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Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on Wikis

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on Wikis
Editors:James Noble
Location:Odense, Denmark
Dates:2006-Aug-21 to 2006-Aug-23
Standard No:ISBN 1-59593-413-8; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ISW06
Links:Symposium Home Page | Online Proceedings | Symposium Series Home Page
  1. Invited talks
  2. Panel
  3. Research papers
  4. Practitioner report
  5. Workshops
  6. 2006 Demos
  7. 2005 Demos

Invited talks

How and why Wikipedia works BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 1-2
  Angela Beesley
How and why Wikipedia works: an interview with Angela Beesley, Elisabeth Bauer, and Kizu Naoko BIBAFull-TextPDFHTML 3-8
  Dirk Riehle
Intimate information: organic hypertext structure and incremental formalization for everyone's everyday tasks BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 9-10
  Mark Bernstein
The augmented Wiki BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 11-12
  Doug Engelbart; Eugene E. Kim
Design principles of wiki: how can so little do so much? BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 13-14
  Ward Cunningham


Wiki uses in teaching and learning BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 15-16
  Sheizaf Rafaeli
The future of Wikis BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 17-18
  Eugene Eric Kim

Research papers

Translation the Wiki way BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 19-32
  Alain Désilets; Lucas Gonzalez; Sébastien Paquet; Marta Stojanovic
The Radeox Wiki render engine BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 33-36
  Matthias L. Jugel; Stephan J. Schmidt
Is there a space for the teacher in a WIKI? BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 37-46
  Andreas Lund; Ole Smørdal
WikiTrails: augmenting Wiki structure for collaborative, interdisciplinary learning BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 47-58
  Silvan Reinhold
Foucault@Wiki: first steps towards a conceptual framework for the analysis of Wiki discourses BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 59-68
  Christian Pentzold; Sebastian Seidenglanz
SweetWiki: semantic web enabled technologies in Wiki BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 69-78
  Michel Buffa; Fabien Gandon
Towards Wikis as semantic hypermedia BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 79-88
  Robert Tolksdorf; Elena Paslaru Bontas Simperl
Constrained Wiki: an Oxymoron? BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 89-98
  Angelo Di Iorio; Stefano Zacchiroli
Corporate wiki users: results of a survey BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 99-104
  Ann Majchrzak; Christian Wagner; Dave Yates
PoliticWiki: exploring communal politics BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 105-118
  Kevin Makice

Practitioner report

Wikis of locality: insights from the open guides BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 119-126
  Mark Gaved; Tom Heath; Marc Eisenstadt


Workshop on Wikipedia research BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 127-128
  Jakob Voss
Wiki markup standard workshop BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 129-130
  Christoph Sauer; Chuck Smith; Tomas Benz; A Prof. Dr.
How to use a Wiki in education: 'Wiki based effective constructive learning' BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 131-132
  Michele Notari
Wiki-based knowledge engineering: second workshop on semantic Wikis BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 133-134
  Max Völkel; Sebastian Schaffert; Elena Pasaru-Bontas; Sören Auer

2006 Demos

SweetWiki: semantic web enabled technologies in Wiki BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 135-136
  Michel Buffa; Fabien Gandon
Semantic Wikipedia BIBAFull-TextPDFWiki Page 137-138
  Heiko Haller; Markus Krötzsch; Max Völkel; Denny Vrandecic

2005 Demos

WikiGateway: a toolbox for making software that reads and writes Wikis BIBKFull-TextPDF 139-140
  Bayle Shanks
SemWiki: a RESTful distributed Wiki architecture BIBAFull-TextPDF 141-142
  Max Völkel
OntoWiki: community-driven ontology engineering and ontology usage based on Wikis BIBAFull-TextPDF 143-144
  Martin Hepp; Daniel Bachlechner; Katharina Siorpaes