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Proceedings of the 20th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the 20th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Nicholas J. Belkin; A. Desai Narasimalu; Peter Willet
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dates:1997-Jul-27 to 1997-Jul-31
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-836-3; ACM Order Number 606970; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR97
  1. Gerard Salton Award for Excellence in Research in Information Retrieval: Acceptance Speech
  2. Keynote Address
  3. Relevance Feedback
  4. Chinese Language Retrieval
  5. Classification Methods
  6. Cross-Language Retrieval
  7. Formal Models
  8. Natural Language Processing
  9. Text Structures
  10. User Issues 1
  11. Asian Languages
  12. User Issues 2
  13. Combination Techniques
  14. Image Retrieval
  15. Query Expansion
  16. Panel Session
  17. Posters
  18. Tutorials: Descriptions
  19. Pre-Conference Workshop
  20. Post-Conference Workshops

Gerard Salton Award for Excellence in Research in Information Retrieval: Acceptance Speech

USERS LOST: Reflections on the Past, Future and Limits of Information Science BIBPDF 1-2
  Tefko Saracevic

Keynote Address

Information Retrieval with a Dictionary BIB 3
  George A. Miller

Relevance Feedback

Fast and Effective Query Refinement BIBAPDFPDF 6-15
  Bienvenido Velez; Ron Weiss; Mark A. Sheldon; David K. Gifford
On Relevance Weights with Little Relevance Information BIBAPDF 16-24
  S. E. Robertson; S. Walker
Learning Routing Queries in a Query Zone BIBAPDF 25-32
  Amit Singhal; Mandar Mitra; Chris Buckley

Chinese Language Retrieval

Comparing Representations in Chinese Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 34-41
  K. L. Kwok
Chinese Text Retrieval Without Using a Dictionary BIBAPDF 42-49
  Aitao Chen; Jianzhang He; Liangjie Xu; Fredric C. Gey; Jason Meggs
PAT-Tree-Based Keyword Extraction for Chinese Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 50-58
  Lee-Feng Chien

Classification Methods

Almost-Constant-Time Clustering of Arbitrary Corpus Subsets BIBAPDF 60-66
  Craig Silverstein; Jan O. Pedersen
Feature Selection, Perceptron Learning, and a Usability Case Study for Text Categorization BIBAPDF 67-73
  Hwee Tou Ng; Wei Boon Goh; Kok Leong Low
Projections for Efficient Document Clustering BIBAPDF 74-81
  Hinrich Schutze; Craig Silverstein

Cross-Language Retrieval

Phrasal Translation and Query Expansion Techniques for Cross-Language Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 84-91
  Lisa Ballesteros; W. Bruce Croft
QUILT: Implementing a Large-Scale Cross-Language Text Retrieval System BIBAPDF 92-98
  Mark W. Davis; William C. Ogden
Cross-Language Speech Retrieval: Establishing a Baseline Performance BIBAPDF 99-108
  Paraic Sheridan; Martin Wechsler; Peter Schauble

Formal Models

Dempster-Shafer's Theory of Evidence Applied to Structured Documents: Modelling Uncertainty BIBAPDF 110-118
  Mounia Lalmas
Computationally Tractable Probabilistic Modelling of Boolean Operators BIBAPDF 119-128
  Warren R. Greiff; W. Bruce Croft; Howard Turtle
A Method for Monolingual Thesauri Merging BIBAPDF 129-138
  Marios Sintichakis; Panos Constantopoulos

Natural Language Processing

Textual Context Analysis for Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 140-147
  Mark A. Stairmand
Effective Use of Natural Language Processing Techniques for Automatic Conflation of Multi-Word Terms: The Role of Derivational Morphology, Part of Speech Tagging, and Shallow Parsing BIBAPDF 148-155
  Evelyne Tzoukermann; Judith L. Klavans; Christian Jacquemin
Guessing Morphology from Terms and Corpora BIBAPDF 156-165
  Christian Jacquemin

Text Structures

Optimal Demand-Oriented Topology for Hypertext Systems BIBAPDF 168-177
  Scott Aaronson
Passage Retrieval Revisited BIBAPDF 178-185
  Marcin Kaszkiel; Justin Zobel
Exploration of Text Collections with Hierarchical Feature Maps BIBAPDF 186-195
  Dieter Merkl

User Issues 1

Users' Perception of the Performance of a Filtering System BIBAPDF 198-205
  Raya Fidel; Michael Crandall
Time, Relevance and Interaction Modelling for Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 206-213
  M. D. Dunlop

Asian Languages

How to Read Less and Know More -- Approximate OCR for Thai BIBAPDF 216-225
  Doug Cooper
Overlapping Statistical Word Indexing: A New Indexing Method for Japanese Text BIBAPDF 226-234
  Yasushi Ogawa; Toru Matsuda

User Issues 2

Effectiveness of a Graphical Display of Retrieval Results BIBAPDF 236-245
  Aravindan Veerasamy; Russell Heikes
Cat-a-Cone: An Interactive Interface for Specifying Searches and Viewing Retrieval Results Using a Large Category Hierarchy BIBAPDF 246-255
  Marti A. Hearst; Chandu Karadi

Combination Techniques

A Probabilistic Model for Distributed Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 258-266
  Christoph Baumgarten
Analyses of Multiple Evidence Combination BIBAPDF 267-276
  Joon Ho Lee

Image Retrieval

Image Retrieval by Appearance BIBAPDF 278-285
  S. Ravela; R. Manmatha
Using Semantic Contents and WordNet in Image Retrieval BIBAPDF 286-295
  Y. Alp Aslandogan; Chuck Thier; Clement T. Yu; Jon Zou; Naphtali Rishe
Image Retrieval by Hypertext Links BIBAPDF 296-303
  V. Harmandas; M. Sanderson; M. D. Dunlop

Query Expansion

Automatic Feedback Using Past Queries: Social Searching? BIBAPDF 306-313
  Larry Fitzpatrick; Mei Dent
Exploiting Clustering and Phrases for Context-Based Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 314-323
  Peter Anick; Shivakumar Vaithyanathan
The Potential and Actual Effectiveness of Interactive Query Expansion BIBAPDF 324-332
  Mark Magennis; Cornelis J. van Rijsbergen

Panel Session

Real Life Information Retrieval: Commercial Search Engines BIBAPDF 333
  Michael Lesk; Doug Cutting; Jan Pedersen; Terry Noreault; Matt Koll


ACHIRA: Automatic Construction of Hypertexts for Information Retrieval Applications BIBA 335
  M. Agosti; L. Benfante; M. Melucci
Semantic Search and Semantic Categorization BIBA 335
  Hsinchun Chen; Andrea L. Houston; Robin R. Sewell; Bruce R. Schatz
Visual SOM BIBA 336
  Hsinchun Chen; Marshall Ramsey; Terry R. Smith
Hypertext vs. Boolean-Based Searching in a Bibliographic Database Environment: A Direct Comparison of Searcher Performance BIBA 336
  Alexandra Dimitroff; Dietmar Wolfram
Searching Behavior in the GIRAFFE Ranked Retrieval System BIBA 336
  Efthimis N. Efthimiadis
Query Improvement for Information Retrieval Using Niching Genetic Algorithm BIBA 337
  Giovanni Fanduiz; Manjula Krishnan; Yaneth Prada; B. Buckles; F. Petry; D. Kraft
An Exploratory Study of IR Interaction for User Interface Design BIBA 337
  Preben Hansen
Lessons Learned in an Informal Usability Study BIBA 337
  Dawn M. Hoffman; Laura L. Downey
Integrating a Thesaurus for Rule Induction in Text Classification BIBA 338
  Markus Junker; Andreas Abecker
Non-Linear Information Retrieval in Multidimensional Computer-Assisted Learning Environments BIBA 338
  Slava Kalyuga
An Approach for Text Information Retrieval, Browsing, and Extraction Using Discourse Level Structure BIBA 338
  Noriko Kando
Representing Search Results in Three Dimensions with Local Latent Semantic Indexing BIBA 338-339
  Michael H. Miller
Exploring the Similarity Space BIBA 339
  Alistair Moffat; Justin Zobel
An Investigation of Subword Unit Representations for Spoken Document Retrieval BIBA 339
  Kenney Ng; Victor W. Zue
Task-Based Training and User Performance on Full Text Retrieval BIBA 339-340
  Mary Ellen Okurowski; Kevin Ward Drummey; Ellen Powell; Shannon Williams Cobb; Andrew McCabe; Jacklyn R. Kennedy; David S. Lucas
Dynamic Organization of Search Results Using a Taxonomic Domain Model BIBA 340
  Wanda Pratt; Larry Fagan; Marti Hearst
An Investigation of Mental Models and Information Seeking Behavior in a Novel Task BIBA 340
  Pamela Savage; Nicholas Belkin; Colleen Cool; Hong Xie
Efficient Multiple Database Search through the Optimal Use of a Multiprocessor BIBA 340
  Toru Takaki; Tsuyoshi Kitani
When Does It Make Sense to Linearly Combine Relevance Scores? BIBA 341
  Christopher C. Vogt

Tutorials: Descriptions

Algorithmic and Cognitive Approaches for Information Retrieval BIBA 343
  Peter Ingwersen; Peter Willett
Multimedia Information Retrieval BIBA 343
  Norbert Fuhr
Software Agents for Information Retrieval BIBA 343
  Tim Finin; James Mayfield; Charles Nicholas
Cross-Language Information Retrieval BIBA 343-344
  Douglas W. Oard
Information Retrieval Systems: Research and Design Methods BIBA 344
  Raya Fidel; Philip J. Smith
Machine Learning for Information Retrieval BIBA 344
  David D. Lewis
Evaluation of IR Systems BIBA 344
  William R. Hersh; Stephen E. Robertson
Implementation of High Performance Information Retrieval Systems BIBA 344
  Alistair Moffat; Justin Zobel

Pre-Conference Workshop

Education and Curriculum Development for Multimedia, Hypertext, and Information Access: Focus on DL and IR BIBA 345
  Edward Fox

Post-Conference Workshops

Beyond Word Relations BIBA 345
  Beth Hetzler
Networked Information Retrieval BIBA 345
  Jamie Callan; Chris Buckley; Norbert Fuhr
Summarization and Visualization for IR: Reducing the Information Overload BIBA 346
  James Allan; Amit Singhal
Crosslingual Information Retrieval BIBA 346
  Jaime Carbonell; Yiming Yang