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Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 24

Editors:Clyde W. Holsapple
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Standard No:ISSN 1091-9392 (print) 1532-7744 (online)
Links:Table of Contents
  1. JOCEC 2014-01-02 Volume 24 Issue 1
  2. JOCEC 2014-04-03 Volume 24 Issue 2/3
  3. JOCEC 2014-10-02 Volume 24 Issue 4

JOCEC 2014-01-02 Volume 24 Issue 1

Determinants of Success for Online Insurance Web Sites: The Contributions from System Characteristics, Product Complexity, and Trust BIBAFull-Text 1-35
  Wei-Tsong Wang; Chia-Cheng Lu
The Influence of Seller, Auctioneer, and Bidder Factors on Trust in Online Auctions BIBAFull-Text 36-57
  Chin-Shan Wu; Fei-Fei Cheng; David C. Yen
Effect of Reputation Mechanisms and Ratings Biases on Traders' Behavior in Online Marketplaces BIBAFull-Text 58-73
  Riyaz Sikora; Liangjun You
Social Media in Organizations: Leveraging Personal and Collective Knowledge Processes BIBAFull-Text 74-93
  Liana Razmerita; Kathrin Kirchner; Thierry Nabeth
Analyzing Massive Data Sets: An Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Approach for Prediction, with a Real Estate Illustration BIBAFull-Text 94-112
  Jian Guan; Donghui Shi; Jozef M. Zurada; Alan S. Levitan

JOCEC 2014-04-03 Volume 24 Issue 2/3

Introduction: Social Computing and Social Networks BIBFull-Text 119-121
  Jinjun Chen; Jianxun Liu
Social Media Around the GLOBE BIBAFull-Text 122-137
  Daniel Schlagwein; Pattarawan Prasarnphanich
Making the Most of Virtual Expertise in Telemedicine and Telehealth Environment BIBAFull-Text 138-156
  Craig Standing; Raj Gururajan; Susan Standing; Helen Cripps
Interactive Mining of Strong Friends from Social Networks and Its Applications in E-Commerce BIBAFull-Text 157-173
  Syed K. Tanbeer; Carson K. Leung; Juan J. Cameron
Cloud Requirements for Facilitating Business Collaboration: A Modeling Perspective BIBAFull-Text 174-185
  I. T. Hawryszkiewycz
The Power of Social Network Construction and Analysis for Knowledge Discovery in the Medical Referral Process BIBAFull-Text 186-214
  Wadhah Almansoori; Omar Addam; Omar Zarour; Mohamad Elzohbi; Abdullah Sarhan; Mehmet Kaya; Jon Rokne; Reda Alhajj
Website Interaction Network BIBAFull-Text 215-235
  Xiangfeng Luo; Huimin Liu; Junyu Xuan
Social Network Analysis and Communication in Emergency Response Simulations BIBAFull-Text 236-256
  Milica Stojmenovic; Gitte Lindgaard
A Location Recommender Based on a Hidden Markov Model: Mobile Social Networks BIBAFull-Text 257-270
  Jialing Li; Li Li

JOCEC 2014-10-02 Volume 24 Issue 4

Determinants of Commitment in an Online Community: Assessing the Antecedents of Weak Ties and Their Impact BIBAFull-Text 271-296
  Lili Liu; Christian Wagner; Huaping Chen
Computer-Aided Tools in Negotiation: Negotiable Issues, Counterfactual Thinking, and Satisfaction BIBAFull-Text 297-311
  Terence T. Ow; Bonnie S. O'Neill; Charles E. Naquin
Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce Success: A Supply Network Perspective BIBAFull-Text 312-341
  Morteza Ghobakhloo; Tang Sai Hong; Craig Standing
Web Adoption and Firm Performance in the Fashion Industry: The Moderating Role of Social and Economic Rational Managerial Perceptions BIBAFull-Text 342-365
  J. M. Hurtado Gonzalez; S. Bruque Cámara; J. L. Galán Gonzalez
Shifting Demand: Online Music Piracy, Physical Music Sales, and Digital Music Sales BIBAFull-Text 366-387
  Byungwan Koh; B. P. S. Murthi; Srinivasan Raghunathan
The Medicare Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program: First-Year Adoption Response from Inpatient Hospitals BIBAFull-Text 388-401
  Rajesh Mirani; Anju Harpalani