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Proceedings of the 2009 International Symposium on Wikis

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2009 International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration
Editors:Dirk Riehle; Amy Bruckman
Location:Orlando, Florida, USA
Dates:2009-Oct-25 to 2009-Oct-27
Standard No:ISBN 1-60558-730-3, 978-1-60558-730-1; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ISW09
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  1. Invited talks: opening keynote
  2. Invited talks: closing keynote
  3. Research papers: Learning and social context
  4. Research papers: Visualization
  5. Research papers: Understanding Wikipedia
  6. Research papers: Programming and analysis tools
  7. Research papers: Interface tools
  8. Research papers: Quality and credibility
  9. Short research papers: Quality and credibility
  10. Short research papers: Understanding Wikipedia
  11. Experience reports: Learning and social context
  12. Posters
  13. Panels
  14. Workshops
  15. Tutorials
  16. Demos

Invited talks: opening keynote

Visualizing the inner lives of texts BIBAFull-TextPDF 1
  Fernanda Viégas; Martin Wattenberg

Invited talks: closing keynote

Community performance optimization: making your people run as smoothly as your site BIBAFull-TextPDF 2
  Brion Vibber

Research papers: Learning and social context

Understanding learning: the Wiki way BIBAKFull-TextPDF 3
  Joachim Kimmerle; Johannes Moskaliuk; Ulrike Cress

Research papers: Visualization

rv you're dumb: identifying discarded work in Wiki article history BIBAKFull-TextPDF 4
  Michael D. Ekstrand; John T. Riedl
Bipartite networks of Wikipedia's articles and authors: a meso-level approach BIBAKFull-TextPDF 5
  Rut Jesus; Martin Schwartz; Sune Lehmann
SAVVY Wiki: a context-oriented collaborative knowledge management system BIBAKFull-TextPDF 6
  Takafumi Nakanishi; Koji Zettsu; Yutaka Kidawara; Yasushi Kiyoki

Research papers: Understanding Wikipedia

Herding the cats: the influence of groups in coordinating peer production BIBAKFull-TextPDF 7
  Aniket Kittur; Bryan Pendleton; Robert E. Kraut
The singularity is not near: slowing growth of Wikipedia BIBAKFull-TextPDF 8
  Bongwon Suh; Gregorio Convertino; Ed H. Chi; Peter Pirolli

Research papers: Programming and analysis tools

Lively Wiki a development environment for creating and sharing active web content BIBAKFull-TextPDF 9
  Robert Krahn; Dan Ingalls; Robert Hirschfeld; Jens Lincke; Krzysztof Palacz
Adessowiki on-line collaborative scientific programming platform BIBAKFull-TextPDF 10
  Roberto A. Lotufo; Rubens C. Machado; André Körbes; Rafael G. Ramos
Measuring the wikisphere BIBAKFull-TextPDF 11
  Jeff Stuckman; James Purtilo

Research papers: Interface tools

An architecture to support intelligent user interfaces for Wikis by means of Natural Language Processing BIBAKFull-TextPDF 12
  Johannes Hoffart; Torsten Zesch; Iryna Gurevych
Social search and need-driven knowledge sharing in Wikis with Woogle BIBAKFull-TextPDF 13
  Hans-Jörg Happel
Wikibugs: using template messages in open content collections BIBAKFull-TextPDF 14
  Loris Gaio; Matthijs den Besten; Alessandro Rossi; Jean-Michel Dalle

Research papers: Quality and credibility

A jury of your peers: quality, experience and ownership in Wikipedia BIBAKFull-TextPDF 15
  Aaron Halfaker; Aniket Kittur; Robert Kraut; John Riedl
Assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles with lifecycle based metrics BIBAKFull-TextPDF 16
  Thomas Wöhner; Ralf Peters

Short research papers: Quality and credibility

Wiki credibility enhancement BIBAKFull-TextPDF 17
  Felix Halim; Wu Yongzheng; Roland Yap

Short research papers: Understanding Wikipedia

Organizing the vision for web 2.0: a study of the evolution of the concept in Wikipedia BIBAKFull-TextPDF 18
  Arnaud Gorgeon; E. Burton Swanson

Experience reports: Learning and social context

Experience report -- Wiki for law firms BIBAFull-TextPDF 19
  Urs Egli; Peter Sommerlad
knowIT, a semantic informatics knowledge management system BIBAKFull-TextPDF 20
  Laurent Alquier; Keith McCormick; Ed Jaeger


Visualizing intellectual connections among philosophers using the hyperlink & semantic data from Wikipedia BIBAKFull-TextPDF 21
  Sofia J. Athenikos; Xia Lin
Cosmos: a Wiki data management system BIBAKFull-TextPDF 22
  Qinyi Wu; Calton Pu; Danesh Irani
WiSyMon: managing systems monitoring information in semantic Wikis BIBAKFull-TextPDF 23
  Frank Kleiner; Andreas Abecker; Sven F. Brinkmann
Wikis to support collaborative web spaces to promote youth well-being BIBAFull-TextPDF 24
  Shahper Vodanovich; Max Rohde; Ching-shen Dong; David Sundaram
Wikipublisher: a print-on-demand Wiki BIBAKFull-TextPDF 25
  John Rankin; Craig Anslow; James Noble; Brenda Chawner; Donald Gordon
DynaTable: a Wiki extension for structured data BIBAKFull-TextPDF 26
  Carrie Arnold; Todd Fleming; David Largent; Chris Lüer
Leveraging crowdsourcing heuristics to improve search in Wikipedia BIBAFull-TextPDF 27
  Yasser Ganjisaffar; Sara Javanmardi; Cristina Lopes
Evaluating the trustworthiness of Wikipedia articles through quality and credibility BIBAKFull-TextPDF 28
  Sai T. Moturu; Huan Liu
Comparison of middle school, high school and community college students' Wiki activity in Globaloria-West Virginia: (pilot year-two) BIBAKFull-TextPDF 29
  Rebecca Reynolds; Idit Harel Caperton
The social roles of bots and assisted editing programs BIBAKFull-TextPDF 30
  R. Stuart Geiger
Incremental knowledge acquisition in software development using a weakly-typed Wiki BIBAKFull-TextPDF 31
  Filipe F. Correia; Hugo S. Ferreira; Nuno Flores; Ademar Aguiar
Pre-service teachers' experiences with Wiki: challenges of asynchronous collaboration BIBAKFull-TextPDF 32
  Diler Öner
Increasing the accuracy of Wiki searches using semantic knowledge engine and semantic archivist BIBAKFull-TextPDF 33
  Gretchen Lowerison; Michael Lowerison
Collective intelligence approach for formulating a BOK of social informatics, an interdisciplinary field of study BIBAKFull-TextPDF 34
  Yoshifumi Masunaga; Yoshiyuki Shoji; Kazunari Ito
Understanding information sharing in software development through Wiki log analysis BIBAKFull-TextPDF 35
  Ammy Jiranida Phuwanartnurak; David G. Hendry


Creating "the Wikipedia of pros and cons" BIBAKFull-TextPDF 36
  Brooks Lindsay


Workshop on why Wikis work BIBAKFull-TextPDF 37
  Christoph Schneider
Half-day workshop on "the value of corporate Wikis" BIBAFull-TextPDF 38
  Lakshmi Goel; Iris Junglas
Wikis4SE 2009: wikis for software engineering BIBAKFull-TextPDF 39
  Ademar Aguiar; Nuno Flores; Paulo Merson


Measuring Wikipedia: a hands-on tutorial BIBAKFull-TextPDF 40
  Luca de Alfaro; Felipe Ortega
Tutorial on agile documentation with Wikis BIBAKFull-TextPDF 41
  Ademar Aguiar


3DWiki: the 3D Wiki engine BIBAKFull-TextPDF 42
  Jacek Jankowski; Marek Jozwowicz; Yolanda Cobos; Bill McDaniel; Stefan Decker
ProveIt: a new tool for supporting citation in MediaWiki BIBAFull-TextPDF 43
  Kurt Luther; Matthew Flaschen; Andrea Forte; Christopher Jordan; Amy Bruckman
Suffr: democratic control of computing infrastructure BIBAKFull-TextPDF 44
  Kirk Zurell