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Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Jean-Luc Vidick
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Dates:1990-Sep-05 to 1990-Sep-07
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-408-2; ACM Order Number 606900; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR90
  1. Information Retrieval Models (1)
  2. Hypertext and Image Retrieval
  3. User Interfaces
  4. Signatures
  5. Knowledge Based Information Retrieval
  6. Quantitative Text Analysis
  7. Panel Session
  8. Query Processing
  9. Access Methods
  10. Information Retrieval Models (2)

Information Retrieval Models (1)

Inference Networks for Document Retrieval BIBA 1-24
  Howard Turtle; W. Bruce Croft
A Retrieval Model Based on an Extended Modal Logic and its Application to the RIME Experimental Approach BIBA 25-43
  Yves Chiaramella; Jianyun Nie
Probabilistic Document Indexing from Relevance Feedback Data BIBA 45-61
  Norbert Fuhr; Chris Buckley

Hypertext and Image Retrieval

EXPRESS: An Experimental Interface for Factual Information Retrieval BIBA 63-81
  Heinz Ulrich Hoppe; Karin Ammersbach; Barbara Lutes-Schaab; Gaby Zinssmeister
Hypertext, Full Text, and Automatic Linking BIBA 83-98
  James H. Coombs
Machine Learning and Vectorial Matching for an Image Retrieval Model: EXPRIM and the System RIVAGE BIB 99-114
  G. Halin; M. Crehange; P. Kerekes

User Interfaces

Online Query Refinement on Information Retrieval Systems: A Process Model of Searcher/System Interactions BIBA 115-133
  Hsinchun Chen; Vasant Dhar
A Direct Manipulation Interface for Boolean Information Retrieval via Natural Language Query BIBA 135-150
  Peter G. Anick; Jeffrey D. Brennan; Rex A. Flynn; David R. Hanssen; Bryan Alvey; Jeffrey M. Robbins
Determining the Functionality and Features of an Intelligent Interface to an Information Retrieval System BIBA 151-177
  Nicholas J. Belkin; Pier Giorgio Marchetti


Using Syntactic Analysis in a Document Retrieval System that Uses Signature Files BIBA 179-192
  Ron Sacks-Davis; Peter Wallis; Ross Wilkinson
A Dynamic Signature Technique for Multimedia Databases BIBA 193-210
  F. Rabitti; P. Zezula
Surrogate Subsets: A Free Space Management Strategy for the Index of a Text Retrieval System BIBA 211-226
  F. J. Burkowski

Knowledge Based Information Retrieval

Construction of a Dynamic Thesaurus and Its Use of Associated Information Retrieval BIBAK 227-240
  Haruo Kimoto; Toshiaki Iwadera
Knowledge Based Retrieval of Office Documents BIBA 241-253
  Augusto Celentano; Maria Grazia Fugini; Silvano Pozzi
Evaluation of an Expert System for Searching in Full Text BIBA 255-277
  Susan Gauch

Quantitative Text Analysis

Order Preserving Minimal Perfect Hash Functions and Information Retrieval BIBA 279-311
  Edward A. Fox; Qi Fan Chen; Amjad M. Daoud; Lenwood S. Heath
On the Interrelationship of Dictionary Size and Completeness BIBA 313-325
  Hubert Huther
Construction of Optimal Graphs for Bit-Vector Compression BIBA 327-342
  Abraham Bookstein; Shmuel T. Klein

Panel Session

Hypertext: "Growing Up?" BIBA 343-347
  M. E. Frisse; Maristella Agosti; Marie-France Bruandet; Udo Hahn; Stephen F. Weiss

Query Processing

Experiments with Query Acquisition and Use in Document Retrieval Systems BIBA 349-368
  W. Bruce Croft; Raj Das
The Automatic Generation of Extended Queries BIBA 369-383
  Carolyn J. Crouch; Donald B. Crouch; Krishna R. Nareddy
Term Clustering of Syntactic Phrases BIBA 385-404
  David D. Lewis; W. Bruce Croft

Access Methods

Optimizations for Dynamic Inverted Index Maintenance BIBA 405-411
  Doug Cutting; Jan Pedersen
Partitioned Posting Files: A Parallel Inverted File Structure for Information Retrieval BIBA 413-428
  Craig Stanfill
Parallel Text Searching in Serial Files Using a Processor Farm BIBA 429-453
  Janey K. Cringean; Roger England; Gordon A. Manson; Peter Willett

Information Retrieval Models (2)

An Architecture for Probabilistic Concept-Based Information Retrieval BIBA 455-467
  Robert M. Fung; Stuart L. Crawford; Lee A. Appelbaum; Richard M. Tong
A New Method for Information Retrieval, Based on the Theory of Relative Concentration BIBA 469-493
  L. Egghe
Extended Boolean Retrieval: A Heuristic Approach? BIBA 495-508
  Ronald Rousseau