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Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 6

Editors:Andrew B. Whinston
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 1054-1721
Links:Table of Contents
  1. JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 4

JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 1

Introduction to the Special Issue on Electronic Commerce BIB iii
  Andrew B. Whinston
Editorial: Electronic Commerce: Building Blocks of New Business Opportunity BIB 1-10
  Lynda M. Applegate; Clyde W. Holsapple; Ravi Kalakota; Franz J. Radermacher; Andrew B. Whinston
Worldwide Real-Time Decision Support Systems for Electronic Commerce Applications BIB 11-32
  Ravi Kalakota; Jan Stallaert; Andrew B. Whinston
Strategies for Smart Shopping in Cyberspace BIB 33-50
  Suryanarayanan Ravindran; Anitesh Barua; Byungtae Lee; Andrew B. Whinston
The Legal Risks of Setting Up Shop in Cyberspace BIB 51-60
  Edward A. Cavazos
Slaves of a New Machine BIB 61-70
  Laura Fillmore
An Economic Approach to Networked Computing With Priority Classes BIB 71-96
  Alok Gupta; Dale O. Stahl; Andrew B. Whinston
Introduction to Network Publishing BIB 97-108
  Brewster Kahle; Richard Koman

JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 2

Collaboration, Motivation, and the Size of Organizations BIB 109-130
  Bernardo A. Huberman; Christoph H. Loch
A Microcomputer-Aided Support Environment For Xerox Quality Improvement Teams: A Case Study BIB 131-160
  Murali Venkatesh; Richard J. Leo; Karla M. Kuzawinski; Lester P. Diamond
EDI Success in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Field Study BIB 161-172
  Louis Raymond; Francois Bergeron
Acceptance of Groupware: The Relationships Among Use, Satisfaction, and Outcomes BIB 173-190
  Hao Lou; Richard W. Scannell
Advanced Database Support Facilities for CSCW Systems BIB 191
  Qing Li; Frederick H. Lochovsky

JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 3

Introduction to the Special Issue: Hypermedia in Information Systems and Organizations BIB iii
  Michael P. Bieber; Tomas Isakowitz
Navigation in Hypermedia Applications: Modeling and Semantics BIB 211-238
  Franca Garzotto; Luca Mainetti; Paolo Paolini
Enhancing Explanations in Knowledge-Based Systems with Hypertext BIB 239-268
  Jiye Mao; Izak Benbasat; Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal
An Object-Oriented Design Approach for Developing Hypermedia Information Systems BIB 269-294
  Danny B. Lange
An Investigation of Hypermedia Support for Problem Decomposition BIB 295
  Robert P. Minch; Gary I. Green

JOCEC 1996 Volume 6 Issue 4

Introduction to the Special Issue on Telework BIB 325-326
  Sridhar Narasimhan; Kunihiko Haga
Using Telework to Accommodate the Needs of Employees with Disabilities BIB 327-344
  Bradford W. Hesse
Adoption of Portable Offices: An Explanatory Analysis BIB 345-364
  Linda Duxbury; Nancy Corbett
The Development of Telemedicine in Hong Kong BIB 365-384
  Grace Au; Kunihiko Higa; Ching Kwong Kwok; Andrew Y. S. Cheng
Roles of Multimedia Technology in Telework BIB 385-400
  Kiyoh Nakamura; Toshihiro Ide; Yukio Kiyokane