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Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Robert Korfhage; Edie Rasmussen; Peter Willet
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dates:1993-Jun-27 to 1993-Jul-01
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-605-0; ACM Order Number 606930; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR93
  1. Inference Networks
  2. TREC Overview
  3. Full Text Analysis
  4. Compression and Signature Files
  5. Association Methods
  6. Query Expansion
  7. Linguistic Analysis
  8. Structured Text
  9. Panel on Natural Language Processing for Information Management
  10. Processing for Japanese Text
  11. Interface Issues
  12. Mathematical Models
  13. DBMS/IR Integration
  14. Query Processing and Evaluation
  15. Demonstrations

Inference Networks

Relevance Feedback and Inference Networks BIBAPDF 2-11
  David Haines; W. Bruce Croft
Efficient Context-Sensitive Plausible Inference for Information Disclosure BIBAPDF 12-21
  P. D. Bruza; L. C. van der Gaag
Automatic Indexing Based on Bayesian Inference Networks BIBAPDF 22-34
  Kostas Tzeras; Stephan Hartmann

TREC Overview

Overview of the First TREC Conference BIBAPDF 36-47
  Donna Harman

Full Text Analysis

Approaches to Passage Retrieval in Full Text Information Systems BIBAPDF 49-58
  Gerard Salton; J. Allan; Chris Buckley
Subtopic Structuring for Full-Length Document Access BIBAPDF 59-68
  Marti A. Hearst; Christian Plaunt
The Identification of Important Concepts in Highly Structured Technical Papers BIBAPDF 69-78
  Chris D. Paice; Paul A. Jones

Compression and Signature Files

Is Huffman Coding Dead? BIBPDF 80-87
  Abraham Bookstein; Shmuel T. Klein; Timo Raita
Compression of Indexes with Full Positional Information in Very Large Text Databases BIBAPDF 88-95
  Gordon Linoff; Craig Stanfill
Analysis of Multiterm Queries in a Dynamic Signature File Organization BIBAPDF 96-105
  Deniz Aktug; Fazli Can

Association Methods

Computation of Term Associations by a Neural Network BIBAPDF 107-115
  S. K. M. Wong; Y. J. Cai; Y. Y. Yao
Cluster Analysis for Hypertext Systems BIBAKPDF 116-125
  Rodrigo A. Botafogo
Constant Interaction-Time Scatter/Gather Browsing of Very Large Document Collections BIBAPDF 126-134
  Douglass R. Cutting; David R. Karger; Jan O. Pedersen

Query Expansion

Integrating a Dynamic Lexicon with a Dynamic Full-Text Retrieval System BIBAPDF 136-145
  Peter G. Anick; Rex A. Flynn
A User-Centred Evaluation of Ranking Algorithms for Interactive Query Expansion BIBAPDF 146-159
  Efthimis N. Efthimiadis
Concept Based Query Expansion BIBAPDF 160-169
  Yonggang Qiu; H. P. Frei

Linguistic Analysis

Using WordNet to Disambiguate Word Senses for Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 171-180
  Ellen M. Voorhees
MURAX: A Robust Linguistic Approach for Question Answering Using an On-Line Encyclopedia BIBAPDF 181-190
  Julian Kupiec
Viewing Morphology as an Inference Process BIBAPDF 191-202
  Robert Krovetz

Structured Text

Structured Answers for a Large Structured Document Collection BIBAKPDF 204-213
  Michael Fuller; Eric Mackie; Ron Sacks-Davis; Ross Wilkinson
Retrieval from Hierarchical Texts by Partial Patterns BIBAPDF 214-222
  Pekka Kilpelainen; Heikki Mannila

Panel on Natural Language Processing for Information Management

Explorations of NLP for Information Management: Observations from Practice in Mono- and Multi-lingual Applications BIBAPDF 224-225
  David A. Evans
Lessons from the CLARIT Project BIBAPDF 224-225
  David A. Evans
  Jaime G. Carbonell
Lessons from PANGLOSS BIBAPDF 225
  Sergei Nirenburg

Processing for Japanese Text

Simple Word Strings as Compound Keywords: An Indexing and Ranking Method for Japanese Texts BIBAPDF 227-236
  Yasushi Ogawa; Akako Bessho; Masako Hirose
A Comparison of Indexing Techniques for Japanese Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 237-246
  Hideo Fujii; W. Bruce Croft

Interface Issues

Development of a Modern OPAC: From REVTOLC to MARIAN BIBAPDF 248-259
  Edward A. Fox; Robert K. France; Eskinder Sahle; Amjad Daoud; Ben E. Cline
Content Awareness in a File System Interface: Implementing the 'Pile' Metaphor for Organizing Information BIBAPDF 260-269
  David E. Rose; Richard Mander; Tim Oren; Dulce B. Ponceleon; Gitta Salomon; Yin Yin Wong
A Browser for Bibliographic Information Retrieval, Based on an Application of Lattice Theory BIBAPDF 270-279
  Gert Schmeltz Pedersen

Mathematical Models

An Application of Least Squares Fit Mapping to Text Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 281-290
  Yiming Yang; Christopher G. Chute
On the Evaluation of Boolean Operators in the Extended Boolean Retrieval Framework BIBAPDF 291-297
  Joon Ho Lee; Won Yong Kim; Myoung Ho Kim; Yoon Joon Lee
A Model of Information Retrieval Based on a Terminological Logic BIBAPDF 298-307
  Carlo Meghini; Fabrizio Sebastiani; Umberto Straccia; Costantino Thanos

DBMS/IR Integration

A Probabilistic Relational Model for the Integration of IR and Databases BIBAPDF 309-317
  Norbert Fuhr
SPIDER: A Multiuser Information Retrieval System for Semistructured and Dynamic Data BIBAPDF 318-327
  Peter Schauble

Query Processing and Evaluation

Using Statistical Testing in the Evaluation of Retrieval Experiments BIBAPDF 329-338
  David Hull
The Effect of Multiple Query Representations on Information Retrieval System Performance BIBAPDF 339-346
  N. J. Belkin; C. Cool; W. B. Croft; J. P. Callan
An Evaluation of Query Processing Strategies Using the TIPSTER Collection BIBAPDF 347-355
  James P. Callan; W. Bruce Croft


Multiple Access and Retrieval of Information with ANnotations BIBAPDF 357
  Edward A. Fox
Project Envision BIBAPDF 357
  Edward A. Fox
Incremental Interface Design: A Prototype Graphical User Interface for Grateful Med BIBAPDF 357-358
  Gary Marchionini
BRAQUE: An Interface to Support Browsing and Interactive Query Formulation in Information Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 358
  P. G. Marchetti; S. Vazzana; R. Panero; N. J. Belkin
ELSA: An Electronic Library Search Assistant BIBAPDF 358-359
  Bekka Denning; Philip J. Smith
Queries-R-Links: Browsing and Retrieval via Interactive Querying BIBAPDF 359
  Gene Golovchinsky; Mark Chignell
A Common Query Interface for Multilingual Document Retrieval from Databases of the European Community Institutions BIBAPDF 359
  A. Steven Pollitt; Geoffrey P. Ellis; Martin P. Smith; Mark R. Gregory; Chun Sheng Li; Henrik Zangenberg