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NIME 2002: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2002-05-24

Fullname:NIME 2002: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Dates:2002-May-24 to 2002-May-26
Standard No:ISBN: 1-874653-65-8; hcibib: NIME02
Links:Workshop Program | Online Proceedings
A Digital Emulator of the Photosonic Instrument BIBAKPDF 1-4
  Daniel Arfib; Jacques Dudon
Interdisciplinary Applications of New Instruments BIBAKPDF 5-9
  Alain Baumann; Rosa Sanchez
Experimental Controllers for Live Electronic Music Performance (vs.Copyright) BIBAKPDF 10-11
  David Bernard
JAM-O-WORLD: Evolution of the Jam-O-Drum into the Jam-O-Whirl Gaming Interface BIBAKPDF 12-17
  Tina Blaine; Clifton Forlines
A Structured Instrument Design Approach: The Video-Organ BIBAPDF 18-23
  Bert Bongers; Yolanda Harris
Noisegate 67 for Metasaxophone: Composition and Performance Considerations of a New Computer Music Controller BIBAPDF 24-29
  Matthew Burtner
Interactive Systems Design: A KANSEI based Approach BIBAPDF 30-37
  Antonio Camurri; Riccardo Trocca; Gualtiero Volpe
The Limitations of Mapping and a Structural Descriptive in Electronic Instruments BIBAKPDF 38-42
  Joel Chadabe
A Scanned Synthesis virtual instrument BIBAKPDF 43-45
  Jean-Michel Couturier
Creating a Context for Musical Innovation: A NIME Curriculum BIBAKPDF 46-49
  Gideon D'Arcangelo
Tooka: Exploration of Two Person Instruments BIBAKPDF 50-55
  Sidney Fels; Florian Vogt
The Musical Box Garden BIBAKPDF 56-58
  Kieran Ferris; Liam J. Bannon
AtoMIC Pro: A Multiple Sensor Acquisition Device BIBAKPDF 59-64
  Emmanuel Fléty
MetaMuse: Metaphors for Expressive Instruments BIBAKPDF 65-70
  Ashley Gadd; Sidney Fels
Circles and Seeds: Adapting Kpelle ideas about music performance for collaborative Digital Music performance BIBAKPDF 71-72
  Niall Griffith; Ed Hammond; Sean O'Leary; M. Sile O'Modhrain; Donagh O'Shea
Cutaneous Grooves: Composing for the Sense of Touch BIBAKPDF 73-79
  Eric Gunther; Glorianna Davenport; M. Sile O'Modhrain
Circular Optical Object Locator BIBAKPDF 80-81
  Tim Hankins; David Merrill; Jocelyn Robert
The Termenova: A Hybrid Free-Gesture Interface BIBAKPDF 82-87
  Leila Hasan; Nicholas Yu; Joseph A. Paradiso
The Importance of Parameter Mapping in Electronic Instrument Design BIBAKPDF 88-93
  Andy Hunt; Marcelo M. Wanderley; Matthew Paradis
An Interface for Precise Musical Control BIBAKPDF 94-98
  Robert Huott
IXI Software BIBAPDF 101
Afasia: The Ultimate Homeric One-Man-Multimedia-Band BIBAKPDF 102-107
  Sergi Jordà
The Electronic Tabla Controller BIBAKPDF 108-112
  Ajay Kapur; Georg Essl; Philip Davidson; Perry R. Cook
Bi-manual mapping experimentation, with angular fundamental frequency control and sound color navigation BIBAKPDF 113-114
  Loïc Kessous
Instruments, Interactivity, and Inevitability BIBAPDF 115
  Tod Machover
Adaptive Hyperinstruments: Applying Evolutionary Techniques to Sound Synthesis and Performance BIBAKPDF 116-117
  James Mandelis
The Virtual Bodhran -- The Vodhran BIBAKPDF 118-119
  Mark T. Marshall; Matthias Rath; Breege Moynihan
Playing on Heart-Strings: Experiences with the 2Hearts system BIBAKPDF 120-125
  Graeme McCaig; Sidney Fels
'PegLegs in Music' -- Processing the Effort Generated by Levels of Expressive Gesturing in Music BIBAKPDF 126-130
  Lisa McElligott; Edward Dixon; Michelle Dillon
Interactive Gesture Music Performance Interface BIBAKPDF 131-132
  Kia Ng
The vBow: Development of a Virtual Violin Bow Controller Haptic Human-Computer Interface BIBAKPDF 133-136
  Charles Nichols
Multi-instrument virtual keyboard -- the MIKEY project BIBAKPDF 137-142
  Roberto Oboe; Giovanni De Poli
'Gestation' Installation BIBAPDF 143-144
  Garth Paine
Musical Navigatrics: New Musical Interactions with Passive Magnetic Tags BIBAKPDF 145-147
  Laurel Pardue; Joseph A. Paradiso
Audiopad: A Tag-based Interface for Musical Performance BIBAKPDF 148-153
  James Patten; Ben Recht; Hiroshi Ishii
sutoolz 1.0 alpha: 3D software music interface BIBAKPDF 154-155
  Jordan Wynnychuk; Richard Porcher; Luka Brajovic; Marko Brajovic; Nacho Platas
Introducing Composed Instruments: Technical and Musicological Implications BIBAKPDF 156-160
  Norbert Schnell; Marc Battier
Creating Sustained Tones with the Cicada's Rapid Sequential Buckling Mechanism BIBAKPDF 161-164
  Tamara Smyth; Julius O. Smith
Amorphoscapes & Soundtoys BIBAPDF 165-166
A low-cost Sonar Interface for Unobtrusive Man-Machine Interfacing BIBAKPDF 167-170
  Johannes Taelman
Multimodal Interaction in Music Using the Electromyogram and Relative Position Sensing BIBAKPDF 171-176
  Atau Tanaka; R. Benjamin Knapp
The PLANK: Designing a simple Haptic Controller BIBAKPDF 177-180
  Bill Verplank; Michael Gurevich; Max Mathews
Tongue 'n' Groove BIBAKPDF 181-185
  Florian Vogt; Graeme McCaig; Mir Adnan Ali; Sidney Fels
The Beatbug Network: A Rhythmic System for Interdependent Group Collaboration BIBAKPDF 186-191
  Gil Weinberg; Roberto Aimi; Kevin Jennings
Intimate Musical Control of Computers with a Variety of Controllers and Gesture Mapping Metaphors BIBAKPDF 192-194
  David Wessel; Matthew Wright; John Schott
The Mutha Rubboard Contoller: Interactive Heritage BIBAKPDF 195-198
  Carr Wilkerson; Carmen Ng; Stefania Serafin
Fusing Movement, Sound, and Video in Falling Up, an Interactive Dance/Theatre Production BIBAKPDF 199-200
  Todd Winkler
The Hyperbow Controller: Real-Time Dynamics Measurement of Violin Performance BIBAKPDF 201-206
  Diana Young