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Interacting with Computers 13

Editors:Dan Diaper; Dianne Murray
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 2000 Volume 13 Issue 1
  2. IWC 2000 Volume 13 Issue 2
  3. IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 3
  4. IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 4
  5. IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 5
  6. IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 6

IWC 2000 Volume 13 Issue 1

Lost in Hyperspace: Metrics and Mental Models BIBAK 1-40
  M. Otter; H. Johnson
Editorial: Introduction to this Special Issue on "Scenario-Based System Development" BIB 41-42
  J. M. Carroll
Five Reasons for Scenario-Based Design BIBAK 43-60
  J. M. Carroll
Scenarios in User-Centred Design -- Setting the Stage for Reflection and Action BIBAK 61-75
  S. Bødker
Improving Reviews of Conceptual Models by Extended Traceability to Captured System Usage BIBAK 77-95
  P. Haumer; M. Jarke; K. Pohl; K. Weidenhaupt
Linking Soft Systems and Use-Case Modelling through Scenarios BIBAK 97-110
  D. W. Bustard; Z. He; F. G. Wilkie

IWC 2000 Volume 13 Issue 2

Applying and Testing an Approach to Design for Culturally Diverse User Groups BIBAK 111-126
  P. Bourges-Waldegg; S. A. R. Scrivener
What is Beautiful is Usable BIBAK 127-145
  N. Tractinsky; A. S. Katz; D. Ikar
Effective Information Visualisation: A Study of Graph Drawing Aesthetics and Algorithms BIBAK 147-162
  H. C. Purchase
World Wide Web Working whilst Ignoring Graphics: Good News for Web Page Designers BIBAK 163-181
  D. Diaper; P. Waelend
The Effects of Sound and Colour on Responses to a Computer Game BIBAK 183-192
  S. Wolfson; G. Case
Surveying the Scene: Technologies for Everyday Awareness and Monitoring in Control Rooms BIBAK 193-228
  P. Luff; C. Heath; M. Jirotka
RemUSINE: A Bridge between Empirical and Model-Based Evaluation when Evaluators and Users are Distant BIBAK 229-251
  F. Paterno; G. Ballardin
Electronic Mail versus Printed Text: The Effects on Recipients BIBAK 253-263
  K. Hill; A. F. Monk
Exploration Environments: Supporting Users to Learn Groupware Functions BIBAK 265-299
  V. Wulf
A Framework for Engineering Metaphor at the User Interface BIBAK 301-322
  J. L. Alty; R. P. Knott; B. Anderson; M. Smyth

IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 3

Editorial: Interfaces for the Active Web BIB 323-324
  Dave Clarke; Alan Dix
Beyond the Interface: Users' Perceptions of Interaction and Audience on Websites BIBAK 325-351
  A. Light; I. Wakeman
Supporting Educational Activities through Dynamic Web Interfaces BIBAK 353-374
  M. da Graca Pimentel; Y. Ishiguro; B. Kerimbaev; G. D. Abowd; M. Guzdial
Navigating the World Wide Web: Bookmark Maintenance Architectures BIBAK 375-400
  C. Sorensen; D. Macklin; T. Beaumont
Multi-Authoring Virtual Worlds Via the World Wide Web BIBAK 401-426
  P. Phillips; T. Rodden

IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 4

Comparing Two Spreadsheet Calculation Paradigms: An Empirical Study with Novice Users BIBAK 427-446
  M. Tukiainen
Time and Representational Devices in Rapid Application Development BIBAK 447-466
  D. Tudhope; P. Beynon-Davies; H. Mackay; R. Slack
Semiotic Engineering Principles for Evaluating End-User Programming Environments BIBAK 467-495
  C. S. de Souza; S. D. J. Barbosa; S. R. P. da Silva
Human-Computer Interface Design Issues for a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual English Speaking Country -- Botswana BIBAK 497-512
  E. A. Onibere; S. Morgan; E. M. Busang; D. Mpoeleng

IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 5

The Effects of Frame Layout and Differential Background Contrast on Visual Search Performance in Web Pages BIBAK 513-525
  P. van Schaik; J. Ling
A Student Centered Methodology for the Development of a Physics Video Based Laboratory BIBAK 527-548
  F. Gamboa Rodriguez; J. L. Perez Silva; F. Lara Rosano; F. Caviedes Contreras; A. I. Miranda Vitela
The Mediating Effects of Intrinsic Motivation, Ease of Use and Usefulness Perceptions on Performance in First-Time and Subsequent Computer Users BIBAK 549-580
  Sid Davis; Susan Wiedenbeck
A Linguistic Approach to User Interface Design BIBAK 581-599
  Rumen Dimov Andreev
N-Fingers: A Finger-Based Interaction Technique for Wearable Computers BIBAK 601-625
  Juha Lehikoinen; Mika Roykkee

IWC 2001 Volume 13 Issue 6

Editorial: Interfaces for the Active Web (Part 2) BIB 627-629
  Dave Clarke; Alan Dix
Automatic Generation of Instructional Hypermedia with APHID BIBAK 631-654
  Judi R. Thomson; Jim Greer; John Cooke
Supporting Interactive Collaboration on the Web with CORK BIBAK 655-676
  P. L. Isenhour; M. B. Rosson; J. M. Carroll
Designing a Document-Centric Coordination Application over the Internet BIBAK 677-693
  Paolo Ciancarini; Davide Rossi; Fabio Vitali
Creating User-Adapted Websites by the Use of Collaborative Filtering BIBAK 695-716
  Arnd Kohrs; Bernard Merialdo
Interactivity and Collaboration on the WWW -- is the 'WWW Shell' Sufficient? BIBAK 717-730
  S. Morris; I. Neilson; C. Charlton; J. Little