroller BIBAKPDF 405-408
  Dimitri Diakopoulos; Ajay Kapur
Latency Improvement in Sensor Wireless Transmission Using IEEE 802.15.4 BIBAKPDF 409-412
  Emmanuel Fléty; Côme Maestracci
Snyderphonics Manta Controller, a Novel USB Touch-Controller BIBAKPDF 413-416
  Jeff Snyder
On Movement, Structure and Abstraction in Generative Audiovisual Improvisation BIBAKPDF 417-420
  William Hsu
Creating Interactive Multimedia Works with Bio-data BIBAKPDF 421-424
  Claudia R. Angel
TresnaNet Musical Generation based on Network Protocols BIBAKPDF 425-428
  Paula Ustarroz
Designing a Music Performance Space for Persons with Intellectual Learning Disabilities BIBAKPDF 429-432
  Matti Luhtala; Tiina Kymäläinen; Johan Plomp
Raja -- A Multidisciplinary Artistic Performance BIBAKPDF 433-436
  Tom Ahola; Koray Tahiroglu; Teemu Ahmaniemi; Fabio Belloni; Ville Ranki
Eobody3: a Ready-to-use Pre-mapped & Multi-protocol Sensor Interface BIBAKPDF 437-440
  Emmanuelle Gallin; Marc Sirguy
Eye Tapping: How to Beat Out an Accurate Rhythm using Eye Movements BIBAKPDF 441-444
  Rasmus Bååth; Thomas Strandberg; Christian Balkenius
MelodyMorph: A Reconfigurable Musical Instrument BIBAKPDF 445-447
  Eric Rosenbaum
The Flo)(ps: Negotiating Between Habitual and Explorative Gestures BIBAKPDF 448-452
  Karmen Franinovic
Wekinating 000000Swan: Using Machine Learning to Create and Control Complex Artistic Systems BIBAKPDF 453-456
  Margaret Schedel; Phoenix Perry; Rebecca Fiebrink
MTCF: A Framework for Designing and Coding Musical Tabletop Applications Directly in Pure Data BIBAKPDF 457-460
  Carles F. Julià; Daniel Gallardo; Sergi Jordà
Physical Modelling Enabling Enaction: an Example BIBAKPDF 461-464
  David Pirrò; Gerhard Eckel
SoundGrasp: A Gestural Interface for the Performance of Live Music BIBAKPDF 465-468
  Thomas Mitchell; Imogen Heap
Minding the (Transatlantic) Gap: An Internet-Enabled Acoustic Brain-Computer Music Interface BIBAKPDF 469-472
  Tim Mullen; Richard Warp; Adam Jansch
Rhythm'n'Shoes: a Wearable Foot Tapping Interface with Audio-Tactile Feedback BIBAKPDF 473-476
  Stefano Papetti; Marco Civolani; Federico Fontana
A Structured Design and Evaluation Model with Application to Rhythmic Interaction Displays BIBAKPDF 477-480
  Cumhur Erkut; Antti Jylhä; Reha Discioglu
A Hair Ribbon Deflection Model for Low-intrusiveness Measurement of Bow Force in Violin Performance BIBAKPDF 481-486
  Marco Marchini; Panos Papiotis; Alfonso Pérez; Esteban Maestre
Random Access Remixing on the iPad BIBAKPDF 487-490
  Jon Forsyth; Aron Glennon; Juan P. Bello
Designing the EP Trio: Instrument Identities, Control and Performance Practice in an Electronic Chamber Music Ensemble BIBAKPDF 491-494
  Erika Donald; Ben Duinker; Eliot Britton
Perceptions of Skill in Performances with Acoustic and Electronic Instruments BIBAKPDF 495-498
  A. Cavan Fyans; Michael Gurevich
Cognitive Issues in Computer Music Programming BIBAKPDF 499-502
  Hiroki Nishino
Seaboard: a New Piano Keyboard-related Interface Combining Discrete and Continuous Control BIBAKPDF 503-506
  Roland Lamb; Andrew Robertson
Music Interfaces for Novice Users: Composing Music on a Public Display with Hand Gestures BIBAKPDF 507-510
  Gilbert Beyer; Max Meier
Expanding the Role of the Instrument BIBAKPDF 511-514
  Birgitta Cappelen; Anders-Petter Andersson
Wireless Digital/Analog Sensors for Music and Dance Performances BIBAKPDF 515-518
  Todor Todoroff
Real-time Control and Creative Convolution BIBAKPDF 519-522
  Trond Engum
phrases from Paul Lansky's Six Fantasies BIBAKPDF 523-526
  Andreas Bergsland
Gliss: An Intuitive Sequencer for the iPhone and iPad BIBAKPDF 527-528
  Jan T. von Falkenstein
Quadrofeelia -- A New Instrument for Sliding into Notes BIBAKPDF 529-530
  Jiffer Harriman; Locky Casey; Linden Melvin
SQUEEZY: Extending a Multi-touch Screen with Force Sensing Objects for Controlling Articulatory Synthesis BIBAKPDF 531-532
  Johnty Wang; Nicolas d'Alessandro; Sidney S. Fels; Bob Pritchard
SWAF: Towards a Web Application Framework for Composition and Documentation of Soundscape BIBAKPDF 533-534
  Souhwan Choe; Kyogu Lee
Playing the "MO" -- Gestural Control and Re-Embodiment of Recorded Sound and Music BIBAKPDF 535-536
  Norbert Schnell; Frédéric Bevilacqua; Nicolas Rasamimanana; Julien Blois; Fabrice Guédy; Emmanuel Fléty
  Bruno Zamborlin; Giorgio Partesana; Marco Liuni
Can Haptics Make New Music? -- Fader and Plank Demos BIBAKPDF 539-540
  Bill Verplank; Francesco Georg