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Computer Supported Cooperative Work 6

Editors:Kjeld Schmidt
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishing
Standard No:ISSN 0925-9724
Links:www.wkap.nl | Table of Contents
  1. JCSCW 1997 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. JCSCW 1997 Volume 6 Issue 2/3
  3. JCSCW 1997 Volume 6 Issue 4

JCSCW 1997 Volume 6 Issue 1

A Collaborative Schema Integration System BIBAK 1-18
  P. Beynon-Davies; L. Bonde; D. McPhee; C. B. Jones
Collaborative Writing is Hard to Support: A Field Study of Collaborative Writing BIBAK 19-51
  S. G. Tammaro; J. N. Mosier; N. C. Goodwin; G. Spitz
When Are Group Scheduling Tools Useful? BIBAK 53-70
  Jane N. Mosier; Susan G. Tammaro
Groupware Environments as Action Constitutive Resources: A Social Action Framework for Analyzing Groupware Technologies BIBAK 71-93
  Ojelanki K. Ngwenyama; Kalle J. Lyytinen

Book Reviews

"Transforming Organisations Through Groupware: Lotus Notes in Action," edited by Peter Lloyd and Roger Whitehead BIB 95-98
  R. H. R. Harper
"Groupware and Authoring," edited by Roy Rada BIB 99-101
  Mike Sharples
"Cooperating Heterogeneous Systems," by David G. Schwartz BIB 102-104
  Carla Simone

JCSCW 1997 Volume 6 Issue 2/3

Groupware and the World Wide Web

Preface BIB v-vi
  Richard Bentley; Uwe Busbach; David Kerr; Klaas Sikkel
The World Wide Web as Enabling Technology for CSCW: The Case of BSCW BIBAK 111-134
  Richard Bentley; Thilo Horstmann; Jonathan Trevor
Challenges for Cooperative Work on the Web: An Analytical Approach BIBAK 135-156
  Alan Dix
Structured Cooperative Authoring for the World Wide Web BIBAK 157-174
  Manuel Romero Salcedo; Dominique Decouchant
Distributed Coordination and Workflow on the World Wide Web BIBAK 175-200
  Antonietta Grasso; Jean-Luc Meunier; Daniele Pagani; Remo Pareschi
Enterprise-Level Groupware Choices: Evaluating Lotus Notes and Intranet-Based Solutions BIBAK 201-225
  Mark Ginsburg; Katherine Duliba
Virtual Society: Collaboration in 3D Spaces on the Internet BIBAK 227-250
  Rodger Lea; Yasuaki Honda; Kouichi Matsuda

JCSCW 1997 Volume 6 Issue 4

Negotiating Boundaries: Configuration Management in Software Development Teams BIBAK 251-274
  Hilda Tellioglu; Ina Wagner
Informing General CSCW Product Development through Cooperative Design in Specific Work Domains BIBAK 275-304
  Kaj Grønbæk; Preben Mogensen
Supporting Cooperation through Customisation: The Tviews Approach BIBAK 305-325
  Markus Wasserschaff; Richard Bentley
Hypermedia Use in Group Work: Changing the Product, Process, and Strategy BIBAK 327-368
  Gloria Mark; Jorg M. Haake; Norbert A. Streitz


On the Relevance of Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action for CSCW BIBAK 369-389
  Wes Sharrock; Graham Button

Book Reviews

"Cognition in the Wild," by Edwin Hutchins BIB 391-395
  Graham Button
"Aramis or The Love of Technology," by Bruno Latour BIB 396-399
  David Middleton
"Cognition and Communication at Work," edited by Y. Engestrom, and D. Middleton BIB 400-402
  Yvonne Rogers