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Proceedings of the 19th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the 19th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Hans-Peter Frei; Donna Harman; Peter Schauble; Ross Wilkinson
Location:Zurich, Switzerland
Dates:1996-Aug-18 to 1996-Aug-22
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-792-8; ACM Order Number 606960; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR96
  1. Keynote Address
  2. Experimental Studies
  3. Language
  4. Visualization
  5. Architecture
  6. User Studies
  7. Efficiency
  8. Multimedia IR
  9. Query Refinement
  10. Logic
  11. Asian Languages
  12. Modeling
  13. Filtering
  14. Categorization
  15. User Studies
  16. Panel
  17. System Demonstrations: Abstracts
  18. Posters: Abstracts
  19. Post-Conference Research Workshops

Keynote Address

The Network Computer BIBAPDF 2
  Andy Hopper

Experimental Studies

Query Expansion Using Local and Global Document Analysis BIBAPDF 4-11
  Jinxi Xu; W. Bruce Croft
The Design of a High Performance Information Filtering System BIBAPDF 12-20
  Timothy A. H. Bell; Alistair Moffat
Pivoted Document Length Normalization BIBAPDF 21-29
  Amit Singhal; Chris Buckley; Mandar Mitra
Retrieving Spoken Documents by Combining Multiple Index Sources BIBAPDF 30-38
  G. J. F. Jones; J. T. Foote; K. Sparck Jones; S. J. Young


Viewing Stemming as Recall Enhancement BIBAPDF 40-48
  Wessel Kraaij; Renee Pohlmann
Querying Across Languages: A Dictionary-based Approach to Multilingual Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 49-57
  David A. Hull; Gregory Grefenstette
Experiments in Multilingual Information Retrieval using the SPIDER System BIBAPDF 58-65
  Paraic Sheridan; Jean Paul Ballerini


Visualizing Search Results: Some Alternatives to Query-Document Similarity BIBAPDF 67-75
  Lucy Terry Nowell; Robert K. France; Deborah Hix; Lenwood S. Heath; Edward A. Fox
Reexamining the Cluster Hypothesis: Scatter/Gather on Retrieval Results BIBAPDF 76-84
  Marti A. Hearst; Jan O. Pedersen
Evaluation of a Tool for Visualization of Information Retrieval Results BIBAPDF 85-92
  Aravindan Veerasamy; Nicholas J. Belkin


An Architecture for Implementing Extensible Information-Seeking Environments BIBAPDF 94-100
  David G. Hendry; David J. Harper
Document Retrieval Facilities for Repository-Based System Development Environments BIBAPDF 101-109
  Andreas Henrich
Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Architecture for Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 110-118
  Brendon Cahoon; Kathryn S. McKinley

User Studies

Elicitations During Information Retrieval: Implications for IR System Design BIBAPDF 120-127
  Amanda Spink; Abby Goodrum; David Robins; Mei Mei Wu
Evaluating User Interfaces to Informations Retrieval Systems: A Case Study on User Support BIBAPDF 128-136
  Giorgio Brajnik; Stefano Mizzaro; Carlo Tasso


Efficient Processing of One and Two Dimensional Proximity Queries in Associative Memory BIBAPDF 138-146
  K. L. Liu; G. J. Lipovski; C. Yu; Naphtali Rishe
Efficient Transaction Support for Dynamic Information Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 147-155
  Mohan Kamath; Krithi Ramamritham

Multimedia IR

Image Organization and Retrieval with Automatically Constructed Feature Vectors BIBAPDF 157-165
  Kyung-Ah Han; Sung-Hyun Myaeng
Phonetic String Matching: Lessons from Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 166-172
  Justin Zobel; Philip Dart

Query Refinement

Experiments on Using Semantic Distances between Words in Image Caption Retrieval BIBAPDF 174-180
  Alan F. Smeaton; Ian Quigley
Automatic Linking of Thesauri BIBAPDF 181-186
  S. Amba; N. Narasimhamurthi; Kevin C. O'Kane; Philip M. Turner
A New Method of Weighting Query Terms for Ad-Hoc Retrieval BIBAPDF 187-195
  K. L. Kwok


A Relevance Terminological Logic for Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 197-205
  Carlo Meghini; Umberto Straccia
Retrieval of Complex Objects Using a Four-Valued Logic BIBAPDF 206-214
  Thomas Rolleke; Norbert Fuhr

Asian Languages

Using n-Grams for Korean Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 216-224
  Joon Ho Lee; Jeong Soo Ahn
On Chinese Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 225-233
  Jian-Yun Nie; Martin Brisebois; Xiaobo Ren


A Deductive Data Model for Query Expansion BIBAPDF 235-243
  Kalervo Jarvelin; Jaana Kristensen; Timo Niemi; Eero Sormunen; Heikki Keskustalo
An Application of Plausible Reasoning to Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 244-252
  Farhad Oroumchian; Robert N. Oddy
A Belief Network Model for IR BIBAPDF 253-260
  Berthier A. N. Ribeiro; Richard Muntz


Document Filtering with Inference Networks BIBAPDF 262-269
  Jamie Callan
Incremental Relevance Feedback for Information Filtering BIBAPDF 270-278
  James Allan
Method Combination for Document Filtering BIBAPDF 279-287
  David A. Hull; Jan O. Pedersen; Hinrich Schutze


Combining Classifiers in Text Categorization BIBAPDF 289-297
  Leah S. Larkey; W. Bruce Croft
Training Algorithms for Linear Text Classifiers BIBAPDF 298-306
  David D. Lewis; Robert E. Schapire; James P. Callan; Ron Papka
Context-Sensitive Learning Methods for Text Categorization BIBAPDF 307-315
  William W. Cohen; Yoram Singer

User Studies

Detection of Shifts in User Interests for Personalized Information Filtering BIBAPDF 317-325
  W. Lam; S. Mukhopadhyay; J. Mostafa; M. Palakal
Interactive Information Retrieval Systems: From User Centered Interface Design to Software Design BIBAPDF 326-334
  P. Mulhem; L. Nigay


Building and Using Test Collections BIBAPDF 335-337
  Donna Harman

System Demonstrations: Abstracts

IR Application Development with FireWorks BIBAPDF 338
  David J. Harper; David G. Hendry; Jan-Jaap IJdens; Jeomon Jose
A Novel Client-Server Protocol for the Demanding OPAC User BIBAPDF 338
  E. J. Yannakoudakis
WING: A Multiple-View Smooth Information Retrieval System BIBAPDF 338
  Toshiyuki Masui; Mitsuru Minakuchi; George R. Borden; Kouichi Kashiwagi
Visualizing Search Results with Envision BIBAPDF 338-339
  Lucy Terry Nowell; Robert K. France; Edward A. Fox
Ariadne: Electronic Information for Computer Scientists BIBAPDF 339
  Markus Dreger; Stefan Lohrum; Kai Grossjohann; Claus Dieter Ziegler
WebCompass: An Agent-Based Metasearch and Metadata Discovery Tool for the Web BIBAPDF 339
  Brad Allen; John Jensen; Jay Nelson; Brian Ulicny; Kristina Lerman; Linda Rudell-Betts
Querying Hierarchically Structured Texts with Generalized Context-Free Grammars BIBAPDF 339
  Yves Marcoux; Martin Sevigny
The CD-ROM of Crete: A Multimedia Tourism Application, Based on Geographic Interaction and Information Retrieval Techniques BIBAPDF 339
  N. Moumoutzis; M. Frangonikolakis

Posters: Abstracts

An Efficient Retrieval Algorithm of Two-trie Structures BIBAPDF 340
  Takako Tsuji; Syouji Mizobuchi; Masami Shishibori; Jun-ichi Aoe
An Efficient Retrieval Algorithm of Binary Digital Search-Trees Using Hierarchical Structures BIBAPDF 340
  Masami Shishibori; Yoshitaka Hayashi; Kazuhiro Morita; Jun-ichi Aoe
Assessed Relevance and Stylistic Variation BIBAPDF 340
  Jussi Karlgren
A Spatial Feature Based Photograph Retrieval System BIBAPDF 341
  Joemon M. Jose; David John Harper; David G. Hendry
On the Potential Utility of Negative Relevance Feedback in Interactive Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 341
  Colleen Cool; Nicholas J. Belkin; Juergen Koenemann
Retrieval of Paintings by Specifying Impression Words BIBAPDF 341
  Kozaburo Hachimura
Extraction of a Word List from an Existing Dictionary to be Used in a Communication-Aid Software BIBAPDF 341
  Brigitte Le Pevedic
Merging Hypertext and Information Retrieval in the Interface BIBAPDF 341-342
  Gene Golovchinsky; Mark Chignell
Fast Full Text Search with Free Word Using TS-File BIBAPDF 342
  Takashi Sato
OLISTICO: An Evaluation Environment for Interactive IR Applications BIBAPDF 342
  M. Agosti; R. Bandiera; F. Bazo; R. Colotti; S. Gabrielli

Post-Conference Research Workshops

Foundations of Advanced Information Visualization for Information Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 343
  Mark E. Rorvig; Matthias Hemmje
Courseware, Training and Curriculum in Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 343
  Edward A. Fox
Research in Information Retrieval and the Practical Needs of Research and Cultural Libraries BIBAPDF 344
  Encarnacion Rancitelli
Cross-Linguistic Information Retrieval Workshop BIBAPDF 344
  Gregory Grefenstette
Networked Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 344
  Norbert Fuhr