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Computer Supported Cooperative Work 8

Editors:Kjeld Schmidt
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishing
Standard No:ISSN 0925-9724
Links:www.wkap.nl | Table of Contents
  1. JCSCW 1999 Volume 8 Issue 1/2
  2. JCSCW 1999 Volume 8 Issue 3
  3. JCSCW 1999 Volume 8 Issue 4

JCSCW 1999 Volume 8 Issue 1/2

A Web on the Wind: The Structure of Invisible Work BIB 1-8
  Bonnie A. Nardi; Yrjo ENgestrom
Layers of Silence, Arenas of Voice: The Ecology of Visible and Invisible Work BIBAK 9-30
  Susan Leigh Star; Anselm Strauss
Invisible Work of Telephone Operators: An Ethnocritical Analysis BIBAK 31-61
  Michael J. Muller
Expansive Visibilization of Work: An Activity-Theoretical Perspective BIBAK 63-93
  Yrjo Engestrom
Collaborative Networks Among Female Middle Managers in a Hierarchical Organization BIBAK 95-114
  Kristina Westerberg
Visible and Invisible Work: The Emerging Post-Industrial Employment Relation BIB 115-126
  Libby Bishop
"It's Just a Matter of Common Sense": Ethnography as Invisible Work BIBAK 127-145
  Diana E. Forsythe
The Invisible World of Intermediaries: A Cautionary Tale BIBAK 147-167
  Kate Ehrlich; Debra Cash

JCSCW 1999 Volume 8 Issue 3

Meetings of the Board: The Impact of Scheduling Medium on Long Term Group Coordination in Software Development BIBAK 175-205
  Steve Whittaker; Heinrich Schwarz
Visualizing Common Artefacts to Support Awareness in Computer-Mediated Cooperation BIBAK 207-238
  Thomas Berlage; Markus Sohlenkamp
Integrating Contexts to Support Coordination: The CHAOS Project BIBAK 239-283
  Carla Simone; Monica Divitini
Sharrock and Button ... and Much Ado about Nothing BIBAK 285-293
  Kalle Lyytinen; Ojelanki Ngwenyama
"CSCW Requirements and Evaluation," edited by Thomas, P. J. BIB 295-297
  Richard H. R. Haper
"Video-Mediated Communication," edited by Kathleen E. Finn, Abigail J. Sellen, Sylvia B. Wilbur BIB 299-301
  Hubert Knoblauch

JCSCW 1999 Volume 8 Issue 4

Media Production: Towards Creative Collaboration Using Communication Networks BIBAK 303-332
  Ellen Baker; John Geirland; Tom Fisher; Annmarie Chandler
Formality Considered Harmful: Experiences, Emerging Themes, and Directions on the Use of Formal Representations in Interactive Systems BIBAK 333-352
  Frank M., III Shipman; Catherine C. Marshall
Voice Loops as Coordination Aids in Space Shuttle Mission Control BIBAK 353-371
  Emily S. Patterson; Jennifer Watts-Perotti; David D. Woods
Accumulating and Coordinating: Occasions for Information Technologies in Medical Work BIBAK 373-401
  Marc Berg