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Interacting with Computers 7

Editors:Dan Diaper
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 3
  4. IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 4

IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 1

Towards Modelling Exploratory Learning in the Context of Direct Manipulation Interfaces BIBAK 3-24
  Herre van Oostendorp; Benjamin J. Walbeehm
Multi-Paradigm Query Interface to an Object-Oriented Database BIBAK 25-47
  Dac Khoa Doan; Norman W. Paton; Alistair C. Kilgour; Ghassan al-Qaimari
Lean Cuisine+: An Executable Graphical Notation for Describing Direct Manipulation Interfaces BIBAK 49-71
  Chris Phillips
Experimental Comparison between Automatic and Manual Menu Interface Design Methods BIBAK 73-89
  Peretz Shoval
Integrating Technologies to Support Action BIBAK 91-107
  Clive Holtham

IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 2

The Case for Supportive Evaluation During Design BIBAK 115-143
  Jon May; Philip Barnard

Australasian Special Issue (Part 1)

Harmony through Working Together: Editorial to the Australasian Special Issue BIB 145-149
  Steve Howard; Ying K. Leung
Colour in Map Displays: Issues for Task-Specific Display Design BIBAK 151-165
  Walter Smith; John Dunn; Kim Kirsner; Mark Randell
Process Support: Inflexible Imposition or Chaotic Composition? BIBAK 167-180
  Geraldine Fitzpatrick; Jim Welsh
Computer Anxiety: Correlates, Norms and Problem Definition in Health Care and Banking Employees using the Computer Attitude Scale BIBAK 181-193
  Ron Henderson; Frank Deane; Kate Barrelle; Doug Mahar
Four Principles of Groupware Design BIBAK 195-210
  Andy Cockburn; Steve Jones

IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 3

Australasian Special Issue (Part 2)

Functional Visual Programming Interface to Geographical Information Systems BIBAK 219-236
  Craig Standing; Geoffrey G. Roy
Video Support for Shared Work-Space Interaction: An Empirical Study BIBAK 237-253
  Masood Masoodian; Mark Apperley; Lesley Frederickson
Human Performance in Fault Diagnosis: Can Expert Systems Help? BIBAK 254-272
  Gitte Lindgaard

Research Papers

Database Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Graphical HCI BIBAK 273-303
  Peter Sawyer; John A. Mariani
Modelling of Menu Design in Computerized Work BIBAK 304-330
  Julie A. Jacko; Gavriel Salvendy; Richard J. Koubek

IWC 1995 Volume 7 Issue 4

PETRA: Participatory Evaluation Through Redesign and Analysis BIBAK 335-360
  Susi Ross; Magnus Ramage; Yvonne Rogers
Field Evaluation of a Prototype Laser Safety Decision Support System BIBAK 361-382
  Anthony Clarke; Basil Soufi; Luise Vassie; John Tyrer
Menu -- What Menu? BIBAK 383-394
  Lynne E. Hall; Xavi Bescos
Theoretical Examination of the Effects of Anxiety and Electronic Performance Monitoring on Behavioural Biometric Security Systems BIBAK 395-411
  Frank Deane; Ron Henderson; Doug Mahar; Anthony Saliba
An Examination of Four User-Based Software Evaluation Methods BIBAK 412-432
  Ron Henderson; John Podd; Mike Smith; Hugo Varela-Alvarez