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Interacting with Computers 3

Editors:Dan Diaper
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1991 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1991 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1991 Volume 3 Issue 3

IWC 1991 Volume 3 Issue 1


Importance of Failure Analysis for Human-Computer Interface Design BIB 3-8
  Thomas T. Hewett


Direct Manipulation Interaction Tasks: A Macintosh-Based Analysis BIBAK 9-26
  C. H. E. Phillips; M. D. Apperley
Adaptive Predictive Text Generation and the Reactive Keyboard BIBAK 27-50
  John J. Darragh; Ian H. Witten
Rapid Prototyping in Human-Computer Interface Development BIBAK 51-91
  H. Rex Hartson; Eric C. Smith
Teaching the Practitioners: Developing a Distance Learning Postgraduate HCI Course BIBAK 92-118
  Jenny Preece; Laurie Keller
Rogerian Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 119-128
  H. W. Killam

IWC 1991 Volume 3 Issue 2


IMAGES: A User Interface Development System BIBAK 131-154
  J. Alves Marques; Nuno Guimaraes; L. Pinto Simoes
Users, A Software Usability Model and Product Evaluation BIBAK 155-166
  Richard Holcomb; Alan L. Tharp
Interactive Modelling in Decision Support Systems BIBAK 167-186
  Matthew R. Jones
Visual Simulation as an Aid to Understanding Computer Functions BIBAK 187-203
  Inger V. Eriksson; Annika E. Finnas; Pekka Reijonen
Observations and Inventions: New Approaches to the Study of Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 204-216
  Andrew F. Monk; P. C. Wright
Visual Guidance for Information Navigation: A Computer-Human Interface Design Principle Derived from Cognitive Neuroscience BIBAK 217-231
  Gary W. Strong; Karen E. O'Neill Strong
Report on the INTERACT'90 Workshop on Education in HCI: Transcending Disciplinary and National Boundaries BIB 232-240
  Marilyn Mantei; Thomas Hewett; Ken Eason; Jenny Preece

IWC 1991 Volume 3 Issue 3


Context and its Representation BIBAK 243-252
  Geoff Cooper
Improving Touchscreen Keyboards: Design Issues and a Comparison with Other Devices BIBAK 253-269
  Andrew Sears
Cognitive Assessment of Alternatives BIBAK 270-282
  Robert Spence; Maureen Parr
The Challenge of Interface Design for Communication Theory: From Interaction Metaphor to Contexts of Discovery BIBAK 283-301
  Mary A. Keeler; Susan M. Denning
Visual Development of Database Applications BIBAK 302-318
  Levent V. Orman
A Survey of CSCW Systems BIBAK 319-353
  Tom Rodden