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Interacting with Computers 6

Editors:Dan Diaper
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 4

IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 1

Learning to Use a Spreadsheet By Doing and By Watching BIBAK 3-22
  Michael P. Kerr; Stephen J. Payne
Effect of Error Information in Tutorial Documentation BIBAK 23-40
  Ard W. Lazonder; Hans van der Meij
Design and Implementation of a User-Oriented Speech Recognition Interface: The Synergy of Technology and Human Factors BIBAK 41-60
  Sietse H. Kloosterman
Interacting Cognitive Subsystems: A Framework for Considering the Relationships between Performance and Knowledge Representations BIBAK 61-85
  Alison J. K. Green
Understanding Usability Issues Addressed by Three User-System Interface Evaluation Techniques BIBAK 86-108
  Donna L. Cuomo; Charles D. Bowen

Author's reply

Reply to Fraser and Wrigley or Definitely Not the Last Word on Language Varieties BIB 109-110
  Jussi Karlgren

IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 2

Electronic Bulletin Boards: A Case Study of Computer-Mediated Communication BIBAK 117-134
  Raymond S. Nickerson
Multiple Worlds: An Approach to Multimedia Resource Management Using Truth Maintenance BIBAK 135-150
  A. D. Bray; J. L. Alty
Studies of Turn-Taking in Computer-Mediated Communication BIBAK 151-171
  Andy McKinlay; Rob Procter; Oliver Masting; Robin Woodburn; John Arnott
A Conceptualisation of Multiparty Interaction BIBAK 173-189
  Graham Storrs
Development and Validation of Icons Varying in their Abstractness BIBAK 191-211
  Mariano Garcia; Albert N. Badre; John T. Stasko
Prediction of Pointing and Dragging Times in Graphical User Interfaces BIBAK 213-227
  I. Scott MacKenzie; William Buxton

IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 3

Organisation of Design Activities: Opportunistic, with Hierarchical Episodes BIBAK 235-274
  Willemien Visser
Task-Based Method for Creating Usable Hypertext BIBAK 275-287
  Elizabeth Charnock; Roy Rada; Steve Stichler; Peter Weygant
Comparative Analysis of Task Analysis Products BIBAK 289-309
  Andy Whitefield; Becky Hill
Delivering HCI Modelling to Designers: A Framework and Case Study of Cognitive Modelling BIBAK 311-341
  Simon Buckingham Shum; Nick Hammond

IWC 1994 Volume 6 Issue 4

Foundations of Multimodal Representations: A Taxonomy of Representational Modalities BIBAK 347-371
  Niels Ole Bernsen
User Interface Design for Older Adults BIBAK 373-393
  J. Morgan Morris
Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Case Study of Software Development for Fashion Designers BIBAK 395-410
  Mike Scaife; Eleanor Curtis; Charlie Hill
Review of Graphical Notations for Specifying Direct Manipulation Interfaces BIBAK 411-431
  C. H. E. Phillips
Structure for User-Oriented Dialogues in Computer-Aided Telephony BIBAK 433-449
  K. Brownsey; M. Zajicek; J. Hewitt