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Interacting with Computers 5

Editors:Dan Diaper
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 3
  4. IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 4

IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 1


Creating a Design Science of Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 3-12
  John M. Carroll
Using Unfamiliar Programming Languages: The Effects on Expertise BIBAK 13-30
  Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck
Effects of Linguistic Sophistication on the Usability of a Natural Language Interface BIBAK 31-59
  Alan Burton; Anthony P. Steward

Special Issue on CSCW: Part 2

A Study of Breakdowns and Repairs in a Computer-Mediated Communication System BIBAK 61-77
  Mike Sharples
Managing Design Ideas with a Shared Drawing Tool BIBAK 79-114
  Iva M. Lu; Marilyn M. Mantei
Understanding and Uncovering Design Issues in Synchronous Shared-Window Conferencing BIBAK 115-130
  P. T. Hughes; M. E. Morris; T. A. Plant

IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 2

A Task-Based Cognitive Model for User-Network Interaction: Defining a Task Taxonomy to Guide the Interface Designer BIBAK 139-166
  Paul M. Mullins; Siegfried Treu
User-Competence and Other Usability Aspects when Introducing a Patient Administrative System: A Case Study BIBAK 167-191
  Carl Martin Allwood; Tomas Kalen

Special Issue on CSCW: Part 3

Interpersonal Communication and Human-Computer Interaction: An Examination of the Use of Computers in Medical Consultations BIBAK 193-216
  David Greatbatch; Paul Luff; Christian Heath; Peter Campion
From Rooms to Cyberspace: Models of Interaction in Large Virtual Computer Spaces BIBAK 217-237
  Steve Benford; Adrian Bullock; Neil Cook; Paul Harvey; Rob Ingram; Ok-Ki Lee
Designing with Ethnography: Making Work Visible BIBAK 239-253
  John A. Hughes; Ian Sommerville; Richard Bentley; Dave Randall

IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 3

Approaches to Interface Design BIBAK 259-278
  Michael D. Wallace; Terry J. Anderson
User Interface Design for Medical Imaging Workstations: Image Display and Processing BIBAK 279-294
  Jim C. Gee; Woodrow Barfield; David R. Haynor; Yongmin Kim
Patterns of Students' Interactions with a Hypermedia System BIBAK 295-313
  G. A. Hutchings; W. Hall; C. J. Colbourn
MOG User Interface Builder: A Mechanism for Integrating Application and User Interface BIBAK 315-331
  Andy Colebourne; Peter Sawyer; Ian Sommerville
On Distinguishing Work Tasks and Enabling Tasks BIBAK 333-347
  Andy Whitefield; Anthony Esgate; Ian Denley; Paul Byerley
Sublanguages and Registers: A Note on Terminology BIBAK 348-350
  Jussi Karlgren

IWC 1993 Volume 5 Issue 4

Assessment of the Minimalist Approach to Computer User Documentation BIBAK 355-370
  Hans van der Meij; Ard W. Lazonder
Hypertext and Expert Systems: The Possibilities for Integration BIBAK 371-384
  Pauline A. Smith; John R. Wilson
Supporting the Use of Guidelines and Style Guides in Professional User Interface Design BIBAK 385-396
  Jonas Lowgren; Ulrika Lauren
Influence, Discretion and Time Available: A Case Study of HCI Practice in Software Development BIBAK 397-411
  Nick P. Rousseau; Linda Candy; Ernest A. Edmonds
Where Should a Public Access Health Information System be Sited? BIBAK 413-421
  R. B. Jones; E. Edgerton; I. Baxter; L. M. Naven; J. Ritchie; G. Bell; K. Murray
Practical User Interface Design Notation BIBAK 423-438
  Peter Windsor; Graham Storrs


In Defense of Sublinguistics BIBAK 439-440
  Ave Wrigley
Sublanguage, Register and Natural Language Interfaces BIBAK 441-444
  Norman M. Fraser