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Journal of Organizational Computing 3

Editors:Andrew B. Whinston; Andrew B. Whinston
Publisher:Ablex Publishing
Standard No:ISSN 1054-1721; ISSN 1054-1721
Papers:18; 18
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  1. JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 3
  4. JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 4

JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 1

Organizational Computing Coordination and Collaboration

Introduction to the Special Issue BIB iii
  Andrew B. Whinston
Interpretive Analysis of Team Use of Group Technologies BIBAK 1-29
  Gerardine DeSanctis; Marshall Scott Poole; Gary W. Dickson; Brad M. Jackson
The Computing Paradigm Shift BIBAK 31-50
  John S. Quarterman; Smoot Carl-Mitchell
Modeling the Going-Concern Judgment Using Argumentation Theory BIBAK 51-85
  Ai-Mei Chang; Andrew D., Jr. Bailey; Jane F. Mutchler; Andrew B. Whinston
Computer Support of Organization Design and Learning BIBAK 87-120
  Gail L. Rein; Clyde W. Holsapple; Andrew B. Whinston
The Design of Coordination Mechanisms and Organizational Computing BIBAK 121-134
  John O. Ledyard

JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 2

An Agenda for Digital Journals: The Socio-Technical Infrastructure of Knowledge Dissemination BIBAK 135-193
  Brian R. Gaines
Supporting Collaboration in Digital Journal Production BIBAK 195-213
  Brian R. Gaines; Nicholas Malcolm
Cooperation Support Through the Use of Group Decision Systems BIBAK 215-243
  Piero Migliarese; Emilio Paolucci

JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 3

Economics, Information Systems, and Organizations

Information Systems and the Organization of Modern Enterprise BIBAK 245-255
  Erik Brynjolfsson; Haim Mendelson
Analysis of Interorganizational Information Sharing BIBAK 257-277
  Seungjin Whang
Modeling Network Organizations: A Basis for Exploring Computer Support Coordination Possibilities BIBAK 279-300
  Chee Ching; Clyde W. Holsapple; Andrew B. Whinston
From Vendors to Partners: Information Technology and Incomplete Contracts in Buyer-Supplier Relationships BIBAK 301-328
  J. Yannis Bakos; Erik Brynjolfsson
Hierarchical Elements in Software Contracts BIBAK 329-361
  Soon Ang; Cynthia Mathis Beath
Impacts of Information Technology on Organizational Size and Shape: Control and Flexibility Effects BIBAK 363-387
  Terry Barron

JOC 1993 Volume 3 Issue 4

Virtual Organizations: Computer Conferencing and Organization Design BIBAK 389-416
  Frank A. Dubinskas
Computer-Based Data and Organizational Learning: The Importance of Managers' Stories BIBAK 417-442
  David K. Goldstein
Evolution of Group Performance Over Time: A Repeated Measures Study of GDSS Effects BIBAK 443-469
  Laku Chidambaram; Robert P. Bostrom