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Proceedings of the 2006 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:Cecile L. Paris; Candace L. Sider
Location:Sydney, Australia
Dates:2006-Jan-29 to 2006-Feb-01
Standard No:ISBN 1-59593-287-9; ACM Order Number: 608060; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI06
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  1. Invited talks
  2. Workshops
  3. Tutorials
  4. Gestural input
  5. Natural language in the interface
  6. Personal assistants I
  7. Recommendations I
  8. Multimedia and multimodality
  9. Ubiquitous computing
  10. Question answering
  11. Personal assistants 2
  12. Adaptation to users
  13. Recommendation 2
  14. Short papers

Invited talks

Interactive humanoids and androids as ideal interfaces for humans BIBAFull-Text 2-9
  Hiroshi Ishiguro
Meaningful interfaces in immersive environments BIBAFull-Text 10-11
  Jeffrey Shaw


Cognitive prostheses and assisted communication BIBAFull-Text 14
  Norman Alm; Shinji Abe; Noriaki Kuwahara
Workshop W2: multi-user and ubiquitous user interfaces (MU3I 2006) BIBAFull-Text 15
  Andreas Butz; Christian Kray; Antonio Kruger; Carsten Schwesig
Intelligent user interfaces for intelligence analysis BIBFull-Text 16
  Michelle X. Zhou; Mark Maybury
Workshop on effective multimodal dialogue interfaces BIBAFull-Text 17
  Lawrence Cavedon; Robert Dale; Fang Chen; David Traum


Introduction to human-robot interaction BIBAFull-Text 20
  Jean Scholtz; Holly A. Yanco; Jill L. Drury
Interfaces everywhere: interacting with the pervasive computer BIBAFull-Text 21
  Alois Ferscha; Clemens Holzmann; Michael Leitner
Constructive dialogue management for speech-based interaction systems BIBAFull-Text 22
  Kristiina Jokinen

Gestural input

Posture and activity silhouettes for self-reporting, interruption management, and attentive interfaces BIBAFull-Text 24-31
  Alejandro Jaimes
Head gesture recognition in intelligent interfaces: the role of context in improving recognition BIBAFull-Text 32-38
  Louis-Philippe Morency; Trevor Darrell
Eye-tracking to model and adapt to user meta-cognition in intelligent learning environments BIBAFull-Text 39-46
  Christina Merten; Cristina Conati

Natural language in the interface

Taking advantage of the situation: non-linguistic context for natural language interfaces to interactive virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 47-54
  Michael Fleischman; Eduard Hovy
Three phase verification for spoken dialog clarification BIBAFull-Text 55-61
  Sangkeun Jung; Cheongjae Lee; Gary Geunbae Lee
Automatic prediction of misconceptions in multilingual computer-mediated communication BIBAFull-Text 62-69
  Naomi Yamashita; Toru Ishida

Personal assistants I

Automatically classifying emails into activities BIBAFull-Text 70-77
  Mark Dredze; Tessa Lau; Nicholas Kushmerick
Linking messages and form requests BIBAFull-Text 78-85
  Anthony Tomasic; John Zimmerman; Isaac Simmons
A hybrid learning system for recognizing user tasks from desktop activities and email messages BIBAFull-Text 86-92
  Jianqiang Shen; Lida Li; Thomas G. Dietterich; Jonathan L. Herlocker

Recommendations I

Trust building with explanation interfaces BIBAFull-Text 93-100
  Pearl Pu; Li Chen
Is trust robust?: an analysis of trust-based recommendation BIBAFull-Text 101-108
  John O'Donovan; Barry Smyth
Detecting noise in recommender system databases BIBAFull-Text 109-115
  Michael P. O'Mahony; Neil J. Hurley; Guenole C. M. Silvestre

Multimedia and multimodality

Enabling context-sensitive information seeking BIBAFull-Text 116-123
  Michelle X. Zhou; Keith Houck; Shimei Pan; James Shaw; Vikram Aggarwal; Zhen Wen
Interactive multimedia summaries of evaluative text BIBAFull-Text 124-131
  Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond T. Ng; Adam Pauls
A conceptual framework for developing adaptive multimodal applications BIBAFull-Text 132-139
  Carlos Duarte; Luis Carrico

Ubiquitous computing

Direct manipulation of user interfaces for migration BIBAFull-Text 140-147
  Jose Pascual Molina Masso; Jean Vanderdonckt; Pascual Gonzalez Lopez
Structuralizing digital ink for efficient selection BIBAFull-Text 148-154
  Xiang Ao; Junfeng Li; Xugang Wang; Guozhong Dai

Question answering

Deriving quantitative overviews of free text assessments on the web BIBAFull-Text 155-162
  Timothy Chklovski
Towards intelligent QA interfaces: discourse processing for context questions BIBAFull-Text 163-170
  Mingyu Sun; Joyce Y. Chai
An intelligent discussion-bot for answering student queries in threaded discussions BIBAFull-Text 171-177
  Donghui Feng; Erin Shaw; Jihie Kim; Eduard Hovy

Personal assistants 2

Fewer clicks and less frustration: reducing the cost of reaching the right folder BIBAFull-Text 178-185
  Xinlong Bao; Jonathan L. Herlocker; Thomas G. Dietterich
Who's asking for help?: a Bayesian approach to intelligent assistance BIBAFull-Text 186-193
  Bowen Hui; Craig Boutilier
SWISH: semantic analysis of window titles and switching history BIBAFull-Text 194-201
  Nuria Oliver; Greg Smith; Chintan Thakkar; Arun C. Surendran

Adaptation to users

Augmentation-based learning: combining observations and user edits for programming-by-demonstration BIBAFull-Text 202-209
  Daniel Oblinger; Vittorio Castelli; Lawrence Bergman
Interactive learning of structural shape descriptions from automatically generated near-miss examples BIBAFull-Text 210-217
  Tracy Hammond; Randall Davis
Recognizing user interest and document value from reading and organizing activities in document triage BIBAFull-Text 218-225
  Rajiv Badi; Soonil Bae; J. Michael Moore; Konstantinos Meintanis; Anna Zacchi; Haowei Hsieh; Frank Shipman; Catherine C. Marshall
A goal-oriented interface to consumer electronics using planning and commonsense reasoning BIBAFull-Text 226-233
  Henry Lieberman; Jose Espinosa

Recommendation 2

Debugging user interface descriptions of knowledge-based recommender applications BIBAFull-Text 234-241
  Alexander Felfernig; Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin
Social summarization of text feedback for online auctions and interactive presentation of the summary BIBAFull-Text 242-249
  Yoshinori Hijikata; Hanako Ohno; Yukitaka Kusumura; Shogo Nishida
Automatic construction of personalized customer interfaces BIBAFull-Text 250-257
  Bob Price; Russ Greiner; Gerald Haubl; Alden Flatt

Short papers

What's on tonight: user-centered and situation-aware proposals for TV programmes BIBAFull-Text 258-260
  Bernd Ludwig; Stefan Mandl; Sebastian von Mammen
Mixing robotic realities BIBAFull-Text 261-263
  Mauro Dragone; Thomas Holz; Gregory M. P. O'Hare
Splitting rules for graceful degradation of user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 264-266
  Murielle Florins; Francisco Montero Simarro; Jean Vanderdonckt; Benjamin Michotte
Group recommender systems: a critiquing based approach BIBAFull-Text 267-269
  Kevin McCarthy; Maria Salamo; Lorcan Coyle; Lorraine McGinty; Barry Smyth; Paddy Nixon
Creating multiplatform user interfaces by annotation and adaptation BIBAFull-Text 270-272
  Yun Ding; Heiner Litz
Evaluating stories in narrative-based interfaces BIBAFull-Text 273-275
  Daniel Goncalves; Joaquim A. Jorge
Topic modeling in fringe word prediction for AAC BIBAFull-Text 276-278
  Keith Trnka; Debra Yarrington; Kathleen McCoy; Christopher Pennington
The delivery of multimedia presentations in a graphical user interface environment BIBAFull-Text 279-281
  Nathalie Colineau; Julien Phalip; Andrew Lampert
iCARE: intelligent customer assistance for recommending eyewear BIBAFull-Text 282-284
  Edwin Costello; John Doody; Lorraine McGinty; Barry Smyth
Interactive prototyping for ubiquitous augmented reality user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 285-287
  Otmar Hilliges; Christian Sandor; Gudrun Klinker
PastMaster@storytelling: a controlled interface for interactive drama BIBAFull-Text 288-290
  Nicolas Szilas; Manolya Kavakli
When Media Gets Wise: collaborative filtering with mobile media agents BIBAFull-Text 291-293
  Mattias Jacobsson; Mattias Rost; Lars Erik Holmquist
MapTable: a tactical command and control interface BIBAFull-Text 294-296
  Fan Yang; Christopher Baber
Presence based collaborative recommender for networked audiovisual displays BIBAFull-Text 297-299
  James H. Errico; Ibrahim Sezan
A TV agent system that integrates knowledge and answers users' questions BIBAFull-Text 300-302
  Jun Goto; Masaru Miyazaki; Takeshi Kobayakawa; Nobuyuki Hiruma; Noriyoshi Uratani
A cognitively based approach to affect sensing from text BIBAFull-Text 303-305
  Mostafa Al Masum Shaikh; Prendinger Helmut; Mitsuru Ishizuka
Audio subtle expressions affecting user's perceptions BIBAFull-Text 306-308
  Takanori Komatsu
A task-driven user interface architecture for ambient intelligent environments BIBAFull-Text 309-311
  Tim Clerckx; Chris Vandervelpen; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx
An approach to adaptive user interfaces using interactive media systems BIBAFull-Text 312-314
  Mithilesh Kumar; Akhilesh Gupta; Sharad Saha
Intelligent fridge poetry magnets BIBAFull-Text 315-317
  Kavita Thomas; Pierre Proske; Mattias Rickardsson
Designing an intelligent user interface for instructional video indexing and browsing BIBAFull-Text 318-320
  Lijun Tang; John R. Kender
Training a training system BIBAFull-Text 321-323
  Debbie Richards; Nicolas Szilas
Multimodal error correction for continuous handwriting recognition in pen-based user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 324-326
  Xugang Wang; Junfeng Li; Xiang Ao; Gang Wang; Guozhong Dai
Inducing shortcuts on a mobile phone interface BIBAFull-Text 327-329
  Robert Bridle; Eric McCreath
A multi modal supporting tool for multi lingual communication by inducing partner's reply BIBAFull-Text 330-332
  Kazunori Imoto; Munehiko Sasajima; Taishii Shimomori; Noriko Yamanaka; Makoto Yajima; Yasuyuki Masai
Modeling gaze behavior for a 3D ECA in a dialogue situation BIBAFull-Text 333-335
  Gaspard Breton; Danielle Pele; Christophe Garcia
Modality preferences in mobile and instrumented environments BIBAFull-Text 336-338
  Rainer Wasinger; Antonio Kruger
Investigating the relation between robot bodily expressions and their impression on the user BIBAFull-Text 339-341
  Abdelaziz Khiat; Masataka Toyota; Yoshio Matsumoto; Tsukasa Ogasawara
Recovering semantic relations from web pages based on visual cues BIBAFull-Text 342-344
  Peifeng Xiang; Yuanchun Shi
Geometric anticipation: assisting users in 2D layout tasks BIBAFull-Text 345-347
  Jessi Stumpfel; James Arvo; Kevin Novins
Augmenting kitchen appliances with a shared context using knowledge about daily events BIBAFull-Text 348-350
  Chia-Hsun Jackie Lee; Leonardo Bonanni; Jose H. Espinosa; Henry Lieberman; Ted Selker
Multimodal interaction styles for hypermedia adaptation BIBAFull-Text 351-353
  Ronnie Taib; Natalie Ruiz
Activity-oriented context-aware adaptation assisting mobile geo-spatial activities BIBAFull-Text 354-356
  Guoray Cai; Yinkun Xue
Constraint-based livespaces configuration management BIBAFull-Text 357-359
  Markus Stumptner; Bruce Thomas
How to talk to a hologram BIBAFull-Text 360-362
  Anton Leuski; Jarrell Pair; David Traum; Peter J. McNerney; Panayiotis Georgiou; Ronakkumar Patel
Intelligent drawing correction using place vocabulary constraints BIBAFull-Text 363-365
  Ronald W. Ferguson; Neil Cutshaw; Huzaifa Zafar
Are two talking heads better than one?: when should use more than one agent in e-learning? BIBAFull-Text 366-368
  Hua Wang; Mark Chignell; Mitsuru Ishizuka
Improving question-answering with linking dialogues BIBAFull-Text 369-371
  Sudeep Gandhe; Andrew S. Gordon; David Traum
Ambient Display using Musical Effects BIBAFull-Text 372-374
  Luke Barrington; Michael J. Lyons; Dominique Diegmann; Shinji Abe