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Interacting with Computers 12

Editors:Dan Diaper; Dianne Murray
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1999 Volume 12 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1999 Volume 12 Issue 2
  3. IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 3
  4. IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 4
  5. IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 5
  6. IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 6

IWC 1999 Volume 12 Issue 1

Designing Multimedia for Human Needs and Capabilities BIBAK 1-5
  Herre van Oostendorp; Jenny Preece; Albert G. Arnold
The Influence of Structure and Reading-Manipulation on Usability of Hypertexts BIBAK 7-21
  Christof van Nimwegen; Miriam Pouw; Herre van Oostendorp
The Validity of Rational Criteria for the Interpretation of User-Hypertext Interaction BIBAK 23-36
  A. Tricot; E. Puigserver; M. Diallo
Multimedia Systems in Distance Education: Effects of Usability on Learning BIBAK 37-49
  Oronzo Parlangeli; Enrica Marchigiani; Sebastiano Bagnara
Bringing the Internet to the Community BIBAK 51-61
  C. Charlton; C. Gittings; P. Leng; J. Little; I. Neilson
Empathic Communities: Balancing Emotional and Factual Communication BIBAK 63-77
  Jenny Preece

IWC 1999 Volume 12 Issue 2

Development Milestones towards a Tool for Working with Guidelines BIBAK 81-118
  J. Vanderdonckt
User Interface Guidelines and Standards: Progress, Issues, and Prospects BIBAK 119-142
  P. Reed; K. Holdaway; S. Isensee; E. Buie; J. Fox; J. Williams; A. Lund
A Taxonomy of Design Guidance for Hypermedia Design BIBAK 143-160
  B. Kemp; K. Buckner
Automatic Cross-Referencing of HCI Guidelines by Statistical Methods BIBAK 161-177
  L. Goffinet; M. Noirhomme-Fraiture
Incorporating Standards and Guidelines in an Approach that Balances Usability Concerns for Developers and End Users BIBAK 179-206
  J. Carter

IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 3

Formalization and Proof of Design Guidelines Within the Scope of Testing Formally Specified Electronic Product Catalogues BIBA 209-223
  H. Fritzsche; T. Michel
A Methodology and Tools for Applying Context-Specific Usability Guidelines to Interface Design BIBAK 225-243
  S. Henninger
A Model Based Approach to Semi-Automated User Interface Generation for Process Control Interactive Applications BIBAK 245-279
  F. Moussa; C. Kolski; M. Riahi
Integrated Support for Working with Guidelines: The Sherlock Guideline Management System BIBAK 281-311
  D. Grammenos; D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis

IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 4

Special Issue on Intelligent Interface Technology: Editor's Introduction BIB 315-322
  D. R. Benyon; D. M. Murray
Intelligent Interface Technology: From Theory to Reality? BIBAK 323-336
  M. F. McTear
Vanishing Windows Technique for Adaptive Window Management BIBAK 337-355
  T. Miah; J. L. Alty
Assistant Agents for the World Wide Web Intelligent Interface Design Challenges BIBAK 357-381
  R. J. Keeble; R. D. Macredie
Encapsulating Intelligent Interactive Behaviour in Unified User Interface Artefacts BIBAK 383-408
  D. Akoumianakis; A. Savidis; C. Stephanidis
Steps to Take Before Intelligent User Interfaces Become Real BIBAK 409-426
  K. Höök

IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 5

Information Technology Acceptance in a Sample of Government Employees: A Test of the Technology Acceptance Model BIBAK 427-443
  Peter Roberts; Ron Henderson
Distributed Visual Reasoning for Intelligent Information Retrieval on the Web BIBAK 445-467
  C. Lee; Y.-T. Chen
Side Effects of Decision Guidance in Decision Support Systems BIBAK 469-481
  J. J. Jiang; G. Klein
Design and Evaluation of the Alignment Stick BIBAK 483-506
  R. Raisamo; K.-J. Raiha
Possible Implications of Aging for Interface Designers BIBAK 507-528
  D. Hawthorn
Intelligent Graphical User Interface Design Utilizing Multiple Fuzzy Agents BIBAK 529-542
  A. Agah; K. Tanie

IWC 2000 Volume 12 Issue 6

Intelligent Interfaces through Interactive Planners BIBAK 545-564
  C. V. Copas; E. Edmonds
An Analysis of Errors in Interactive Proof Attempts BIBAK 565-586
  S. Aitken; T. Melham
Communication with Users: Insights from Second Language Acquisition BIBAK 587-599
  A. Kukulska-Hulme
How to Replace an Old Email System with a New BIBAK 601-614
  O. Balter
Gathering Accurate Client Information from World Wide Web Sites BIBAK 615-622
  O. Richardson
Why Don't Telephones have Off Switches? Understanding the Use of Everyday Technologies BIBAK 623-634
  B. A. T. Brown; M. Perry
The Effects of Simulating Human Conversational Style in a Computer-Based Interview BIBAK 635-650
  D. R. Peiris; P. Gregor; N. Alm