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JOC Tables of Contents: 0102030405

Journal of Organizational Computing 5

Editors:Andrew B. Whinston
Publisher:Ablex Publishing
Standard No:ISSN 1054-1721
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  1. JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 1
  2. JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 2
  3. JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 3
  4. JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 4

JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 1

The Effect of Team Composition on Decision Scheme, Information Search, and Perceived Complexity BIBAK 1-20
  H. Raghav Rao; Joon M. An
EBT: A Tool for Electronic Brainstorming Researchers BIBAKWeb Page 21-24
  Danial L. Clapper
Desktop Multimedia Conferencing: IBMs Person to Person in Organizational Context BIBAK 25-29
  Schahram Dustdar
Dependent Variables for Organizational Computing Research: An Empirical Study BIBAK 31-51
  Clyde W. Holsapple; Wenhong Luo
The Role of Information Infrastructure and Intelligent Agents in Manufacturing Enterprises BIBAK 53-67
  Su-Shing Chen

JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 2


Introduction to the Special Issue: WITS'92 BIB iii-iv
  Stuart E. Madnick; Veda C. Storey; Richard Y. Wang
Integrating Information from Global Systems: Dealing with the "On- and Off-Ramps" of the Information Superhighway BIBAK 69-82
  Stuart E. Madnick
Message Management Systems at Work: Prototypes for Business Communication BIBAK 83-100
  Scott A. Moore; Steven O. Kimbrough
A Qualitative Approach to Automatic Data Quality Judgment BIBAK 101-121
  Yeona Jang; Alexander T. Ishii; Richard Y. Wang
Inference Channel Detection in Multilevel Relational Databases: A Graph-Based Approach BIBAK 123-138
  George T. Duncan; Ramayya Krishnan; Sumitra Mukherjee
Modeling Time-Performance Trade-Offs in Federated Databases BIBAK 139-166
  Abhirup Chatterjee; Arie Segev; Rakesh Chandra
A Classification of Semantic Conflicts in Heterogeneous Database Systems BIBAK 167-193
  Channah F. Naiman; Aris M. Ouksel

JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 3

SPECIAL ISSUE: Economics of Information Systems

Introduction to the Special Issue on Economics of Information Systems BIB 195-196
  Anitesh Barua; William B. Richmond
Outsourcing Information System Functions: An Organization Economics Perspective BIBAK 197-217
  Paul Alpar; Aditya N. Saharia
The Decision to Outsource IS Processing Under Internal Information Asymmetry and Conflicting Objectives BIBAK 219-253
  Eric T. G. Wang; Terry Barron
An Empirical Study of the Business Value of the U.S. Airlines' Computerized Reservations Systems BIBAK 255-275
  Rajiv D. Banker; Holly H. Johnston
Managerial Incentives and the Value of Information Systems Timeliness BIBAK 277-294
  Rajiv M. Dewan; Sanjeev Dewan
Optimal Policies for Subsidizing Supplier Interorganizational System Adoption BIBAK 295-325
  Frederick J. Riggins; Tridas Mukhopadhyay; Charles H. Kriebel
Bypass Trading and Market Quality in Electronic Securities Exchanges BIBAK 327-353
  Bruce W. Weber

JOC 1995 Volume 5 Issue 4

Nonverbal Cues in Computer-Mediated Communication, and the Effect of Chronemics on Relational Communication BIBAK 355-378
  Joseph B. Walther; Lisa C. Tidwell
Using Quiddities for Detecting Semantic Conflicts in Information Systems BIBAK 379-400
  Hemant K. Bhargava
Collaborative Computing for Decision Support in Cardiovascular Consulting BIBAK 401-416
  Alexander B. Bordetsky; Pavel J. Levy
Creating a Collaboratory in Cyberspace: Theoretical Foundation and an Implementation BIBAK 417-442
  Anitesh Barua; Ramnath Chellappa; Andrew B. Whinston