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Interacting with Computers 1

Editors:Dan Diaper
Standard No:ISSN 0953-5438
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  1. IWC 1989 Volume 1 Issue 1
  2. IWC 1989 Volume 1 Issue 2
  3. IWC 1989 Volume 1 Issue 3

IWC 1989 Volume 1 Issue 1


The Discipline of HCI BIB 3-5
  Dan Diaper


Task Analysis, Systems Analysis and Design: Symbiosis or Synthesis? BIBAK 6-12
  Alistair Sutcliffe
Embedded User Models - Where Next? BIBAK 13-30
  Rod Rivers
People Interact Through Computers Not With Them BIBAK 31-38
  T. J. M. Bench-Capon; A. M. McEnery


Interacting WITH Computers BIBAK 39-42
  Judith Barlow; Roy Rada; Dan Diaper


Lean Cuisine: A Low-Fat Notation for Menus BIBAK 43-68
  M. D. Apperley; R. Spence
Explanatory Dialogues BIBAK 69-92
  Alison Cawsey
Moral Judgements in Designing Better Systems BIBAK 93-104
  David J. Pullinger
Icons at the Interface: Their Usefulness BIBAK 105-117
  Yvonne Rogers
Who's Joking? The Information System at Play BIBAK 118-128
  Jacqueline G. Ord

IWC 1989 Volume 1 Issue 2


A Formal Structure for Automatic Icons BIBAK 131-140
  Kim Fairchild; Greg Meredith; Alan Wexelblat
Human Factors in Expert System Design: Can Lessons in the Promotion of Methods be Learned from Commercial DP? BIBAK 141-158
  Clive Bright; Ann Innman; Rob Stammers
Inductive Analysis Applied to the Evaluation of a CAL Tutorial BIBAK 159-170
  A. Brooks; P. Vezza
Computer Technology and Knowledge Workers: A Pilot Study of Job Impact BIBAK 171-182
  Kathleen Foley Curley
Human Factors of Journal Usage and Design of Electronic Texts BIBAK 183-189
  Andrew Dillon; John Richardson; Cliff McKnight
The Personal Browser: A Tool for Directed Navigation in Hypertext Systems BIBAK 190-196
  Andrew Monk
'Working-to-Rules': A Case of Taylor-Made Expert Systems BIBAK 197-219
  Peter Holden

Author's Reply

Modelling Devices and Modelling Speakers BIBAK 220-224
  T. J. M. Bench-Capon; A. M. McEnery

IWC 1989 Volume 1 Issue 3


Shaping User Input: A Strategy for Natural Language Dialogue Design BIBAK 227-244
  Martin D. Ringle; Richard Halstead-Nussloch
A Knowledge-Based System with Audio-Visual Aids BIBAK 245-258
  Koichi Tabata; Shigeo Sugimoto
Interacting with Electronic Mail Can be a Dream or a Nightmare: A User's Point View BIBAK 259-272
  Nava Pliskin
The Application of Metaphor, Analogy, and Conceptual Models in Computer Systems BIBAK 273-283
  Lucy Anne Wozny
Exploiting Convergence to Improve Natural Language Understanding BIBAK 284-298
  R. G. Leiser
The User Interface in a Hypertext, Multiwindow Program Browser BIBAK 299-337
  Richard H. C. Seabrook; Ben Shneiderman


The Individual 'Working-to-Rules': Reducing Determinism in Taylor-Made Expert Systems BIBAK 338-342
  J. A. Shelton