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Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Abraham Bookstein; Yves Chiaramella; Gerard Salton; Vijay V. Raghavan
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Dates:1991-Oct-13 to 1991-Oct-16
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-448-1; ACM Order Number 606910; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR91
  1. SIGIR Biennial Award Acceptance Speech
  2. Document Structure
  3. Modeling Information Retrieval Systems I
  4. Data Compression
  5. Invited Speaker
  6. Distributed Systems I
  7. Interfaces
  8. Office Automation and Databases
  9. Modeling Information Retrieval Systems II
  10. Distributed Systems II
  11. Object Oriented Approaches to IR
  12. Semantic Models
  13. Access Methods
  14. Hypertext
  15. Natural Language Processing
  16. Panel
B. C. Brookes: In Memoriam BIBPDF 1
  Nicholas J. Belkin

SIGIR Biennial Award Acceptance Speech

The Significance of the Cranfield Tests on Index Languages BIBPDF 3-12
  Cyril W. Cleverdon

Document Structure

Complete Formal Model for Information Retrieval Systems BIBPDF 14-20
  Jean Tague; Airi Salminen; Charles McClellan
Automatic Text Structuring and Retrieval -- Experiments in Automatic Encyclopedia Searching BIBAPDF 21-30
  Gerard Salton; Chris Buckley

Modeling Information Retrieval Systems I

The Use of Phrases and Structured Queries in Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 32-45
  W. Bruce Croft; Howard R. Turtle; David D. Lewis
Combining Model-Oriented and Description-Oriented Approaches for Probabilistic Indexing BIBAPDF 46-56
  Norbert Fuhr; Ulrich Pfeifer
Some Inconsistencies and Misnomers in Probabilistic Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 57-61
  William S. Cooper

Data Compression

Generative Models for Bitmap Sets with Compression Applications BIBAPDF 63-71
  Abraham Bookstein; Shmuel T. Klein
Posting Compression in Dynamic Retrieval Environments BIBAPDF 72-81
  IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg
A Hybrid Bilevel Image Decode Algorithm for Group 4 FAX BIBAPDF 82-91
  Chengjie Luo; Clement Yu

Invited Speaker

The CORE Electronic Chemistry Library BIBAPDF 93-112
  Michael Lesk

Distributed Systems I

Retrieval Algorithm Effectiveness in a Wide Area Network Information Filter BIBAPDF 114-122
  H. P. Frei; M. F. Wyle
Distributed Representations in a Text Based Information Retrieval System: A New Way of Using the Vector Space Model BIBAPDF 123-132
  Richard F. E. Sutcliffe


To See, or Not to See -- Is That the Query? BIBAPDF 134-141
  Robert R. Korfhage
Integrating Query, Thesaurus, and Documents through a Common Visual Representation BIBAPDF 142-151
  Richard H. Fowler; Wendy A. L. Fowler; Bradley A. Wilson
A Case-Based Architecture for a Dialogue Manager for Information-Seeking Processes BIBAKPDF 152-161
  Anne Tissen

Office Automation and Databases

Addressing the Requirements of a Dynamic Corporate Textual Information Base BIBAPDF 163-172
  Peter G. Anick; Rex A. Flynn; David R. Hanssen
Data Conversion, Aggregation and Deduction for Advanced Retrieval from Heterogeneous Fact Databases BIBAPDF 173-182
  Kalervo Jarvelin; Timo Niemi
Querying Office Systems about Document Roles BIBAPDF 183-190
  A. Celentano; M. G. Fugini; S. Pozzi

Modeling Information Retrieval Systems II

Query Modification and Expansion in a Network with Adaptive Architecture BIBAPDF 192-201
  K. L. Kwok
Using the Cosine Measure in a Neural Network for Document Retrieval BIBAPDF 202-210
  Ross Wilkinson; Philip Hingston
Preference Structure, Inference and Set-Oriented Retrieval BIBAPDF 211-218
  Y. Y. Yao; S. K. M. Wong

Distributed Systems II

Distributed Indexing: A Scalable Mechanism for Distributed Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 220-229
  Peter B. Danzig; Jongsuk Ahn; John Noll; Katia Obraczka
On the Allocation of Documents in Multiprocessor Information Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 230-239
  Ophir Frieder; Hava Tova Siegelmann

Object Oriented Approaches to IR

An Object-Oriented Modeling of the History of Optimal Retrievals BIBAPDF 241-250
  Yong Zhang; Vijay V. Raghavan; Jitender S. Deogun
Retrieving Software Objects in an Example-Based Programming Environment BIBAKPDF 251-260
  Scott Henninger

Semantic Models

A Self-Organizing Semantic Map for Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 262-269
  Xia Lin; Dagobert Soergel; Gary Marchionini
Incorporating a Semantic Analysis into a Document Retrieval Strategy BIBAPDF 270-279
  Edgar B. Wendlandt; James R. Driscoll
Complementary Structures in Disjoint Science Literatures BIBPDF 280-289
  Don R. Swanson

Access Methods

An Efficient Directory System for Document Retrieval BIBAKPDF 291-304
  D. Motzkin
Image Query Processing Based on Multi-Level Signatures BIBAPDF 305-314
  F. Rabitti; P. Savino


A Two-Level Hypertext Retrieval Model for Legal Data BIBAPDF 316-325
  Maristella Agosti; Roberto Colotti; Girolamo Gradenigo
Automatic Generation of "Hyper-Paths" in Information Retrieval Systems: A Stochastic and an Incremental Algorithm BIBAPDF 326-335
  Alain Lelu

Natural Language Processing

Creating Segmented Databases from Free Text for Text Retrieval BIBAPDF 337-346
  Lisa F. Rau; Paul S. Jacobs
Retrieval Performance in FERRET: A Conceptual Information Retrieval System BIBAPDF 347-355
  Michael L. Mauldin


The Smart Project in Automatic Document Retrieval BIBAPDF 356-358
  Gerard Salton; Michael E. Lesk; Donna Harman; Robert E. Williamson; Edward A. Fox; Chris Buckley