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Journal of Usability Studies 4

Editors:Avi Parush
Publisher:Usability Professionals' Association
Standard No:ISSN 1931-3357
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  1. JUS 2008 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. JUS 2009 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. JUS 2009 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. JUS 2009 Volume 4 Issue 4

JUS 2008 Volume 4 Issue 1

Introduction BIBHTML i
  Avi Parush
Card Sorting: Current Practices and Beyond BIBHTMLPDF 1-6
  Jed Wood; Larry Wood
A Modified Delphi Approach to a New Card Sorting Methodology BIBAHTMLPDF 7-30
  Celeste Lyn Paul
The Usability of Computerized Card Sorting: A Comparison of Three Applications by Researchers and End Users BIBAHTMLPDF 31-48
  Barbara S. Chaparro; Veronica D. Hinkle; Shannon K. Riley
Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS): Defining Heuristic Expertise BIBAHTMLPDF 49-59
  Shazeeye Kirmani

JUS 2009 Volume 4 Issue 2

Introduction BIBHTML i
  Avi Parush
Tips for Usability Professionals in a Down Economy BIBAHTMLPDF 60-69
  Tom Tullis
Usability of Electronic Medical Records BIBAHTMLPDF 70-84
  John B. Smelcer; Hal Miller-Jacobs; Lyle Kantrovich
Usability Testing with Real Data BIBAHTMLPDF 85-92
  Alex Genov; Mark Keavney; Todd Zazelenchuk
Flexible Hardware Configurations for Studying Mobile Usability BIBAHTMLPDF 93-105
  Antti Oulasvirta; Tuomo Nyyssönen

JUS 2009 Volume 4 Issue 3

Introduction BIBHTML i
  Avi Parush
International Standards for Usability Should Be More Widely Used BIBAHTMLPDF 106-113
  Nigel Bevan
Determining What Individual SUS Scores Mean: Adding an Adjective Rating Scale BIBAHTMLPDF 114-123
  Aaron Bangor; Philip Kortum; James Miller
Extremely Rapid Usability Testing BIBAHTMLPDF 124-135
  Mark Pawson; Saul Greenberg
The Effect of Culture on Usability: Comparing the Perceptions and Performance of Taiwanese and North American MP3 Player Users BIBAHTMLPDF 136-146
  Steve Wallace; Hsiao-Cheng Yu

JUS 2009 Volume 4 Issue 4

Introduction BIBHTML i
  Avi Parush
Visual Attention in Newspaper versus TV-Oriented News Websites BIBAHTMLPDF 147-165
  William J. Gibbs; Ronan S. Bernas
Insights for the TV Interface from the Mobile Phone Interface BIBAHTMLPDF 166-177
  Younghwan Pan; Young Sam Ryu
A Methodology for Measuring Usability Evaluation Skills Using the Constructivist Theory and the Second Life Virtual World BIBAHTMLPDF 178-188
  Debra J. Slone