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NIME 2009: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2009-06-04

Fullname:NIME 2009: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:Noel Zahler; Roger Dannenberg
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dates:2009-Jun-04 to 2009-Jun-06
Standard No:hcibib: NIME09
Links:Conference Website | Online Proceedings
From Real to Virtual: A Comparison of Input Devices for Percussion Tasks BIBPDF 1-6
  Mike Collicutt; Carmine Casciato; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Probabilistic Model of Pianists' Arm Touch Movements BIBPDF 7-12
  Aristotelis Hadjakos; Erwin Aitenbichler; Max Mühlhäuser
A Quantitative Evaluation of the Differences between Knobs and Sliders BIBPDF 13-18
  Steven Gelineck; Stefania Serafin
Evaluation of 3D Haptic Target Rendering to Support Timing in Music Tasks BIBPDF 19-24
  Ricardo Pedrosa; Karon E. Maclean
Evaluating Interactive Music Systems: An HCI Approach BIBPDF 25-28
  William Hsu; Marc Sosnick
The Ghetto Bastard: A Portable Noise Instrument BIBPDF 29-30
  Neal Spowage
The Navi Activity Monitor: Toward Using Kinematic Data to Humanize Computer Music BIBPDF 31-32
  Eric Humphrey; Colby Leider
Utilizing Tactile Feedback to Guide Movements Between Sounds BIBPDF 33-34
  Alexander Müller; Georg Essl
An Interface for Live Interactive Sonification BIBPDF 35-36
  Sam Ferguson; Kirsty Beilharz
Responsive Music Interfaces for Performance BIBPDF 37-38
  Alexander Reben; Mat Laibowitz; Joseph A. Paradiso
Hands On Stage: A Sound and Image Performance Interface BIBPDF 39-40
  Chi-Hsia Lai
The Vibrobyte: A Haptic Interface for Co-Located Performance BIBPDF 41-42
  Kyle McDonald; Dane Kouttron; Curtis Bahn; Jonas Braasch; Pauline Oliveros
Multi-Laser Gestural Interface -- Solutions for Cost-Effective and Open Source Controllers BIBPDF 43-44
  Meason Wiley; Ajay Kapur
Mims: Interactive Multimedia Live Performance System BIBPDF 45-47
  Ryo Kanda; Mitsuyo Hashida; Haruhiro Katayose
netBody -- "Augmented Body and Virtual Body II" with the System, BodySuit, Powered Suit and Second Life -- Its Introduction of an Application of the System BIBPDF 48-49
  Suguru Goto; Rob Powell
Life Game Orchestra as an Interactive Music Composition System Translating Cellular Patterns of Automata into Musical Scales BIBPDF 50-51
  Keisuke Ogawa; Yasuo Kuhara
Natural Materials on Stage: Custom Controllers for Aesthetic Effect BIBPDF 52-53
  John Toenjes
Controlling Live Generative Electronic Music with Deviate BIBPDF 54-55
  Sarah Keith
SpiralSet: A Sound Toy Utilizing Game Engine Technologies BIBPDF 56-57
  Andy Dolphin
LUMI: Live Performance Paradigms Utilizing Software Integrated Touch Screen and Pressure Sensitive Button Matrix BIBPDF 58-59
  Mingfei Gao; Craig Hanson
The SARC EyesWeb Catalog: A Pattern Recognition Toolbox for Musician-Computer Interaction BIBPDF 60-61
  Nicholas Gillian; Benjamin Knapp; Sile O'Modhrain
A 2D Fiducial Tracking Method based on Topological Region Adjacency and Angle Information BIBPDF 62-63
  Hiroki Nishino
Anthropomorphic Musical Performance Robots at Waseda University: Increasing Understanding of the Nature of Human Musical Interaction Abstract BIBPDF 64-69
  Jorge Solis; Takeshi Ninomiya; Klaus Petersen; Masaki Takeuchi; Atsuo Takanishi
The Creation of a Multi-Human, Multi-Robot Interactive Jam Session BIBPDF 70-73
  Gil Weinberg; Brian Blosser; Trishul Mallikarjuna; Aparna Raman
MusicGrip: A Writing Instrument for Music Control BIBPDF 74-77
  Nan-Wei Gong; Mat Laibowitz; Joseph A. Paradiso
Let Loose with WallBalls, a Collaborative Tabletop Instrument for Tomorrow BIBPDF 78-81
  Grant Partridge; Pourang Irani; Gordon Fitzell
SORISU: Sound with Numbers BIBPDF 82-85
  Hye Ki Min
The Tactus: a Tangible, Rhythmic Grid Interface Using Found-Objects BIBPDF 86-89
  Yotam Mann; Jeff Lubow; Adrian Freed
Real-Time Phase Vocoder Manipulation by Runner's Pace BIBPDF 90-93
  Jason A. Hockman; Marcelo M. Wanderley; Ichiro Fujinaga
A Discussion of Multidimensional Mapping in Nymophone2 BIBPDF 94-97
  Kristian Nymoen; Alexander R. Jensenius
The Kalichord: A Physically Modeled Electro-Acoustic Plucked String Instrument BIBPDF 98-101
  Daniel Schlessinger; Julius O. Smith
Augmenting Chordophones with Hybrid Percussive Sound Possibilities BIBPDF 102-105
  Otso Lähdeoja
An Electroacoustically Controlled Vibrating Plate BIBPDF 106-109
  Mark Kahrs; David Skulina; Stefan Bilbao; Murray Campbell
Don't Forget the Loudspeaker -- A History of Hemispherical Speakers at Princeton, Plus a DIY Guide BIBPDF 110-115
  Scott Smallwood; Perry R. Cook; Dan Trueman; Lawrence McIntyre
Features and Future of Open Sound Control version 1.1 for NIME BIBPDF 116-120
  Adrian Freed; Andrew Schmeder
A Low-level Embedded Service Architecture for Rapid DIY Design of Real-time Musical Instruments BIBPDF 121-124
  Andrew Schmeder; Adrian Freed
Firmata: Towards Making Microcontrollers Act Like Extensions of the Computer BIBPDF 125-130
  Hans-Christoph Steiner
Sharing Data in Collaborative, Interactive Performances: the SenseWorld DataNetwork BIBPDF 131-134
  Marije A. Baalman; Harry C. Smoak; Christopher L. Salter; Joseph Malloch; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Challenges and Performance of High-Fidelity Audio Streaming for Interactive Performances BIBPDF 135-140
  Nicolas Bouillot; Jeremy R. Cooperstock
"Extension du Corps Sonore" -- Dancing Viola BIBPDF 141-146
  Todor Todoroff; Frédéric Bettens; Loïc Reboursière; Wen-Yang Chu
The elBo and footPad: Toward Personalized Hardware for Audio Manipulation BIBPDF 147-148
  Colby Leider; Doug Mann; Daniel Plazas; Michael Battaglia; Reid Draper
The Midi-AirGuitar, A serious Musical Controller with a Funny Name Music Technology Program BIBPDF 149-150
  Langdon Crawford; William D. Fastenow
An Early Prototype of the Augmented PsychoPhone BIBPDF 151-152
  Niels Böttcher; Smilen Dimitrov
Catch Your Breath -- Musical Biofeedback for Breathing Regulation BIBPDF 153-154
  Diana Siwiak; Jonathan Berger; Yao Yang
A Wii-Based Gestural Interface for Computer Conducting Systems BIBPDF 155-156
  Lijuan Peng; David Gerhard
Chess-Based Composition and Improvisation for Non-Musicians BIBPDF 157-158
  Dale E. Parson
MagNular: Symbolic Control of an External Sound Engine Using an Animated Interface BIBPDF 159-160
  Andy Dolphin
Audio Orienteering -- Navigating an Invisible Terrain BIBPDF 161-162
  Noah Feehan
Developing the Cyclotactor BIBPDF 163-164
  Staas de Jong
midOSC: a Gumstix-Based MIDI-to-OSC Converter BIBPDF 165-168
  Sébastien Schiesser
Parallel Processing System Design with "Propeller" Processor BIBPDF 169-170
  Yoichi Nagashima
Where Did It All Go Wrong? A Model of Error From the Spectator's Perspective BIBPDF 171-172
  A. Cavan Fyans; Michael Gurevich; Paul Stapleton
Advanced Techniques for Vertical Tablet Playing A Overview of Two Years of Practicing the HandSketch 1.x BIBPDF 173-174
  Nicolas d'Alessandro; Thierry Dutoit
Gyroscope-Based Conducting Gesture Recognition BIBPDF 175-176
  Andreas Höofer; Aristotelis Hadjakos; Max Mühlhäuser
Using Haptics to Assist Performers in Making Gestures to a Musical Instrument BIBPDF 177-182
  Edgar Berdahl; Günter Niemeyer; Julius O. Smith
Using Haptic Devices to Interface Directly with Digital Waveguide-Based Musical Instruments BIBPDF 183-186
  Edgar Berdahl; Günter Niemeyer; Julius O. Smith
Haptic Carillon -- Analysis & Design of the Carillon Mechanism BIBPDF 187-192
  Mark Havryliv; Fazel Naghdy; Greg Schiemer; Timothy Hurd
The Electrumpet, a Hybrid Electro-Acoustic Instrument BIBPDF 193-198
  Hans Leeuw
Sensor Technology and the Remaking of Instruments from the Past BIBPDF 199-202
  Emmanuelle Gallin; Marc Sirguy
Twenty-First Century Piano BIBPDF 203-206
  Sarah Nicolls
Designing for Conversational Interaction BIBPDF 207-212
  Andrew Johnston; Linda Candy; Ernest Edmonds
Designing for Style in New Musical Interactions BIBPDF 213-217
  Michael Gurevich; Paul Stapleton; Peter Bennett
Re-Designing Principles for Computer Music Controllers: a Case Study of SqueezeVox Maggie BIBPDF 218-221
  Perry R. Cook
Interfacing Graphic and Musical Elements in Counterlines BIBPDF 222-225
  Jaroslaw Kapuscinski; Javier Sanchez
FrameWorks 3D: Composition in the Third Dimension BIBPDF 226-229
  Richard Polfreman
Novel and Forgotten Current-steering Techniques for Resistive Multitouch, Duotouch, and Polytouch Position Sensing with Pressure BIBPDF 230-235
  Adrian Freed
A Force-Sensitive Surface for Intimate Control BIBPDF 236-241
  Randy Jones; Peter Driessen; Andrew Schloss; George Tzanetakis
A Flexible Mapping Editor for Multi-touch Musical Instruments BIBPDF 242-245
  Greg Kellum; Alain Crevoisier
Phalanger: Controlling Music Software With Hand Movement Using A Computer Vision and Machine Learning Approach BIBPDF 246-249
  Chris Kiefer; Nick Collins; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
The UBS Virtual Maestro: an Interactive Conducting System BIBPDF 250-255
  Teresa M. Nakra; Yuri Ivanov; Paris Smaragdis; Chris Ault
The Vocal Augmentation and Manipulation Prosthesis (VAMP): A Conducting-Based Gestural Controller for Vocal Performance BIBPDF 256-259
  Elena Jessop
Double Slide Controller BIBPDF 260-261
  Tomás Henriques
HSP: A Simple and Effective Open-Source Platform for Implementing Haptic Musical Instruments BIBPDF 262-263
  Edgar Berdahl; Günter Niemeyer; Julius O. Smith
Versum: Audiovisual Composing in 3d BIBPDF 264-265
  Tarik Barri
Towards a Humane Graphical User Interface for Live Electronic Music BIBPDF 266-267
  Jamie Bullock; Lamberto Coccioli
YARMI: an Augmented Reality Musical Instrument BIBPDF 268-269
  Tomas Laurenzo; Ernesto Rodríguez; Juan Fabrizio Castro
SpeedDial: Rapid and On-The-Fly Mapping of Mobile Phone Instruments BIBPDF 270-273
  Georg Essl
ForTouch: A Wearable Digital Ventriloquized Actor BIBPDF 274-275
  Sidney S. Fels; Bob Pritchard; Allison Lenters
Words, Movement and Timbre BIBPDF 276-279
  Alex Mclean; Geraint Wiggins
A Meta-Instrument for Interactive, On-the-Fly Machine Learning BIBPDF 280-285
  Rebecca Fiebrink; Dan Trueman; Perry R. Cook
Action and Perception in Interactive Sound Installations: An Ecological Approach BIBPDF 286-289
  Jan C. Schacher
The Argus Project: Underwater Soundscape Composition with Laser-Controlled Modulation BIBPDF 290-292
  Jonathon Kirk; Lee Weisert
PlaySoundGround: An Interactive Musical Playground BIBPDF 293-296
  Michael St. Clair; Sasha Leitman
The Fragmented Orchestra BIBPDF 297-302
  Daniel Jones; Tim Hodgson; Jane Grant; John Matthias; Nicholas Outram; Nick Ryan
Designing Smule's Ocarina: The iPhone's Magic Flute BIBPDF 303-307
  Ge Wang
Scratch-Off: A Gesture Based Mobile Music Game with Tactile Feedback BIBPDF 308-311
  Nicholas Gillian; Sile O'Modhrain; Georg Essl
ZooZBeat: a Gesture-based Mobile Music Studio BIBPDF 312-315
  Gil Weinberg; Andrew Beck; Mark Godfrey
The Drummer: a Collaborative Musical Interface with Mobility BIBPDF 316-319
  Andrea Bianchi; Woon Seung Yeo
The Oklo Phenomenon BIBPDF 320
  Robert Wechsler
Anigraphical Etude 9 BIBPDF 321
  David Lieberman
Cosmic Strings II BIBPDF 322
  Min Eui Hong
Study no. 1 for PAM and MADI BIBPDF 323
  Troy Rogers; Steven Kemper; Scott Barton
Fue Sho -- Electrofusion BIBPDF 324
  Garth Paine; Michael Atherton
Versum -- Fluor BIBPDF 325
  Tarik Barri
Angry Sparrow BIBPDF 326
  Chikashi Miyama
Biomuse Trio BIBPDF 327
  Eric Lyon; Benjamin Knapp; Gascia Ouzounian
BodyJack BIBPDF 328
  Suguru Goto
Code LiveCode Live, or livecode Embodied BIBPDF 329
  Marije A. Baalman
MOLITVA -- Composition for Voice, Live Electronics, Pointing-At Glove Device and 3-D Setup of Speakers BIBPDF 330
  Giuseppe Torre; Robert Sazdov; Dorota Konczewska
Ben Neill and LEMUR BIBPDF 331
  Ben Neill; Eric Singer
Performance: Modal Kombat Plays PONG BIBPDF 332
  David Hindman; Evan Drummond
Afflux/Reflux BIBPDF 333
  Colby Leider
PLOrk Beat Science 2.0 BIBPDF 334
  Ge Wang; Rebecca Fiebrink
Hands On -- A New Work from SLABS Controller and Generative Algorithms BIBPDF 335
  David Wessel
Bioluminescence BIBPDF 336
  R. Luke Dubois; Lesley Flanigan
Elemental & Cyrene Reefs BIBPDF 337
  Ivika Bukvic; Eric Standley
Cellphonia: 4'33" BIBPDF 338
  Scot Gresham-Lancaster; Steve Bull
Pendaphonics BIBPDF 339
  Dan Overholt; Byron Lahey; Anne-Marie Skriver Hansen; Winslow Burleson; Camilla Norrgaard Jensen
Sound Lanterns BIBPDF 340
  Scott Smallwood
AANN: Artificial Analog Neural Network BIBPDF 341
  Phillip Stearns