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Interacting with Computers 4

Editors:Dan Diaper
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1992 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1992 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1992 Volume 4 Issue 3

IWC 1992 Volume 4 Issue 1

Animated Demonstrations for Exploratory Learners BIBAK 3-22
  Stephen J. Payne; Louise Chesworth; Elaine Hill
Motivation, Practice and Guidelines for 'Undoing' BIBAK 23-40
  Yiya Yang
Combining CSCW and User Support Techniques to Design Collaborative User Interfaces BIBAK 41-67
  Riitta Hellman
Branching Selection of Suggestions BIBAK 68-82
  Joris Verrips
Formal Interactive Menu Design BIBAK 83-101
  Jacob Ukelson; Johann Makowsky
The Role of Task Analysis in Systems Design BIBAK 102-123
  David Benyon
Task Analysis and Systems Analysis for Software Development BIBAK 124-139
  Dan Diaper; Mark Addison

IWC 1992 Volume 4 Issue 2

TripleSpace: An Experiment in a 3D Graphical Interface to a Binary Relational Database BIBAK 147-162
  John A. Mariani; Robert Lougher
Microcomputer Version of a Digit Span Test in Clinical Use BIBAK 163-178
  Cristopher C. French; J. Graham Beaumont
Further Investigations into the Use of Colour Coding Scales BIBAK 179-199
  R. Flavell; A. Heath
Shopfloor Attitudes Towards Advanced Manufacturing Technology: The Changing Focus of Industrial Conflict? BIBAK 200-208
  Keith Davids; Robin Martin
Utility and Usability: Research Issues and Development Contexts BIBAK 209-217
  Jonathan Grudin
Field Testing a Natural-Language Information System: Usage Characteristics and Users' Comments BIBAK 218-230
  Andrew S. Patrick; Thomas E. Whalen
Display Elements and Gaps: A Comparison of Flat Panel Display Characteristics BIBAK 231-245
  G. P. J. Spenkelink; J. Besuijen

Author's Reply

Task Analysis and System Design: The Discipline of Data BIB 246-259
  David Benyon

IWC 1992 Volume 4 Issue 3

Computer-Based Task Representation: A Methodology for Improving System Design BIBAK 267-288
  David Payne; Maxine Cohen; Richard Pastore
How Should Fitts' Law be Applied to Human-Computer Interaction? BIBAK 289-313
  Douglas J. Gillan; Kritina Holden; Susan Adam; Marianne Rudisill; Laura Magee

Special Issue on CSCW: Part 1

Computer Support for Co-Operative Work BIB 314-316
  Tom Rodden; Dianne Murray
Giving Undo Attention BIBAK 317-342
  Gregory D. Abowd; Alan J. Dix
Locating Systems at Work: Implications for the Development of Active Badge Applications BIBAK 343-363
  R. H. R. Harper; M. G. Lamming; W. M. Newman
Human and Technical Factors of Distributed Group Drawing Tools BIBAK 364-392
  Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman; Dave Webster; Ralph Bohnet