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Proceedings of the 1999 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Note:Bridging Science and Applications
Editors:Mark Maybury
Location:Redondo Beach, CA
Dates:1999-Jan-05 to 1999-Jan-08
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-098-8 ACM Order Number 608990; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI99
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Tutorials
  2. Plenary Address
  3. Information Retrieval Agents
  4. Panels
  5. Collaborative Filtering and Collaborative Interfaces
  6. Reactive and Adaptive Interfaces
  7. Panels
  8. Plenary Address
  9. Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces
  10. Visual and Plan-Based Interfaces
  11. Programmable/Instructable Interfaces
  12. Model-Based Interfaces
  13. Plenary Address
  14. Posters/Demonstrations


Intelligent User Interfaces: An Introduction BIBAKPDF 3-4
  Mark Maybury
Designing and Evaluating Intelligent User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 5-6
  Kristina Höök
Intelligent Interface Agents BIBPDF 7
  Henry Lieberman

Plenary Address

Agent-Based Multimedia Interaction for Virtual Web Pages BIBPDF 11
  Wolfgang Wahlster

Information Retrieval Agents

Collapsible User Interfaces for Information Retrieval Agents BIBAKPDF 15-22
  Martin Frank; Pedro Szekely
Multi-Agent Learning Approach to WWW Information Retrieval using Neural Network BIBAKPDF 23-30
  Yong S. Choi; Suk I. Yoo
IBOTS: Agent Control Through the User Interface BIBAKPDF 31-37
  Luke S. Zettlemoyer; Robert St. Amant; Martin S. Dulberg
Butterfly: A Conversation-Finding Agent for Internet Relay Chat BIBAKPDF 39-41
  Neil W. Van Dyke; Henry Lieberman; Pattie Maes


Bridging Science and Applications BIBAKPDF 45-46
  Jude Shavlik; Lawrence Birnbaum; William Swartout; Eric Horvitz; Barbara Hayes-Roth

Collaborative Filtering and Collaborative Interfaces

Documentation Know-How Sharing by Automatic Process Tracking BIBAKPDF 49-56
  Kenji Satoh; Akitoshi Okumura
Collecting User Access Patterns for Building User Profiles and Collaborative Filtering BIBAKPDF 57-64
  Ahmad M. Ahmad Wasfi
Let's Browse: A Collaborative Web Browsing Agent BIBAKPDF 65-68
  Henry Lieberman; Neil W. Van Dyke; Adriana S. Vivacqua

Reactive and Adaptive Interfaces

Generating Mixed-Initiative Hypertexts: A Reactive Approach BIBAKPDF 71-78
  Berardina De Carolis
Making Systems Sensitive to the User's Time and Working Memory Constraints BIBAKPDF 79-86
  Anthony Jameson; Ralph Schafer; Thomas Weis; Andre Berthold; Thomas Weyrath
Adapting to User Preferences in Crisis Response BIBAKPDF 87-90
  Wayne Iba; Melinda Gervasio


IUI and Agents for the New Millennium BIBAKPDF 93-94
  Henry Lieberman; Jeffrey M. Bradshaw; Yolanda Gil; Ted Selker

Plenary Address

Collaborative, Spoken-Language Interface Agents BIBAPDF 97
  Candace L. Sidner; Daniel M. Coffman

Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces

Mixing Scripted Interaction with Task-Oriented Language Processing in a Conversational Interface BIBAKPDF 101-103
  Gene Ball
A Robust Selection System using Real-Time Multi-Modal User-Agent Interactions BIBAKPDF 105-108
  Katsumi Tanaka
User Acceptance of an Intelligent User Interface: A Rotorcraft Pilot's Associate Example BIBAKPDF 109-116
  Christopher A. Miller; Matthew D. Hannen

Visual and Plan-Based Interfaces

Intelligent Multi-Shot Visualization Interfaces for Dynamic 3D Worlds BIBAKPDF 119-126
  William H. Bares; James C. Lester
Integrating Organizational Memory and Performance Support BIBAKPDF 127-134
  Christopher Johnson; Larry Birnbaum; Ray Bareiss; Tom Hinrichs
Planning and User Interface Affordances BIBAKPDF 135-142
  Robert St. Amant

Programmable/Instructable Interfaces

Programming by Demonstration: An Inductive Learning Formulation BIBAKPDF 145-152
  Tessa A. Lau; Daniel S. Weld
InfoBeams -- Configuration of Personalized Information Assistants BIBAKPDF 153-156
  Mathias Bauer; Dietmar Dengler
An Instructable, Adaptive Interface for Discovering and Monitoring Information on the World-Wide Web BIBAKPDF 157-160
  Jude Shavlik; Susan Calcari; Tina Eliassi-Rad; Jack Solock

Model-Based Interfaces

Developing Adaptable Hypermedia BIBAKPDF 163-170
  Fabio Paterno; Cristiano Mancini
Towards a General Computational Framework for Model-Based Interface Development Systems BIBAKPDF 171-178
  Angel Puerta; Jacob Eisenstein

Plenary Address

Anticipating User's Needs: Redeeming Big Brother in the Information Age BIBPDF 181-182
  Kristian J. Hammond


ConCall: Edited and Adaptive Information Filtering BIBPDF 185
  Annika Wærn; Mark Tierney; Asa Rudsstrom; Jarmo Laaksolahti
Adaptive Support: The Intelligent Tour Guide BIBAKPDF 186
  Marc Rossel
Evaluating Adaptive Navigation Support BIBAKPDF 187
  Kristina Höök; Martin Svensson
STARzoom -- An Interactive Visual Database Interface BIBAKPDF 188
  Per Bruno; Viktor Ehrenberg; Lars Erik Holmquist
Visual Querying and Explanation of Recommendations from Collaborative Filtering Systems BIBAPDF 189
  Junichi Tatemura
Stack Search -- A Graphical Search Model BIBAKPDF 190
  Ted Skolnick
Opportunistic Exploration of Large Consumer Product Spaces BIBAKPDF 191
  Doug Bryan; Anatole Gershman
A Software Agent for Performance Improvement of Existing Information Retrieval Systems BIBAKPDF 192
  Bernard J. Jansen
Multilingual "Worldtrek" for Authoring and Comprehension BIBAKPDF 193
  Marie-Luce Picard; Eric Boudaillier
WordView: Understanding Words in Context BIBAKPDF 194
  Lorraine Normore; Mark Bendig; Carol Jean Godby
PESCE: A Visual Generator for Software Understanding BIBAKPDF 195
  Rogelio Adobbati; W. Lewis Johnson; Stacy Marsella
Visual Presentation Agents for 3D Environments BIBAKPDF 196
  Volker Paelke
A High-Level "Tasking" Interface for Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles BIBPDF 197
  Christopher A. Miller; Michael Pelican; Robert Goldman
Mobile Communication and Interaction in Context BIBAPDF 198
  Jo Herstad; Do Van Thanh; Jan Arild Audestad
A Contextual Analysis of Referring Gestures BIBPDF 199
  Frederic Wolff; Laurent Romary
The Optimization Assistant -- Helping Engineers Explore Designs through Collaboration BIBAKPDF 200
  Ted Long
StoryMat: A Play Space with Narrative Memories BIBAKPDF 201
  Kimiko Ryokai; Justine Cassell
Programming Constraint System by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 202
  Takashi Hattori