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Interacting with Computers 14

Editors:Dan Diaper; Dianne Murray
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 1
  2. IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 2
  3. IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 3
  4. IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 4
  5. IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 5
  6. IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 6

IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 1

A web of contradictions BIBAK 1-14
  Phil Turner; Susan Turner
Perceived disorientation: an examination of a new measure to assess web design effectiveness BIBAK 15-29
  Jaspreet S. Ahuja; Jane Webster
Teallach: a model-based user interface development environment for object databases BIBAK 31-68
  Tony Griffiths; Peter J. Barclay; Norman W. Paton; Jo McKirdy; Jessie Kennedy; Philip D. Gray; Richard Cooper; Carole A. Goble; Paulo Pinheiro da Silva
Linking tasks, dialogue and GUI design: a method involving UML and Lean Cuisine+ BIBAK 69-86
  C. J. Scogings; C. H. E. Phillips

IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 2

From doing to being: bringing emotion into interaction BIB 89-92
  Gilbert Cockton
Frustrating the user on purpose: a step toward building an affective computer BIBAK 93-118
  Jocelyn Scheirer; Raul Fernandez; Jonathan Klein; Rosalind W. Picard
This computer responds to user frustration:: Theory, design, and results BIBAK 119-140
  J. Klein; Y. Moon; R. W. Picard
Computers that recognise and respond to user emotion: theoretical and practical implications BIBAK 141-169
  Rosalind W. Picard; Jonathan Klein

IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 173-174
  Bruce Thomas; Jim Warren
Developing adaptable user interfaces for component-based systems BIBAK 175-194
  John Grundy; John Hosking
The stretchable selection tool: an alternative to copy and paste BIBAK 195-209
  Mark Apperley; Dale Fletcher; Bill Rogers
Which animation effects improve indirect manipulation? BIBAK 211-229
  B. H. Thomas; V. Demczuk
Visual gesture interfaces for virtual environments BIBAK 231-250
  R. G. O'Hagan; A. Zelinsky; S. Rougeaux
Supporting special-purpose health care models via adaptive interfaces to the web BIBAK 251-267
  James R. Warren; Heath K. Frankel; Joseph T. Noone

IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 4

Universal usability BIB 269-270
  David G. Novick; Jean C. Scholtz
Developing a practical inclusive interface design approach BIBAK 271-299
  Simeon Keates; P. John Clarkson; Peter Robinson
E-graffiti: evaluating real-world use of a context-aware system BIBAK 301-312
  Jenna Burrell; Geri K. Gay
Auditing accessibility of UK Higher Education web sites BIBAK 313-325
  David Sloan; Peter Gregor; Paul Booth; Lorna Gibson
Intelligent speech for information systems: towards biliteracy and trilingualism BIBAK 327-339
  Helen M. Meng; Steven Lee; Carmen Wai
Yes/No or Maybe -- further evaluation of an interface for brain-injured individuals BIBAK 341-358
  Eamon P. Doherty; Gilbert Cockton; Chris Bloor; Joann Rizzo; Bruce Blondina; Bruce Davis
Head-operated computer controls: effect of control method on performance for subjects with and without disability BIBAK 359-377
  Edmund F. LoPresti; David M. Brienza; Jennifer Angelo
Scenarios and task analysis BIBAK 379-395
  Dan Diaper
Scenarios and the HCI-SE design problem BIBAK 397-405
  David Benyon; Catriona Macaulay
Commentary on 'scenarios and task analysis' by Dan Diaper BIB 407-409
  Fabio Paterno
Commentary on "scenarios and task analysis" by Dan Diaper BIB 411-412
  Tom Carey

IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 5

Data entry for mobile devices: an empirical comparison of novice performance with Jot and Graffiti BIBAK 413-433
  Andrew Sears; Renee Arora
Using music to communicate computing information BIBAK 435-456
  Paul Vickers; James L. Alty
Musical program auralisation: a structured approach to motif design BIBAK 457-485
  Paul Vickers; James L. Alty
Users' schemata of hypermedia: what is so 'spatial' about a website? BIBAK 487-502
  J. Shawn Farris; Keith S. Jones; Peter D. Elgin
A longitudinal study of attitude changes in a medical service organisation after an email introduction BIBAK 503-519
  O. Balter
Testing dialogue systems by means of automatic generation of conversations BIBAK 521-546
  R. Lopez-Cozar; A. De la Torre; J. C. Segura; A. J. Rubio; V. Sanchez
A grounded theory approach to modelling learnability of hypermedia authoring tools BIBAK 547-574
  G. J. Elliott; E. Jones; P. Barker
Trust in information sources: seeking information from people, documents, and virtual agents BIBAK 575-599
  Morten Hertzum; Hans H. K. Andersen; Verner Andersen; Camilla B. Hansen
Web navigation and the behavioral effects of constantly visible site maps BIBAK 601-618
  David R. Danielson
Making use is more than a matter of task analysis BIB 619-627
  John M. Carroll
Task scenarios and thought BIBAK 629-638
  Dan Diaper

IWC 2002 Volume 14 Issue 6

Intelligence and interaction in community-based systems BIB 639-642
  Kostas Stathis; Patrick Purcell
Exquisite variety: computer as mirror to community BIBAK 643-662
  Ian Beeson
Living memory: agent-based information management for connected local communities BIBAK 663-688
  Kostas Stathis; Oscar de Bruijn; Silvio Macedo
Design and deployment of community systems: reflections on the Campiello experience BIBAK 689-712
  A. Agostini; G. De Michelis; M. Divitini; M. A. Grasso; D. Snowdon
Conference assistant system for supporting knowledge sharing in academic communities BIBAK 713-737
  Yasuyuki Sumi; Kenji Mase
Effectiveness of spatial representation in the formation of network communities: experimental study on community organizer BIBAK 739-759
  Koji Kamei; Kunihiko Fujita; Eva Jettmar; Sen Yoshida; Kazuhiro Kuwabara
Discovering user communities on the Internet using unsupervised machine learning techniques BIBAK 761-791
  G. Paliouras; C. Papatheodorou; V. Karkaletsis; C. D. Spyropoulos
When bugs sing BIBAK 793-819
  Paul Vickers; James L. Alty
Prototype evaluation and redesign: structuring the design space through contextual techniques BIBAK 821-843
  Andy Smith; Lynne Dunckley