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Computer Supported Cooperative Work 7

Editors:Kjeld Schmidt
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishing
Standard No:ISSN 0925-9724
Links:www.wkap.nl | Table of Contents
  1. JCSCW 1998 Volume 7 Issue 1/2
  2. JCSCW 1998 Volume 7 Issue 3/4

JCSCW 1998 Volume 7 Issue 1/2

Interaction and Collaboration in MUDs

Introduction: The State of Play BIB 1-7
  Paul Dourish
Moving Practice: From Classrooms to MOO Rooms BIBAK 9-45
  Vicki O'Day; Daniel Bobrow; Kimberly Bobrow; Mark Shirley; Billie Hughes; Jim Walters
Community Support for Constructionist Learning BIBAK 47-86
  Amy Bruckman
Computing, Social Activity, and Entertainment: A Field Study of a Game MUD BIBAK 87-122
  Jack Muramatsu; Mark S. Ackerman
Network Communities: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed... BIBAK 123-156
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Vicki L. O'Day; Annette Adler; Mizuko Ito

JCSCW 1998 Volume 7 Issue 3/4

Participatory Design

Preface BIB 163-165
  Jeanette Blomberg; Finn Kensing
Participatory Design: Issues and Concerns BIBAK 167-185
  Finn Kensing; Jeanette Blomberg
When Survival is an Issue: PD in Support of Landscape Architecture BIBAK 187-203
  Preben Holst Mogensen; Dan Shapiro
Shoppers and Tailors: Participative Practices in Small Australian Design Companies BIBAK 205-221
  Toni Robertson
CAVEAT Exemplar: Participatory Design in a Non-Profit Volunteer Organisation BIBAK 223-241
  Brenda McPhail; Terry Costantino; David Bruckmann; Ross Barclay; Andrew Clement
Participatory Design at a Radio Station BIBAK 243-271
  Finn Kensing; Jesper Simonsen; Keld Bødker
Participatory Design in Consulting BIBAK 273-289
  Johannes Gartner
User Advocacy in Participatory Design: Designers' Experiences with a New Communication Channel BIBAK 291-313
  Peter Mambrey; Gloria Mark; Uta Pankoke-Babatz
Network Community Design: A Social-Technical Design Circle BIBAK 315-337
  Vicki L. O'Day; Daniel G. Bobrow; Mark Shirley
Community Participation in Health Informatics in Africa: An Experiment in Tripartite Partnership in Ile-Ife, Nigeria BIBAK 339-358
  Mikko Korpela; H. A. Soriyan; K. C. Olufokunbi; A. A. Onayade; Anita Davies-Adetugbo; Duro Adesanmi