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Journal of Usability Studies 7

Editors:Joe Dumas; Marilyn Tremaine
Publisher:Usability Professionals' Association
Standard No:ISSN 1931-3357
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  1. JUS 2011-11 Volume 7 Issue 1
  2. JUS 2012-02 Volume 7 Issue 2
  3. JUS 2012-05 Volume 7 Issue 3
  4. JUS 2012-08 Volume 7 Issue 4

JUS 2011-11 Volume 7 Issue 1

Industrial HCI Research: A Personal and Professional Perspective BIBHTML 1-8
  Clare-Marie Karat; John Karat
Conducting Iterative Usability Testing on a Web Site: Challenges and Benefits BIBAHTML 9-30
  Jennifer C. Romano Bergstrom; Erica L. Olmsted-Hawala; Jennifer M. Chen; Elizabeth D. Murphy
Usability Evaluation of Touch-less Mouse, Based on Infrared Proximity Sensing BIBAHTML 31-39
  Young Sam Ryu; Do Hyong Koh; Dongseok Ryu; Dugan Um
Ergonomics Product Development of a Mobile Workstation for Health Care BIBAHTML 40-50
  Risto Toivonen; Dong-Shik Choi; Nina Nevala

JUS 2012-02 Volume 7 Issue 2

Curating Evolution BIBHTML 51-55
  Austin Henderson; Jed Harris
The Effect of Experience on System Usability Scale Ratings BIBAHTML 56-67
  Sam McLellan; Andrew Muddimer; S. Camille Peres
Investigating the Accessibility and Usability of Job Application Web Sites for Blind Users BIBAHTML 68-87
  Jonathan Lazar; Abiodun Olalere; Brian Wentz

JUS 2012-05 Volume 7 Issue 3

Usability of Interactive Systems: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better BIBHTML 88-93
  Jeff Johnson; Austin Henderson
The Effects of Touch Screen Technology on the Usability of E-Reading Devices BIBAHTML 94-104
  Eva Siegenthaler; Yves Bochud; Pascal Wurtz; Laura Schmid; Per Bergamin
WHAM! POW! Comics as User Assistance BIBAHTML 105-117
  Erika Noll Webb; Gayathri Balasubramanian; Ultan OBroin; Jayson M. Webb

JUS 2012-08 Volume 7 Issue 4

A Usability Evaluation of Workplace-Related Tasks on a Multi-Touch Tablet Computer by Adults with Down Syndrome BIBAHTML 118-142
  Libby Kumin; Jonathan Lazar; Jinjuan Heidi Feng; Brian Wentz; Nnanna Ekedebe
Usability Evaluation of a Tag-Based Interface BIBAHTML 143-160
  Rajinesh Ravendran; Ian MacColl; Michael Docherty