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Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 9

Editors:Andrew B. Whinston
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 1054-1721
Links:Table of Contents
  1. JOCEC 1999 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. JOCEC 1999 Volume 9 Issue 2/3
  3. JOCEC 1999 Volume 9 Issue 4

JOCEC 1999 Volume 9 Issue 1

Information Infrastructure for Enterprise Coordination and Integration: Introduction to the Special Issue BIBFull-Text 1-5
  Ruth C. King; Michael J. Shaw
Multiagent Enterprise Modeling BIBAFull-Text 7-32
  Fu-Ren Lin; Gek Woo Tan; Michael J. Shaw
Modeling and Simulating Coordination in Projects BIBAFull-Text 33-56
  Lars Chr. Christensen; Tore R. Christiansen; Yan Jin; John Kunz; Raymond E. Levitt
A Goal-Based Workflow System for Multiagent Task Coordination BIBAFull-Text 57-82
  Dirk E. Mahling; Ruth C. King
Establishing a Corporate Presence on the Internet in Singapore BIBAFull-Text 83-99
  Robert W. Blanning

JOCEC 1999 Volume 9 Issue 2/3

Introduction to the Special issue on Organizational Memory Systems BIBFull-Text 101-103
  Lorne Olfman
Memory in the Small: Combining Collective Memory and Task Support for a Scientific Community BIBAFull-Text 105-127
  Mark S. Ackerman; Eric Mandel
Relationship Between Organizational Form and Organizational Memory: An Investigation in a Professional Service Organization BIBAFull-Text 129-150
  Helena Karsten
Providing for Organizational Memory in Computer-Supported Meetings BIBAFull-Text 151-169
  Gerhard Schwabe
Supporting the Evolution of Teams With Transactions: A Design Architecture for Organizational Memory Systems BIBAFull-Text 171-187
  Munir Mandviwalla; Peter Grillo
A Framework for a Dynamic Organizational Memory Information System BIBAFull-Text 189-203
  Henry Linger; Frada Burstein; Arkady Zaslavsky; Nick Crofts
Dual Information Systems: Supporting Organizational Working and Learning by Making Organizational Memory Transparent BIBAFull-Text 205-232
  Timo K. Kakola; Kalle I. Koota

JOCEC 1999 Volume 9 Issue 4

A Conceptual Model of an Intelligent Meeting-Scheduler BIBAFull-Text 233-251
  Chanan Glezer; Surya B. Yadav
Organizational and Interorganizational Determinants of EDI Diffusion and Organizational Performance: A Causal Model BIBAFull-Text 253-285
  K. Ramamurthy; G. Premkumar; Michael R. Crum
Using Stakeholders, Domain Knowledge, and Responsibilities to Specify Information Systems' Requirements BIBAFull-Text 287-296
  Andrew Blyth
A Framework for Identifying Web-Based Electronic Commerce Opportunities BIBAFull-Text 297-310
  Frederick J. Riggins