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Proceedings of 2014 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

Fullname:MobileHCI'14: 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services
Editors:Aaron Quigley; Sara Diamond; Pourang Irani; Sriram Subramanian
Location:Toronto, Canada
Dates:2014-Sep-23 to 2014-Sep-26
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-3004-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: MOBILEHCI14
Links:Conference Website
  1. Keynote address
  2. Social networks & input and interaction
  3. Devices and interaction design
  4. Context awareness
  5. 3D
  6. Keynote address
  7. E-learning
  8. Gesture interaction
  9. User-centered design
  10. Input and interaction
  11. Gesture & text-entry
  12. Recommender systems and CSCW
  13. Doctoral consortium
  14. Demonstrations
  15. Poster Presentations
  16. Interactive tutorials
  17. Workshop summaries
  18. Design competition & future innovations
  19. Industrial case studies

Keynote address

Collective mobile interaction in urban spaces BIBAFull-Text 1-2
  Amahl Hazelton

Social networks & input and interaction

Identity, identification and identifiability: the language of self-presentation on a location-based mobile dating app BIBAFull-Text 3-12
  Jeremy Birnholtz; Colin Fitzpatrick; Mark Handel; Jed R. Brubaker
Understanding localness of knowledge sharing: a study of Naver KiN 'here' BIBAFull-Text 13-22
  Sangkeun Park; Yongsung Kim; Uichin Lee; Mark Ackerman
Comparing evaluation methods for encumbrance and walking on interaction with touchscreen mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 23-32
  Alexander Ng; John H. Williamson; Stephen A. Brewster
Field evaluation of a camera-based mobile health system in low-resource settings BIBAFull-Text 33-42
  Nicola Dell; Ian Francis; Haynes Sheppard; Raiva Simbi; Gaetano Borriello
Was it worth the hassle?: ten years of mobile HCI research discussions on lab and field evaluations BIBAFull-Text 43-52
  Jesper Kjeldskov; Mikael B. Skov

Devices and interaction design

Comparing pointing techniques for grasping hands on tablets BIBAFull-Text 53-62
  Katrin Wolf; Niels Henze
BoD taps: an improved back-of-device authentication technique on smartphones BIBAFull-Text 63-66
  Luis A. Leiva; Alejandro Català
Toffee: enabling ad hoc, around-device interaction with acoustic time-of-arrival correlation BIBAFull-Text 67-76
  Robert Xiao; Greg Lew; James Marsanico; Divya Hariharan; Scott Hudson; Chris Harrison
BackPat: one-handed off-screen patting gestures BIBAFull-Text 77-80
  Karsten Seipp; Kate Devlin
Around-device devices: my coffee mug is a volume dial BIBAFull-Text 81-90
  Henning Pohl; Michael Rohs

Context awareness

Contextual experience sampling of mobile application micro-usage BIBAFull-Text 91-100
  Denzil Ferreira; Jorge Goncalves; Vassilis Kostakos; Louise Barkhuus; Anind K. Dey
Mobile cloud storage: a contextual experience BIBAFull-Text 101-110
  Karel Vandenbroucke; Denzil Ferreira; Jorge Goncalves; Vassilis Kostakos; Katrien De Moor
A wearable virtual guide for context-aware cognitive indoor navigation BIBAFull-Text 111-120
  Qianli Xu; Liyuan Li; Joo Hwee Lim; Cheston Yin Chet Tan; Michal Mukawa; Gang Wang
Learning to recognise disruptive smartphone notifications BIBAFull-Text 121-124
  Jeremiah Smith; Anna Lavygina; Jiefei Ma; Alessandra Russo; Naranker Dulay


Exploring smartphone-based interaction with overview+detail interfaces on 3D public displays BIBAFull-Text 125-134
  Louis-Pierre Bergé; Marcos Serrano; Gary Perelman; Emmanuel Dubois
Identifying suitable projection parameters and display configurations for mobile true-3D displays BIBAFull-Text 135-143
  Marcos Serrano; Dale Hildebrandt; Sriram Subramanian; Pourang Irani
Portallax: bringing 3D displays capabilities to handhelds BIBAFull-Text 145-154
  Diego Martinez Plasencia; Abhijit Karnik; Jonatan Martinez Muñoz; Sriram Subramanian

Keynote address

Spaces of innovation in complex UX design BIBAFull-Text 155-156
  Mark Vanderbeeken


Interaction for reading comprehension in mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 157-161
  Rafael Veras; Erik Paluka; Meng-Wei Chang; Vivian Tsang; Fraser Shein; Christopher Collins
A long-term field study on the adoption of smartphones by children in panama BIBAFull-Text 163-172
  Elba del Carmen Valderrama Bahamóndez; Bastian Pfleging; Niels Henze; Albrecht Schmidt

Gesture interaction

Understanding shortcut gestures on mobile touch devices BIBAFull-Text 173-182
  Benjamin Poppinga; Alireza Sahami Shirazi; Niels Henze; Wilko Heuten; Susanne Boll
JuxtaPinch: exploring multi-device interaction in collocated photo sharing BIBAFull-Text 183-192
  Heidi Selmer Nielsen; Marius Pallisgaard Olsen; Mikael B. Skov; Jesper Kjeldskov
Are you comfortable doing that?: acceptance studies of around-device gestures in and for public settings BIBAFull-Text 193-202
  David Ahlström; Khalad Hasan; Pourang Irani
Monox: extensible gesture notation for mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 203-212
  Roman Ganhör; Wolfgang Spreicer
Automating UI tests for mobile applications with formal gesture descriptions BIBAFull-Text 213-222
  Marc Hesenius; Tobias Griebe; Stefan Gries; Volker Gruhn

User-centered design

100 days of iPhone use: understanding the details of mobile device use BIBAFull-Text 223-232
  Barry Brown; Moira McGregor; Donald McMillan
An in-situ study of mobile phone notifications BIBAFull-Text 233-242
  Martin Pielot; Karen Church; Rodrigo de Oliveira
ProactiveTasks: the short of mobile device use sessions BIBAFull-Text 243-252
  Nikola Banovic; Christina Brant; Jennifer Mankoff; Anind Dey
User challenges and successes with mobile payment services in North America BIBAFull-Text 253-262
  Serena Hillman; Carman Neustaedter; Erick Oduor; Carolyn Pang
TalkZones: section-based time support for presentations BIBAFull-Text 263-272
  Bahador Saket; Sijie Yang; Hong Tan; Koji Yatani; Darren Edge

Input and interaction

Direct manipulation video navigation on touch screens BIBAFull-Text 273-282
  Cuong Nguyen; Yuzhen Niu; Feng Liu
Enhancing KLM (keystroke-level model) to fit touch screen mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 283-286
  Karim El Batran; Mark D. Dunlop
Around-body interaction: sensing & interaction techniques for proprioception-enhanced input with mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 287-290
  Xiang 'Anthony' Chen; Julia Schwarz; Chris Harrison; Jennifer Mankoff; Scott Hudson
Investigating the effectiveness of peephole interaction for smartwatches in a map navigation task BIBAFull-Text 291-294
  Frederic Kerber; Antonio Krüger; Markus Löchtefeld
ambiPad: enriching mobile digital media with ambient feedback BIBAFull-Text 295-298
  Markus Löchtefeld; Nadine Lautemann; Sven Gehring; Antonio Krüger

Gesture & text-entry

Cuenesics: using mid-air gestures to select items on interactive public displays BIBAFull-Text 299-308
  Robert Walter; Gilles Bailly; Nina Valkanova; Jörg Müller
AirAuth: evaluating in-air hand gestures for authentication BIBAFull-Text 309-318
  Md Tanvir Islam Aumi; Sven Kratz
MirrorTouch: combining touch and mid-air gestures for public displays BIBAFull-Text 319-328
  Jörg Müller; Gilles Bailly; Thor Bossuyt; Niklas Hillgren
Probabilistic touchscreen keyboard incorporating gaze point information BIBAFull-Text 329-333
  Toshiyuki Hagiya; Tsuneo Kato
The inviscid text entry rate and its application as a grand goal for mobile text entry BIBAFull-Text 335-338
  Per Ola Kristensson; Keith Vertanen
Texting while walking: an evaluation of mini-qwerty text input while on-the-go BIBAFull-Text 339-348
  James Clawson; Thad Starner; Daniel Kohlsdorf; David P. Quigley; Scott Gilliland

Recommender systems and CSCW

ReviewCollage: a mobile interface for direct comparison using online reviews BIBAFull-Text 349-358
  Haojian Jin; Tetsuya Sakai; Koji Yatani
Mobile interaction analysis: towards a novel concept for interaction sequence mining BIBAFull-Text 359-368
  Florian Lettner; Christian Grossauer; Clemens Holzmann
FlexiGroups: binding mobile devices for collaborative interactions in medium-sized groups with device touch BIBAFull-Text 369-378
  Tero Jokela; Andrés Lucero
Ubi-jector: an information-sharing workspace in casual places using mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 379-388
  Hajin Lim; Hyunjin Ahn; Junwoo Kang; Bongwon Suh; Joonhwan Lee
CoSMiC: designing a mobile crowd-sourced collaborative application to find a missing child in situ BIBAFull-Text 389-398
  Hyojeong Shin; Taiwoo Park; Seungwoo Kang; Bupjae Lee; Junehwa Song; Yohan Chon; Hojung Cha

Doctoral consortium

Effective multimodal feedback for around-device interfaces BIBAFull-Text 399-400
  Euan Freeman
Enhanced situational awareness and communication for emergency response BIBAFull-Text 401-402
  Minoo Erfani Joorabchi
Email management and work-home boundaries BIBAFull-Text 403-404
  Marta E. Cecchinato
The effects of encumbrance on mobile interactions BIBAFull-Text 405-406
  Alexander Ng
Co-design of cognitive telerehabilitation technologies BIBAFull-Text 407-408
  Tuck-Voon How
Adaption of usability evaluation methods for native smartphone applications BIBAFull-Text 409-410
  Ger Joyce
Body-worn sensors for remote implicit communication BIBAFull-Text 411-412
  Jeffrey R. Blum


Urgent mobile tool for hearing impaired, language dysfunction and foreigners at emergency situation BIBAFull-Text 413-416
  Naotsune Hosono; Hiromitsu Inoue; Miwa Nakanishi; Yutaka Tomita
JuxtaPinch: an application for collocated multi-device photo sharing BIBAFull-Text 417-420
  Heidi Selmer Nielsen; Marius Pallisgaard Olsen; Mikael B. Skov; Jesper Kjeldskov
The realization of new virtual forest experience environment through PDA BIBAFull-Text 421-424
  Kana Muramatsu; Hiroki Kobayashi; Junya Okuno; Akio Fujiwara; Kazuhiko Nakamura; Kaoru Saito
Back-of-device authentication with bod taps and bod shapes BIBAFull-Text 425
  Alejandro Catala; Luis A. Leiva
SqueezeDiary: using squeeze gesture as triggers of diary events BIBAFull-Text 427-429
  Ming Ki Chong; Umar Rashid; Jon Whittle; Chee Siang Ang
Off the couch and out of the hospital, mobile applications for acceptance and commitment therapy BIBAFull-Text 431-434
  Marjan Verstappen; Paula Gardner; Dora Poon; Tim Bettridge
Wearable haptic gaming using vibrotactile arrays BIBAFull-Text 435-438
  Adam Tindale; Michael Cumming; Hudson Pridham; Jessica Peter; Sara Diamond
Mobile experience lab: body editing BIBAFull-Text 439-442
  Stephen Surlin; Paula Gardner
Non-verbal communications in mobile text chat: emotion-enhanced mobile chat BIBAFull-Text 443-446
  Jackson Feijó Filho; Thiago Valle; Wilson Prata

Poster Presentations

Changed shape of key: an approach to enhance the performance of the soft keyboard BIBAFull-Text 447-452
  Hsi-Jen Chen
Ergonomic characteristics of gestures for front- and back-of-tablets interaction with grasping hands BIBAFull-Text 453-458
  Katrin Wolf; Robert Schleicher; Michael Rohs
Towards usable and acceptable above-device interactions BIBAFull-Text 459-464
  Euan Freeman; Stephen Brewster; Vuokko Lantz
A comparison of location search UI patterns on mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 465-470
  Sebastian Meier; Frank Heidmann; Andreas Thom
GUIDES: a graphical user identifier scheme using sketching for mobile web-services BIBAFull-Text 471-476
  Yusuke Matsuno; Hung-Hsuan Huang; Yu Fang; Kyoji Kawagoe
MuGIS multi-user geographical information system BIBAFull-Text 477-482
  Sebastian Schöffel; Johannes Schwank; Achim Ebert
AudioTorch: using a smartphone as directional microphone in virtual audio spaces BIBAFull-Text 483-488
  Florian Heller; Jan Borchers
Wearable remote control of a mobile device: comparing one- and two-handed interaction BIBAFull-Text 489-494
  Jessica Speir; Rufino R. Ansara; Colin Killby; Emily Walpole; Audrey Girouard
Interactive opinion polls on public displays: studying privacy requirements in the wild BIBAFull-Text 495-500
  Matthias Baldauf; Stefan Suette; Peter Fröhlich; Ulrich Lehner
Toward a non-intrusive, physio-behavioral biometric for smartphones BIBAFull-Text 501-506
  Esther Vasiete; Yan Chen; Ian Char; Tom Yeh; Vishal Patel; Larry Davis; Rama Chellappa
A design framework of branded mobile applications BIBAFull-Text 507-512
  Zhenzhen Zhao; Christine Balagué
Keep an eye on your photos: automatic image tagging on mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 513-518
  Nina Runge; Dirk Wenig; Rainer Malaka
Gravity: automatic location tracking system between a car and a pedestrian BIBAFull-Text 519-524
  Changhoon Oh; Jeongsoo Park; Bongwon Suh
Shake 'n' Tap: a gesture enhanced keyboard for older adults BIBAFull-Text 525-530
  Mark Dunlop; Andreas Komninos; Emma Nicol; Iain Hamiliton
Augmenting bend gestures with pressure zones on flexible displays BIBAFull-Text 531-536
  Rufino Ansara; Audrey Girouard
A systematic comparison of 3 phrase sampling methods for text entry experiments in 10 languages BIBAFull-Text 537-542
  Germán Sanchis-Trilles; Luis A. Leiva
Developing tactile feedback for wearable presentation: observations from using a participatory approach BIBAFull-Text 543-548
  Flynn Wolf; Ravi Kuber
"People don't bump": sharing around mobile phones in close proximity BIBAFull-Text 549-554
  Afshan Kirmani; Rowanne Fleck
Mobile designs to support user experiences of energy conservation in hotels BIBAFull-Text 555-560
  Xiying Wang; Susan R. Fussell

Interactive tutorials

Mobile-based tangible interaction techniques for shared displays BIBAFull-Text 561-562
  Ali Mazalek; Ahmed Sabbir Arif
Wearable computing: a human-centered view of key concepts, application domains, and quality factors BIBAFull-Text 563-564
  Vivian Genaro Motti; Spencer Kohn; Kelly Caine
Mobile health: beyond consumer apps BIBAFull-Text 565-566
  Jill Freyne
Speech-based interaction: myths, challenges, and opportunities BIBAFull-Text 567-568
  Cosmin Munteanu; Gerald Penn

Workshop summaries

People, places and things: a mobile locative mapping workshop BIBAFull-Text 569-572
  Martha Ladly; Bryn Ludlow; Guillermina Buzio
PID-MAD 2014: second international workshop on prototyping to support the interaction designing in mobile application development BIBAFull-Text 573-576
  Shah Rukh Humayoun; Steffen Hess; Achim Ebert; Yael Dubinsky
Enhancing self-reflection with wearable sensors BIBAFull-Text 577-580
  Genovefa Kefalidou; Anya Skatova; Michael Brown; Victoria Shipp; James Pinchin; Paul Kelly; Alan Dix; Xu Sun
Socio-technical practices and work-home boundaries BIBAFull-Text 581-584
  Anna L. Cox; Jon Bird; Natasha Mauthner; Susan Dray; Anicia Peters; Emily Collins
Re-imagining commonly used mobile interfaces for older adults BIBAFull-Text 585-588
  Emma Nicol; Mark Dunlop; Andreas Komninos; Marilyn McGee-Lennon; Lynne Baillie; Alistair Edwards; Parisa Eslambolchilar; Joy Goodman-Deane; Lilit Hakobyan; Jo Lumsden; Ingrid Mulder; Patrick Rau; Katie Siek
Workshop on designing the future of mobile healthcare support BIBAFull-Text 589-592
  Sara Diamond; Bhuvaneswari Arunachalan; Derek Reilly; Anne Stevens

Design competition & future innovations

NARRATIVES: geolocative cinema application BIBAFull-Text 593-595
  Solomon Nagler; Andrew Hicks; Michael Hackett; Katja Zachkarko
The switchboard: a virtual proprioceptive training and rehabilitation device BIBAFull-Text 597-599
  Edgar Rodriguez; Kah Chan; Sarah Hadfield
Time tremors: developing transmedia gaming for children BIBAFull-Text 601-603
  Conor Holler; Patrick Crowe; Alex Mayhew; Adam Tindale; Sara Diamond
CoPerformance: a rapid prototyping platform for developing interactive artist-audience performances with mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 605-607
  Bohdan Anderson; Symon Oliver; Patricio Davila
Phonorama: mobile spatial navigation by directional stereophony BIBAFull-Text 609-611
  Michael Markert; Jens Heitjohann; Jens Geelhaar

Industrial case studies

Experimenting on the cognitive walkthrough with users BIBAFull-Text 613-618
  Wallace Lira; Renato Ferreira; Cleidson de Souza; Schubert Carvalho
Logging an visualization of touch interactions on teach pendants BIBAFull-Text 619-624
  Clemens Holzmann; Florian Lettner; Christian Grossauer; Werner Wetzlinger; Paul Latzelsperger; Christian Augdopler
Polly: "being there" through the parrot and a guide BIBAFull-Text 625-630
  Sven Kratz; Don Kimber; Weiqing Su; Gwen Gordon; Don Severns
UX suite: a touch sensor evaluation platform BIBAFull-Text 631-636
  Justin Mockler
Design and field testing of a system for remote monitoring of sea turtle nests BIBAFull-Text 637-642
  Thomas Zimmerman; Britta Muiznieks; Eric Kaplan; Samuel Wantman; Lou Browning; Eric Frey