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Interacting with Computers 10

Editors:Dan Diaper
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 3
  4. IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 4

IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 1

Designing Towards Emotional Usability in Customer Interfaces -- Trustworthiness of Cyber-Banking System Interfaces BIBAKPDF 1-29
  Jinwoo Kim; Jae Yun Moon
About the Importance of Auditory Alarms During the Operation of a Plant Simulator BIBAKPDF 31-44
  Matthias Rauterberg
MobiCom: Networking Dispersed Groups BIBAKPDF 45-65
  Steinar Kristoffersen; Fredrik Ljungberg
Subjectivity and Notions of Time and Value in Interactive Information Retrieval BIBA 67-75
  Chris Johnson; Mark D. Dunlop
A Psychological Investigation of Long Retrieval Times on the World Wide Web BIBAKPDF 77-86
  Judith Ramsay; Alessandro Barbesi; Jenny Preece
Designing for Delay in Interactive Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 87-104
  Chris Roast
Generalised Similarity Analysis and Pathfinder Network Scaling BIBAKPDF 107-128
  Chaomei Chen

IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 2

HCI and Information Retrieval

Navigation in Hyperspace: An Evaluation of the Effects of Navigational Tools and Subject Matter Expertise on Browsing and Information Retrieval in Hypertext BIBAKPDF 129-142
  Sharon Mcdonald; Rosemary J. Stevenson
A Flexible Hypertext Courseware on the Web Based on a Dynamic Link Structure BIBAKPDF 143-154
  Licia Calvi; Paul De Bra
Genres in Support of Collaborative Information Retrieval in the Virtual Library BIBAKPDF 157-175
  Rob Procter; Ana Goldenberg; Elisabeth Davenport; Andy Mckinlay
Designing Interfaces to Support Collaboration in Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 177-193
  Michael Twidale; David Nichols
Providing a Networked Future for Interpersonal Information Retrieval: Infovine and User Modelling BIBAKPDF 195-212
  Clare F. Harvey; Peter Smith; Peter Lund
Information Rendezvous BIBAKPDF 213-224
  Daniel E. Rose; Jeremy J. Bornstein

IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 3

HCI and Information Retrieval

Exploring the Layers of Information Retrieval Evaluation BIBAKPDF 225-236
  M. D. Dunlop; C. W. Johnson; J. Reid
Interactive Searching and Interface Issues in the Okapi Best Match Probabilistic Retrieval System BIBAKPDF 237-248
  Micheline Beaulieu; Susan Jones
Human-Computer Interaction in Information Retrieval: Nature and Manifestations of Feedback BIBAKPDF 249-267
  Amanda Spink; Tefko Saracevic
Evaluation of Information-Seeking Performance in Hypermedia Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 269-284
  Michail Salampasis; John Tait; Chris Bloor
Modelling Information Seeking BIBAKPDF 285-302
  Kathleen Burnett; E. Graham Mckinley
How Many Relevances in Information Retrieval? BIBAKPDF 303-320
  Stefano Mizzaro
Towards a Cognitive Theory of Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 321-351
  Alistair Sutcliffe; Mark Ennis

IWC 1998 Volume 10 Issue 4

How did University Departments Interweave the Web: A Study of Connectivity and Underlying Factors BIBAKPDF 353-373
  Chaomei Chen; Julian Newman; Rhona Newman; Roy Rada
The Effects of Password Length and Reference Profile Size on the Performance of a Multivariate Text-Dependent Typist Verification System BIBAKPDF 375-383
  Doug Mahar; Ron Henderson; William Laverty; Rene Napier
The Beta Test of an Electronic Supermarket BIBAKPDF 385-399
  R. Henderson; D. Rickwood; P. Roberts