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Proceedings of the 5th Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the 5th Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Luis A. Castro; Monica Tentori; Luis-Felipe Rodriguez; Rosa I. Arriaga
Location:Oaxaca, Mexico
Dates:2014-Nov-03 to 2014-Nov-05
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-3285-9; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: MexIHC14
Links:Conference Website
  1. Design, Usability and UX
  2. Healthcare
  3. Serious games, Rehabilitation, and Exergames
  4. New interaction paradigms
  5. Groupware

Design, Usability and UX

Developing a Usability Study for Mexican Government Sites: the Case Study of the Portal del Empleo BIBAFull-Text 1-6
  Mario A. Moreno Rocha; Carlos A. Martínez Sandoval; J. Salvador Aguilar Bautista; Heriberto López Ramírez
Modeling a web interface for creating task flow diagrams through interaction with a collaborative system BIBAFull-Text 7-10
  Harim Castellanos Altamirano; Carlos Alberto Fernández-y-Fernández; José Figueroa Martínez


Red Cross Triage App Design for Augmented Reality Glasses BIBAFull-Text 11-14
  María del Rocío Fuentes Fernández; Carlos Iván Tinajar Bernabe; Roberto Razo Rodríguez

Serious games, Rehabilitation, and Exergames

Towards Model-Game-Based Rehabilitation Information System BIBAFull-Text 15-21
  Juan González-Calleros; Josefina Guerrero-García; Helmik Escamilla; Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga
Design Factors of Virtual Environments for Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients BIBAFull-Text 22-25
  Cristina Ramírez-Fernández; Alberto L. Morán; Eloísa García-Canseco; Felipe Orihuela-Espina
In-car Ambient Displays for Safety Driving Gamification BIBAFull-Text 26-29
  Marcela D. Rodríguez; Rubén R. Roa; Jorge E. Ibarra; Cecilia M. Curlango
Evaluating the Communicability of a Video Game Prototype: A Simple and Low-Cost Method BIBAFull-Text 30-33
  Juan G. Ruiz; Edgar M. Cano; Francisco L. Orozco; Luis D. Huerta

New interaction paradigms

Anxiety detection using wearable monitoring BIBAFull-Text 34-41
  Darién Miranda; Marco Calderón; Jesus Favela
How Emotions Affect the Learning Process in Interactive Scenarios: Towards Evaluation and Leverage of User's Affective Conditions in a BCI-based Interactive Module BIBAFull-Text 42-45
  Roberto Hernández; César Cárdenas


A Classification of Design Patterns to Support Mobile Groupware Systems BIBAFull-Text 46-52
  Huizilopoztli Luna García; Ricardo Mendoza González; Miguel Vargas Martin; Jaime Muñoz Arteaga; Francisco J. Álvarez Rodríguez; Laura C. Rodríguez Martínez
Integration of physical and digital media to allow older adults collectively share narratives during reading groups BIBAFull-Text 53-56
  Oscar Peña; Deysi Ortega; Edgar Barreras; Mara Balestrini; Mónica Tentori