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Journal of Organizational Computing 2

  1. JOC 1992 Volume 2 Issue 1
  2. JOC 1992 Volume 2 Issue 2
  3. JOC 1992 Volume 2 Issue 3-4

JOC 1992 Volume 2 Issue 1

1991 Conference on Organizational Computing

Introduction to the Special Issue BIB i
  Andrew B. Whinston
Structured Discourse for Scientific Collaboration: A Framework for Scientific Collaboration Based on Structured Discourse Analysis BIBAK 1-26
  Matti Hamalainen; Safaa Hashim; Clyde W. Holsapple; Yongmoo Suh; Andrew B. Whinston
Computers and Coordination in Manufacturing BIBAK 27-46
  Vijay Gurbaxani; Edmond Shi
An Approach to Facilitate the Automation of Semistructured and Recurring Negotiations in Organizations BIBAK 47-76
  Carson C. Woo; Man Kit Chang
A Framework for the Development of Distributed Organizations BIBAK 77-94
  Peter de Jong
Managerial Communication Patterns BIBAK 95-122
  Raymond R. Panko

JOC 1992 Volume 2 Issue 2

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence in Organizational Modeling

Intelligent Models of Human Organizations: The State of the Art BIBAK 123-130
  Robert W. Blanning; David R. King; James R. Marsden; Ann C. Seror
MAIL-MAN: A Knowledge-Based MAIL Assistant for MANagers BIBAK 131-154
  Luvai F. Motiwalla; Jay F., Jr. Nunamaker
A Knowledge Representation for Modeling Organizational Productivity BIBA 155-180
  David A. Carlson; Sudha Ram
Developing Intelligent Organizations: A Context-Based Approach to Individual and Organizational Effectiveness BIBAK 181-202
  Minder Chen; Yihwa Irene Liou; E. Sue Weber
Visual Agents that Model Organizations BIBAK 203-224
  Kenneth A. Griggs
An Experimental Approach to Intelligent Organizational Design BIBAK 225-242
  James R. Marsden; David E. Pingry; Ming-Chian Ken Wang

JOC 1992 Volume 2 Issue 3-4

Concepts and Models of Group Membership in Computer-Supported Knowledge and Decision Tasks BIBAK 243-262
  Andrew Philippakis; Michael Goul
Empirical Research in Electronic Meeting Systems: A Demand Side Approach BIBAK 263-275
  Otto Petrovic
Designing Communication Architectures for Interorganizational Multimedia Collaboration BIBAK 277-302
  Srinivas Ramanathan; P. Venkat Rangan; Harrick M. Vin
Systems for Finding People BIBAK 303-314
  Laurence Press
Lotus Notes (Groupware) in Context BIBA 315-320
  Laurence Press
Paralanguage and Social Perception in Computer-Mediated Communication BIBAK 321-341
  Martin Lea; Russell Spears