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Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Yves Chiaramella
Location:Grenoble, France
Dates:1988-Jun-13 to 1988-Jun-15
Publisher:Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, BP 47X, 38040 Grenoble Cedex, FRANCE
Standard No:ISBN 2-7061-0309-4; ACM Order Number 606880; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR88
  1. Special Session: SIGIR Award
  2. Natural Language Processing (1)
  3. Natural Language Processing (2)
  4. Natural Language Processing (3)
  5. Cognitive Models
  6. Parallel Distributed Processes
  7. Applications (1)
  8. Quantitative Models (1)
  9. Quantitative Models (2)
  10. Thesaural Models
  11. Applications (2)
  12. Interfaces (1)
  13. Interfaces (2)
  14. Data Bases
  15. Artificial Intelligence (1)
  16. Logical Models
  17. Artificial Intelligence (2)
  18. Set Oriented Models
  19. Implementation Techniques
  20. Applications (3)

Special Session: SIGIR Award

A Look Back and A Look Forward BIBA 13-29
  Karen Sparck Jones

Natural Language Processing (1)

Experiment on Incorporation Syntactic Processing of User Queries into a Document Retrieval Strategy BIBA 31-51
  A. F. Smeaton; C. J. van Rijsbergen
The Use of Anaphoric Resolution for Document Description in Information Retrieval BIBA 53-66
  Susan Bonzi; Elizabeth Liddy

Natural Language Processing (2)

A French Text Recognition Model for Information Retrieval System BIBA 67-84
  Georges Antoniadis; Genevieve Lallich-Boidin; Yolla Polity; Jacques Rouault
Natural Language Techniques for Intelligent Information Retrieval BIBA 85-99
  Paul S. Jacobs; Lisa F. Rau

Natural Language Processing (3)

Correction of Phonographic Errors in Natural Language Interfaces BIBA 101-115
  Jean Veronis
Precedental Data Bases: How and Why They are Worked Out and Used BIBA 117-125
  B. Pevzner

Cognitive Models

How Do the Experts Do It? The Use of Ethnographic Methods as an Aid to Understanding the Cognitive Processing and Retrieval of Large Bodies of Text BIBA 127-133
  Donald Owen Case
On the Nature and Function of Explanation in Intelligent Information Retrieval BIBA 135-145
  N. J. Belkin

Parallel Distributed Processes

On the Use of Spreading Activation Methods in Automatic Information Retrieval BIBA 147-160
  Gerard Salton; Chris Buckley
Knowledge Representation, Connectionism, and Conceptual Retrieval BIBA 161-174
  Ronald J. Brachman; Deborah L. McGuinness

Applications (1)

BABEL: A Base for an Experimental Library BIBA 175-190
  Hassan Ait-Kaci; Roger Nasr; Jungyun Seo
ALLOY: An Amalgamation of Expert, Linguistic and Statistical Indexing Methods BIBA 191-199
  Leslie P. Jones; Cary deBessonet; Sukhmay Kundu

Quantitative Models (1)

Two Learning Schemes in Information Retrieval BIBA 201-218
  Clement T. Yu; Hirotaka Mizuno
Linear Structure in Information Retrieval BIBA 219-232
  S. K. M. Wong; Y. Y. Yao; P. Bollmann
Information Retrieval using Impression of Documents as a Clue BIBA 233-244
  Fusako Hirabayashi; Hiroshi Matoba; Yutaka Kasahara

Quantitative Models (2)

A Utility-Theoretic Analysis of Expected Search Length BIBA 245-256
  Peter Bollmann; Vijay V. Raghavan
Optimum Probability Estimation Based on Expectations BIBA 257-273
  Norbert Fuhr; Hubert Huther

Thesaural Models

Concept Based Retrieval in Classical IR Systems BIBA 275-289
  H. P. Giger
Coefficients for Combining Concept Classes in a Collection BIBA 291-307
  Edward A. Fox; Gary L. Nunn; Whay C. Lee
A Cluster-Based Approach to Thesaurus Construction BIBA 309-320
  Carolyn J. Crouch

Applications (2)

Towards Interactive Query Expansion BIBA 321-331
  Donna Harman
The Automatic Indexing System AIR/PHYS -- From Research to Application BIBA 333-342
  Peter Biebricher; Norbert Fuhr; Gerhard Lustig; Michael Schwantner; Gerhard Knorz

Interfaces (1)

Retrieval Based on User Behaviour BIBA 343-357
  A. J. Kok; A. M. Botman
Query Processing in a Heterogeneous Retrieval Network BIBA 359-370
  Patricia Simpson
Some Measures and Procedures for Evaluation of the User Interface in an Information Retrieval System BIBA 371-385
  Jean Tague; Ryan Schultz

Interfaces (2)

IR-NLI II: Applying Man-Machine Interaction and Artificial Intelligence Concepts to Information Retrieval BIBA 387-399
  Giorgio Brajnik; Giovanni Guida; Carlo Tasso
Intelligent Support for Interface Systems BIBA 401-415
  F. N. Teskey

Data Bases

A Parallel Multiprocessor Machine Dedicated to Relational and Deductive Databases BIBA 417-431
  R. Gonzalaz-Rubio; M. Couprie
Flexible Selection among Objects: A Framework Based on Fuzzy Sets BIBA 433-449
  P. Bosc; M. Galibourg
The Document Management Component of a Multimedia Data Model BIBA 451-464
  Christophe Damier; Bruno Defude

Artificial Intelligence (1)

Information Retrieval using a Singular Value Decomposition Model of Latent Semantic Structure BIBA 465-480
  George W. Furnas; Scott Deerwester; Susan T. Dumais; Thomas K. Landauer; Richard A. Harshman; Lynn A. Streeter; Karen E. Lochbaum
Retrieving Documents by Plausible Inference: A Preliminary Study BIBA 481-494
  W. B. Croft; T. J. Lucia; P. R. Cohen

Logical Models

An Outline of a General Model for Information Retrieval Systems BIBA 495-506
  Jianyun Nie
French Textual Information Systems: The Contribution of Extensional and Intensional Logics BIBA 507-518
  Sylvie Laine; Omar Larouk; Isabelle Vidalenc
An Information Structure Dealing with Term Dependence and Polysemy BIBA 519-533
  Peter Schauble

Artificial Intelligence (2)

Planning in an Expert System for Automated Information Retrieval BIBA 535-550
  Christine Barthes; Pierre Glize
Conceptual Representation for Knowledge Bases and "Intelligent" Information Retrieval Systems BIBA 551-565
  Gian Piero Zarri

Set Oriented Models

Rough Sets and Information Retrieval BIBA 567-581
  Padmini Das-Gupta
Set Oriented Retrieval BIBA 583-596
  A. Bookstein

Implementation Techniques

Compression of Concordances in Full-Text Retrieval Systems BIBA 597-612
  Yaacov Choueka; Aviezri S. Fraenkel; Shmuel T. Klein
Activity Memory for Text Information Retrieval BIBA 613-627
  Yan H. Ng; Silvano P. V. Barros
Access by Contents of Documents in an Office Information System BIBA 629-649
  Claudia Jimenez Guarin

Applications (3)

Development of a Large, Concept-Oriented Database for Information Retrieval BIBA 651-661
  Robert H. Ledwith
Integrated Information Retrieval for Law in a Hypertext Environment BIBA 663-677
  Eve Wilson