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Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Nicholas Belkin; Peter Ingwersen; Annelise Mark Pejtersen
Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
Dates:1992-Jun-21 to 1992-Jun-24
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-523-2 pbk 0-89791-524-0 hardcover; ACM Order Number 606920; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR92
  1. Interaction in Information Retrieval
  2. Text Categorisation
  3. Text Manipulation
  4. Database Structures
  5. Information Retrieval Theory
  6. Language Processing
  7. Probabilistic Information Retrieval
  8. IR Applications
  9. Data Structures
  10. Interface Design and Display
  11. Panel Sessions

Interaction in Information Retrieval

Relevance Feedback Revisited BIBAPDF 1-10
  Donna Harman
Incremental Relevance Feedback BIBAPDF 11-22
  IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg
Measuring the Informativeness of a Retrieval Process BIBAPDF 23-36
  Jean Tague-Sutcliffe

Text Categorisation

An Evaluation of Phrasal and Clustered Representations on a Text Categorization Task BIBAPDF 37-50
  David D. Lewis
Automatic Document Classification: Natural Language Processing, Statistical Analysis, and Expert System Techniques Used Together BIBAPDF 51-58
  M. J. Blosseville; G. Hebrail; M. G. Monteil; N. Penot
Classifying News Stories using Memory Based Reasoning BIBAPDF 59-65
  Brij Masand; Gordon Linoff; David Waltz

Text Manipulation

Term Position Ranking: Some New Test Results BIBAPDF 66-76
  E. Michael Keen
Experiments in Automatic Statistical Thesaurus Construction BIBAPDF 77-88
  Carolyn J. Crouch; Bokyung Yang
Use of Syntactic Context to Produce Term Association Lists for Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 89-97
  Gregory Grefenstette

Database Structures

Versioning a Full-Text Information Retrieval System BIBAPDF 98-111
  Peter G. Anick; Rex A. Flynn
Retrieval Activities in a Database Consisting of Heterogeneous Collections of Structured Text BIBAPDF 112-125
  Forbes J. Burkowski
A Textual Object Management System BIBAPDF 126-139
  Scott C. Deerwester; Keith Waclena; Michelle LaMar

Information Retrieval Theory

Towards a Probabilistic Modal Logic for Semantic-Based Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 140-151
  Jian-Yun Nie
An Analysis of Vector Space Models Based on Computational Geometry BIBAPDF 152-160
  Z. W. Wang; S. K. M. Wong; Y. Y. Yao
Latent Semantic Indexing is an Optimal Special Case of Multidimensional Scaling BIBAPDF 161-167
  Brian T. Bartell; Garrison W. Cottrell; Richard K. Belew

Language Processing

A System for Retrieving Speech Documents BIBAPDF 168-176
  Ulrike Glavitsch; Peter Schauble
N-Poisson Document Modelling BIBAPDF 177-189
  Eugene L. Margulis
An Incrementally Extensible Document Retrieval System Based on Linguistic and Logical Principles BIBAPDF 190-197
  Michael Hess

Probabilistic Information Retrieval

Probabilistic Retrieval Based on Staged Logistic Regression BIBAPDF 198-210
  William S. Cooper; Fredric C. Gey; Daniel P. Dabney
Integration of Probabilistic Fact and Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 211-222
  Norbert Fuhr
A Loosely-Coupled Integration of a Text Retrieval System and an Object-Oriented Database System BIBAPDF 223-232
  W. Bruce Croft; Lisa A. Smith; Howard R. Turtle

IR Applications

Automating the Assignment of Submitted Manuscripts to Reviewers BIBAKPDF 233-244
  Susan T. Dumais; Jakob Nielsen
Design of an OPAC Database to Permit Different Subject Searching Accesses in a Multi-Disciplines Universities Library Catalogue Database BIBAPDF 245-255
  Maristella Agosti; Maurizio Masotti
Searching for Historical Word-Forms in a Database of 17th-Century English Text using Spelling-Correction Methods BIBAPDF 256-265
  Alexander M. Robertson; Peter Willett

Data Structures

A Faster Algorithm for Constructing Minimal Perfect Hash Functions BIBAPDF 266-273
  Edward A. Fox; Qi Fan Chen; Lenwood S. Heath
Parameterised Compression for Sparse Bitmaps BIBAPDF 274-285
  Alistair Moffat; Justin Zobel
Frame-Sliced Partitioned Parallel Signature Files BIBAPDF 286-297
  Fabio Grandi; Paolo Tiberio; Pavel Zezula

Interface Design and Display

Cognitive Differences in End User Searching of a CD-ROM Index BIBAPDF 298-309
  Bryce Allen
Developing a Theory to Guide the Process of Designing Information Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 310-317
  Diane H. Sonnenwald
Scatter/Gather: A Cluster-Based Approach to Browsing Large Document Collections BIBAPDF 318-329
  Douglass R. Cutting; David R. Karger; Jan O. Pedersen; John W. Tukey
Bead: Explorations in Information Visualization BIBAKPDF 330-337
  Matthew Chalmers; Paul Chitson
The Dynamic HomeFinder: Evaluating Dynamic Queries in a Real-Estate Information Exploration System BIBAPDF 338-346
  Christopher Williamson; Ben Shneiderman

Panel Sessions

Experience with Large Document Collections BIBPDF 347
  W. Bruce Croft; Norbert Fuhr; Donna Harman; Craig Stanfill
Corpus Linguistics and Information Retrieval BIBPDF 348-351
  Robert Krovetz; Roger Garside; Willem Meijs; Kenneth W. Church; Yves Chiaramella