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Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:W. Bruce Croft; C. J. van Rijsbergen
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Dates:1994-Jul-03 to 1994-Jul-06
Standard No:ISBN 0-387-19889-X; ACM Order Number 606940; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR94
  1. Text Categorisation
  2. Indexing
  3. User Modelling
  4. Theory and Logic
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Statistical Models
  7. Performance Evaluation
  8. Probabilistic Models
  9. Interfaces
  10. Routing
  11. Passage Retrieval
  12. Implementation
  13. Panel Sessions

Text Categorisation

A Sequential Algorithm for Training Text Classifiers BIBAPDF 3-12
  David D. Lewis; William A. Gale
Expert Network: Effective and Efficient Learning from Human Decisions in Text Categorization and Retrieval BIBAPDF 13-22
  Yiming Yang
Towards Language Independent Automated Learning of Text Categorisation Methods BIBAPDF 23-30
  Chidanand Apte; Fred Damerau; Sholom M. Weiss
Using IR Techniques for Text Classification in Document Analysis BIBAPDF 31-40
  Rainer Hoch


An Evaluation Method for Stemming Algorithms BIBAPDF 42-50
  Chris D. Paice
On the Measurement of Inter-Linker Consistency and Retrieval Effectiveness in Hypertext Databases BIBAPDF 51-60
  David Ellis; Jonathan Furner-Hines; Peter Willett
Query Expansion Using Lexical-Semantic Relations BIBAPDF 61-69
  Ellen M. Voorhees

User Modelling

Perceptual Speed, Learning and Information Retrieval Performance BIBAPDF 71-80
  Bryce Allen
Term Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion: Relation to Design BIBAPDF 81-90
  Amanda Spink
Modelling Information Retrieval Agents with Belief Revision BIBAPDF 91-100
  Brian Logan; Steven Reece; Karen Sparck Jones
Polyrepresentation of Information Needs and Semantic Entities: Elements of a Cognitive Theory for Information Retrieval Interaction BIBAPDF 101-110
  Peter Ingwersen

Theory and Logic

Investigating Aboutness Axioms using Information Fields BIBAPDF 112-121
  P. D. Bruza; T. W. C. Huibers
A Probabilistic Terminological Logic for Modelling Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 122-130
  Fabrizio Sebastiani

Natural Language Processing

Retrieving Terms and their Variants in a Lexicalized Unification-Based Framework BIBAPDF 132-141
  Christian Jacquemin; Jean Royaute
Word Sense Disambiguation and Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 142-151
  Mark Sanderson
A Full-Text Retrieval System with a Dynamic Abstract Generation Function BIBAPDF 152-161
  Seiji Miike; Etsuo Itoh; Kenji Ono; Kazuo Sumita

Statistical Models

A Document Retrieval Model Based on Term Frequency Ranks BIBAPDF 163-172
  IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg
Automatic Combination of Multiple Ranked Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 173-181
  Brian T. Bartell; Garrison W. Cottrell; Richard K. Belew
Properties of Extended Boolean Models in Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 182-190
  Joon Ho Lee

Performance Evaluation

OHSUMED: An Interactive Retrieval Evaluation and New Large Test Collection for Research BIBAPDF 192-201
  William Hersh; Chris Buckley; T. J. Leone; David Hickman
Results of Applying Probabilistic IR to OCR Text BIBAPDF 202-211
  Kazem Taghva; Julie Borsack; Allen Condit
Natural Language vs. Boolean Query Evaluation: A Comparison of Retrieval Performance BIBAPDF 212-220
  Howard Turtle

Probabilistic Models

Inferring Probability of Relevance Using the Method of Logistic Regression BIBAPDF 222-231
  Fredric C. Gey
Some Simple Effective Approximations to the 2-Poisson Model for Probabilistic Weighted Retrieval BIBAPDF 232-241
  S. E. Robertson; S. Walker
The Formalism of Probability Theory in IR: A Foundation or an Encumbrance? BIBAPDF 242-247
  Wm. S. Cooper


LyberWorld -- A Visualization User Interface Supporting Fulltext Retrieval BIBAPDF 249-259
  Matthias Hemmje; Clemens Kunkel; Alexander Willett
A System for Discovering Relationships by Feature Extraction from Text Databases BIBAPDF 260-270
  Jack G. Conrad; Mary Hunter Utt


Information Filtering Based on User Behavior Analysis and Best Match Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 272-281
  Masahiro Morita; Yoichi Shinoda
Improving Text Retrieval for the Routing Problem using Latent Semantic Indexing BIBAPDF 282-291
  David Hull
The Effect of Adding Relevance Information in a Relevance Feedback Environment BIBAPDF 292-300
  Chris Buckley; Gerard Salton; James Allan

Passage Retrieval

Passage-Level Evidence in Document Retrieval BIBAPDF 302-310
  James P. Callan
Effective Retrieval of Structured Documents BIBAPDF 311-317
  Ross Wilkinson
Document and Passage Retrieval Based on Hidden Markov Models BIBAPDF 318-327
  Elke Mittendorf; Peter Schauble


Synthetic Workload Performance Analysis of Incremental Updates BIBAPDF 329-338
  Kurt Shoens; Anthony Tomasic; Hector Garcia-Molina
Document Filtering for Fast Ranking BIBAPDF 339-348
  Michael Persin
Adapting a Full-Text Information Retrieval System to the Computer Troubleshooting Domain BIBAPDF 349-358
  Peter G. Anick

Panel Sessions

Integration of Information Retrieval and Database Systems BIBAPDF 360
  Norbert Fuhr; Ray R. Larson; Peter Schauble; Joachim W. Schmidt; Ulrich Thiel
Evaluating Interactive Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 361
  Susan Dumais; Nicholas Belkin; Christine L. Borgman; Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu