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Interacting with Computers 9

Editors:Dan Diaper
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1997 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1997 Volume 9 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1998 Volume 9 Issue 3
  4. IWC 1998 Volume 9 Issue 4

IWC 1997 Volume 9 Issue 1

Multimodal Messages: The Pen and Voice Opportunity BIBAK 1-25
  Owen Daly-Jones; Andrew Monk; David Frohlich; Erik Geelhoed; Steve Loughran
The Computer Science Education Crisis: Fact or Illusion? BIBAK 27-45
  Hyacinth S. Nwana
Assessing the Cognitive Consequences of the Object-Oriented Approach: A Survey of Empirical Research on Object-Oriented Design by Individuals and Teams BIBAK 47-72
  Francoise Detienne
Supporting User-Adapted Interface Design: The USE-IT System BIBAK 73-104
  D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis

IWC 1997 Volume 9 Issue 2

Special Issue: Formal Aspects of Human Computer Interaction

Editorial Formality, Its Role in Bridging the Communication Gap between Humans and Computers BIB 105-110
  Jawed Siddiqi; Chris Roast
Human-Formalism Interaction: Studies in Communication through Formalism BIBAK 111-128
  Keith Stenning; Corin Gurr
Synergistic Modelling of Tasks, Users and Systems using Formal Specification Techniques BIBAK 129-153
  Philippe Palanque; Remi Bastide
Using the Template Model to Analyse Directory Visualisation BIBAK 155-172
  Chris Roast; Jawed Siddiqi
Formal Reasoning about Dialogue Properties with Automatic Support BIBAK 173-196
  Fabio Paterno
Composition and Synthesis with a Formal Interactor Model BIBAK 197-223
  Panos Markopoulos; Jon Rowson; Peter Johnson

IWC 1998 Volume 9 Issue 3

Regular Papers

Integrating Information -- A Task-Orientated Approach BIBAKPDF 225-240
  Stella Mills
Moneypenny: Lessons from the Messy Desk BIBAKPDF 241-267
  Adrian Williamson

Special Issue: The Role of Culture in the Globalisation of Human-Computer Systems

Editorial: Shared Values and Shared Interfaces: The Role of Culture in the Globalisation of Human-Computer Systems BIBPDF 269-274
  D. L. Day
The Role of Cultural Fitness in User Resistance to Information Technology Tools BIBAKPDF 275-285
  Renzo Gobbin
Meaning, The Central Issue in Cross-Cultural HCI Design BIBAKPDF 287-309
  Paula Bourges-Waldegg; Stephen A. R. Scrivener
A Knowledge-Based Methodology for Supporting Multilingual and User-Tailored Interfaces BIBAKPDF 311-333
  Evangelos A. Karkaletsis; Constantine D. Spyropoulos; George A. Vouros
Using the LUCID Method to Optimize the Acceptability of Shared Interfaces BIBAKPDF 335-345
  Andy Smith; Lynne Dunckley

IWC 1998 Volume 9 Issue 4

Regular Papers

The Use of the Internet as a Research Tool: The Nature and Characteristics of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) amongst a Population of Users BIBAKPDF 349-365
  Erin E. Michalak
The Role of Task Analysis in Capturing Requirements for Interface Design BIBAKPDF 367-384
  Juliet Richardson; Thomas C. Ormerod; Andrew Shepherd
Investigation of Decision Making Process: A Hypermedia Approach BIBAKPDF 385-396
  Manouchehr Tabatabai

Special Issue: The Role of Culture in the Globalisation of Human-Computer Systems

Editorial: Shared Values and Shared Interfaces 2: Preview and Current Research BIB 397-400
  Donald L. Day
An Abstract Framework for Globalising Interactive Systems BIBAKPDF 401-416
  Kostas Stathis; Marek Sergot
Design of Icons for Use by Chinese in Mainland China BIBAKPDF 417-430
  Yee-Yin Choong; Gavriel Salvendy
Cross-Cultural and Cognitive Issues in the Implementation of New Technology: Focus on Group Support Systems and Bulgaria BIBAKPDF 431-447
  Terri L. Griffith
Creating Global Software: A Conspectus and Review BIBAKPDF 449-465
  Jane M. Carey