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Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:Jeffrey Nichols; Jalal Mahmud; John O'Donovan; Cristina Conati; Massimo Zancanaro
Location:Sonoma, California
Dates:2016-Mar-07 to 2016-Mar-10
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-4137-0; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: IUI16-1
Links:Conference Website
  1. IUI 2016-03-07 Volume 1
    1. Invited Speaker 1
    2. Social Media
    3. User Modelling
    4. Intelligent Visualizations
    5. Personalization
    6. IUI for Entertainment and Health
    7. Recommender Systems
    8. Wearable and Mobile IUI 1
    9. Invited Speaker 2
    10. Wearable and Mobile IUI 2
    11. Information Retrieval and Search
    12. IUI for Education and Training

IUI 2016-03-07 Volume 1

Invited Speaker 1

Past, Present, and Future of Recommender Systems: An Industry Perspective BIBAFull-Text 1
  Xavier Amatriain

Social Media

Predicting Attitude and Actions of Twitter Users BIBAFull-Text 2-6
  Jalal Mahmud; Geli Fei; Anbang Xu; Aditya Pal; Michelle Zhou
Encouraging Diversity- and Representation-Awareness in Geographically Centralized Content BIBAFull-Text 7-18
  Eduardo Graells-Garrido; Mounia Lalmas; Ricardo Baeza-Yates
TagFlip: Active Mobile Music Discovery with Social Tags BIBAFull-Text 19-30
  Mohsen Kamalzadeh; Christoph Kralj; Torsten Möller; Michael Sedlmair
Expense Control: A Gamified, Semi-Automated, Crowd-Based Approach For Receipt Capturing BIBAFull-Text 31-42
  Maximilian Altmeyer; Pascal Lessel; Antonio Krüger
Exploring User Attitudes Towards Different Approaches to Command Recommendation in Feature-Rich Software BIBAFull-Text 43-47
  Michelle Wiebe; Denise Y. Geiskkovitch; Andrea Bunt

User Modelling

Task Load Estimation and Mediation Using Psycho-physiological Measures BIBAFull-Text 48-59
  Rahul Rajan; Ted Selker; Ian Lane
What Belongs Together Comes Together: Activity-centric Document Clustering for Information Work BIBAFull-Text 60-70
  Alexander Seeliger; Benedikt Schmidt; Immanuel Schweizer; Max Mühlhäuser
Interactive Intent Modeling from Multiple Feedback Domains BIBAFull-Text 71-75
  Pedram Daee; Joel Pyykkö; Dorota Glowacka; Samuel Kaski
Inferring A Player's Need For Cognition From Hints BIBAFull-Text 76-79
  Carlos Pereira Santos; Vassilis-Javed Khan; Panos Markopoulos
Driver Classification Based on Driving Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 80-84
  Cheng Zhang; Mitesh Patel; Senaka Buthpitiya; Kent Lyons; Beverly Harrison; Gregory D. Abowd

Intelligent Visualizations

Adaptive Contextualization: Combating Bias During High-Dimensional Visualization and Data Selection BIBAFull-Text 85-95
  David Gotz; Shun Sun; Nan Cao
MultiConVis: A Visual Text Analytics System for Exploring a Collection of Online Conversations BIBAFull-Text 96-107
  Enamul Hoque; Giuseppe Carenini
Topic Modeling of Document Metadata for Visualizing Collaborations over Time BIBAFull-Text 108-117
  Francine Chen; Patrick Chiu; Seongtaek Lim
Rank As You Go: User-Driven Exploration of Search Results BIBAFull-Text 118-129
  Cecilia di Sciascio; Vedran Sabol; Eduardo E. Veas


Supporting Multitasking in Video Conferencing using Gaze Tracking and On-Screen Activity Detection BIBAFull-Text 130-134
  Daniel Avrahami; Eveline van Everdingen; Jennifer Marlow
Closing the Cognitive Gap between Humans and Interactive Narrative Agents Using Shared Mental Models BIBAFull-Text 135-146
  Rania Hodhod; Brian Magerko
No more Autobahn!: Scenic Route Generation Using Googles Street View BIBAFull-Text 147-151
  Nina Runge; Pavel Samsonov; Donald Degraen; Johannes Schöning
An Intelligent Interface for Learning Content: Combining an Open Learner Model and Social Comparison to Support Self-Regulated Learning and Engagement BIBAFull-Text 152-163
  Julio Guerra; Roya Hosseini; Sibel Somyurek; Peter Brusilovsky
User Trust in Intelligent Systems: A Journey Over Time BIBAFull-Text 164-168
  Daniel Holliday; Stephanie Wilson; Simone Stumpf
An Intelligent Assistant for High-Level Task Understanding BIBAFull-Text 169-174
  Ming Sun; Yun-Nung Chen; Alexander I. Rudnicky

IUI for Entertainment and Health

SleeveAR: Augmented Reality for Rehabilitation using Realtime Feedback BIBAFull-Text 175-185
  Maurício Sousa; João Vieira; Daniel Medeiros; Artur Arsenio; Joaquim Jorge
PlaylistPlayer: An Interface Using Multiple Criteria to Change the Playback Order of a Music Playlist BIBAFull-Text 186-190
  Tomoyasu Nakano; Jun Kato; Masahiro Hamasaki; Masataka Goto
Remind Me: An Adaptive Recommendation-Based Simulation of Biographic Associations BIBAFull-Text 191-195
  Dominik Gall; Jean-Luc Lugrin; Dennis Wiebusch; Marc Erich Latoschik
Empirically Studying Participatory Sense-Making in Abstract Drawing with a Co-Creative Cognitive Agent BIBAFull-Text 196-207
  Nicholas Davis; Chih-PIn Hsiao; Kunwar Yashraj Singh; Lisa Li; Brian Magerko
RelaWorld: Neuroadaptive and Immersive Virtual Reality Meditation System BIBAFull-Text 208-217
  Ilkka Kosunen; Mikko Salminen; Simo Järvelä; Antti Ruonala; Niklas Ravaja; Giulio Jacucci

Recommender Systems

The Effect of Privacy Concerns on Privacy Recommenders BIBAFull-Text 218-227
  Yuchen Zhao; Juan Ye; Tristan Henderson
Data Portraits and Intermediary Topics: Encouraging Exploration of Politically Diverse Profiles BIBAFull-Text 228-240
  Eduardo Graells-Garrido; Mounia Lalmas; Ricardo Baeza-Yates
ChordRipple: Recommending Chords to Help Novice Composers Go Beyond the Ordinary BIBAFull-Text 241-250
  Cheng-Zhi Anna Huang; David Duvenaud; Krzysztof Z. Gajos
Learning Item Temporal Dynamics for Predicting Buying Sessions BIBAFull-Text 251-255
  Veronika Bogina; Tsvi Kuflik; Osnat Mokryn
A Live-User Study of Opinionated Explanations for Recommender Systems BIBAFull-Text 256-260
  Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad; Aonghus Lawlor; Barry Smyth

Wearable and Mobile IUI 1

PanoSwarm: Collaborative and Synchronized Multi-Device Panoramic Photography BIBAFull-Text 261-270
  Yan Wang; Sunghyun Cho; Jue Wang; Shih-Fu Chang
Recognizing Human Actions in the Motion Trajectories of Shapes BIBAFull-Text 271-281
  Melissa Roemmele; Soja-Marie Morgens; Andrew S. Gordon; Louis-Philippe Morency
SCEPTRE: A Pervasive, Non-Invasive, and Programmable Gesture Recognition Technology BIBAFull-Text 282-293
  Prajwal Paudyal; Ayan Banerjee; Sandeep K. S. Gupta
Look at Me: Augmented Reality Pedestrian Warning System Using an In-Vehicle Volumetric Head Up Display BIBAFull-Text 294-298
  Hyungil Kim; Alexandre Miranda Anon; Teruhisa Misu; Nanxiang Li; Ashish Tawari; Kikuo Fujimura
Context Matters?: How Adding the Obfuscation Option Affects End Users' Data Disclosure Decisions BIBAFull-Text 299-304
  Jing Wang; Na Wang; Hongxia Jin

Invited Speaker 2

Socially-Sensitive Interfaces: From Offline Studies to Interactive Experiences BIBAFull-Text 305
  Elisabeth André

Wearable and Mobile IUI 2

Enhancing Audience Engagement in Performing Arts Through an Adaptive Virtual Environment with a Brain-Computer Interface BIBAFull-Text 306-316
  Shuo Yan; GangYi Ding; Hongsong Li; Ningxiao Sun; Yufeng Wu; Zheng Guan; Longfei Zhang; Tianyu Huang
Facial Expression Recognition in Daily Life by Embedded Photo Reflective Sensors on Smart Eyewear BIBAFull-Text 317-326
  Katsutoshi Masai; Yuta Sugiura; Masa Ogata; Kai Kunze; Masahiko Inami; Maki Sugimoto
Towards Using Mobile, Head-Worn Displays in Cultural Heritage: User Requirements and a Research Agenda BIBAFull-Text 327-331
  Natalia Vainstein; Tsvi Kuflik; Joel Lanir
SweepSense: Ad Hoc Configuration Sensing Using Reflected Swept-Frequency Ultrasonics BIBAFull-Text 332-335
  Gierad Laput; Xiang 'Anthony' Chen; Chris Harrison

Information Retrieval and Search

Chalkboarding: A New Spatiotemporal Query Paradigm for Sports Play Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 336-347
  Long Sha; Patrick Lucey; Yisong Yue; Peter Carr; Charlie Rohlf; Iain Matthews
AppGrouper: Knowledge-based Interactive Clustering Tool for App Search Results BIBAFull-Text 348-358
  Shuo Chang; Peng Dai; Lichan Hong; Cheng Sheng; Tianjiao Zhang; Ed H. Chi
Beyond Relevance: Adapting Exploration/Exploitation in Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 359-369
  Kumaripaba Athukorala; Alan Medlar; Antti Oulasvirta; Giulio Jacucci; Dorota Glowacka
A $-Family Friendly Approach to Prototype Selection BIBAFull-Text 370-374
  Corey Pittman; Eugene M., II Taranta; Joseph J., Jr. LaViola
Maximizing Correctness with Minimal User Effort to Learn Data Transformations BIBAFull-Text 375-384
  Bo Wu; Craig A. Knoblock

IUI for Education and Training

AutoManner: An Automated Interface for Making Public Speakers Aware of Their Mannerisms BIBAFull-Text 385-396
  M. Iftekhar Tanveer; Ru Zhao; Kezhen Chen; Zoe Tiet; Mohammed Ehsan Hoque
Desitra: A Simulator for Teaching Situated Decision Making in Dental Surgery BIBAFull-Text 397-401
  Narumol Vannaprathip; Peter Haddawy; Siriwan Suebnukarn; Patcharapon Sangsartra; Nunnapin Sasikhant; Sornram Sangutai
Toward Intelligent Tutorial Feedback in Surgical Simulation: Robust Outcome Scoring for Endodontic Surgery BIBAFull-Text 402-406
  Myat Su Yin; Peter Haddawy; Siriwan Suebnukarn; Phattanapon Rhienmora
ViZig: Anchor Points based Non-Linear Navigation and Summarization in Educational Videos BIBAFull-Text 407-418
  Kuldeep Yadav; Ankit Gandhi; Arijit Biswas; Kundan Shrivastava; Saurabh Srivastava; Om Deshmukh
AnalyticalInk: An Interactive Learning Environment for Math Word Problem Solving BIBAFull-Text 419-430
  Bo Kang; Arun Kulshreshth; Joseph J., Jr. LaViola